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UK Newswire Archive

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27-06-2005 13:55

Less developed countries' external "debt" impedes their economic development and attempts to reduce poverty. But it generates huge revenues for rich countries. In the decade 1994 to 2004, Brazil paid rich country creditors US$400 billion just in interest, equivalent to the entire population of Brazil working a whole year.(1) "Debt" serves various seamlessly linked purposes, all to the advantage of rich country creditors.

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27-06-2005 13:33

For those not in Scotland, the 56a Infoshop Social Centre in South London presents a night of zinery and relaxation.

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New Briefing on the G8, Climate Change and Free-Market Environmentalism

27-06-2005 13:21

The new briefing from Carbon Trade Watch examines the relationship between free-market economic forces and climate change policy while scrutinising the rhetoric and reality behind promises on climate made by the most powerful politicians in the world - the G8. I

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InfernalNoiseBrigade -vs- RhythmsOfResistance + LostFilmFest + Filastine G8Benefit Wed

27-06-2005 12:29

RampART presents a real mid week spectacular this wednesday 29th from 7pm


Treat your ears to a once in a lifetime double bill drum fest with the inspiring Rhythms of Resistance facing off the mighty Infernal Noise Brigade who are fresh off plane from the USA.

Also flown over the pond to play at the rampART before heading up to the G8 is the awesome Filastine, but that not all.

For your viewing pleasure, the LOSTFILMFEST is coming into town too!

The truly independent *** anti-authoritarian *** anti-corporate *** grassroots DIY media extravaganza from West Philadelphia, hosted by Festival Director Scott Beibin (Bloodlink Records, Evil Twin Booking) is a laugh-a-riot event with equal emphasis on both "laugh" and "riot."

Focusing on pranks vs. corporations and government, pie fights with cops, riot footage, and culture jamming, you'll love the punk rock urgency of the Lost Film Fest and its celebration of media archaeology and illegal art, incorporating live performance and video.

29 of june at the RAMPART, from 7pm TIL LATE!!!

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Infernal Noise Brigade/LostFilm Fest/Filastine on tour in the UK

27-06-2005 12:15

The infernal noise brigade, the lost film festival and filastine are touring the uk this summer.

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Letter To The Black Block

27-06-2005 12:14

What did we learn from Genoa? We learnt that those who bring violence into the movement bring the state in with them.

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The Future Of Benefits: Meeting

27-06-2005 11:59

important meeting to discuss Govt plans for benefits

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The G8 Bikeride leaves Lancaster fat and happy

27-06-2005 11:51

The G8 Bikeride leaves Lancaster fat and happy after 2 days of chilling, eating, drinking, chatting, plotting and, of course, the usual repairs

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benefit gig lantern theatre sheffield saturday july 9th 2005

27-06-2005 10:49

promo poster
details of benefit gig lantern theatre sat 9th july

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The NHS is dying!

27-06-2005 10:45

An excellent and powerful article on the creeping privatisation and degradation of the NHS

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italian benefit - update

27-06-2005 09:34

italian prisoners benefit night

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No 2 ID

27-06-2005 09:30

a hint of politics and opinion, a dapper dog singing and the cutest puppy pianist on the planet... soundtrack by mr doghorse, animation by me... you can download the mp3 (2mb) or read the lyrics over at stablesound and i have a site about the fiasco of the first public consultation at id-unknown

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UN links herb smokers to terrorism: propaganda!

27-06-2005 09:10

Just like a rock is linked to an earthquake?
Antonio Maria Costa: "We know that even the occasional marijuana smoker is a link in a much longer and more dangerous chain."

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Outcome of the European Parliament Disability Employment Petition

27-06-2005 09:03

Adding to the lengthy British Human Rights case put in 2003 (re. British Labour Court decision,involving my dismissal at home in England on disability by the British Home Hospital ),I filed a petition re.disability,which was found admissible on the 24.3.2004. It has now been replied to.

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Massacre in Paraguay

27-06-2005 08:44

Brazilean Genetically Modified soy growers protected by the police and military in Paraguay attacked a peasant community in Caaguazu last Friday (24/06/05). They burnt down all the 54 houses and the peasants’ crops. Two men have been killed -- ÁNGEL CRISTALDO and LUÍS TORRES -- there are many people injured and 30 people were arrested amongst them many women and children. They have all been released by now, but have nowhere to go back to…

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27-06-2005 08:29

Canadian Indigenous person John Graham is going to be extradited to the USA to a country with the death penalty for a crime he did not commit.The FBI are accusing him of a murder that occured in 1976.

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Free Radicals mp3: Eyebrows

27-06-2005 05:01

Gloria Edwards - vocals, Nelson Mills III - scat, Ian Varley - electric piano, Marcos Melchor - sax, Chris Anderson - guitar, Theo Bijarro - bass, Nick Cooper - drums

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Jack Kane G8 Campsite Pics (more fences)

27-06-2005 01:32

Work in progress + site
Pictures from the set up currently going on at the Jack Kane Centre in Edinburgh where a 15,000 capacity campsite is being prepared by the local council. It opens on friday and runs through the following week.

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Searching for resistance in Afghanistan

27-06-2005 01:00

[File photo] (Rooters)
After the assassination plot against U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad was revealed to Kabul officials, spokesman Jawed Ludin said, "Our people are dying, our schools are getting burned, our mosques are getting blown up, and our clergy are getting assassinated."

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Girl in a Cafe my arse! BBC TV G8 Film Tosh

27-06-2005 00:55

Girl in a Cafe my arse. This was Imperialism in a Hotel.
Stuart Hodkinson.

For those unfortunate enough to have just sat through Richard Curtis's (a.k.a. 'Bob with a brain') ridiculous BBC TV film, The Girl in the Cafe, about a pretend G8 summit in a Reykjavik hotel, I'm afraid I have some bad news. Yes, you really did just watch a jingoistic political broadcast on behalf of New Labour. Yes, she really did interrupt the PM's speech at the G8 dinner by clicking her fingers every 3 seconds to mark a child dying of extreme poverty in Africa. And no, you really didn't learn a single thing about the causes of that poverty, the culpability of the present UK government and the destructive role of the G8 in the world.
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