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UK Newswire Archive

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Resistance, Journal of the Earth Liberation Movement has returned

01-07-2009 03:02

The question has now become not what we can do, but what we must do; not what we are comfortable with, but what we are fully capable of; not what is convenient, but what is completely necessary to stop the destruction of our home.

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Corporate Watch: The Art of Funding

01-07-2009 01:39

The latest issue of the Corporate Watch Newsletter is out and can be also read online at

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Nigeria mass deportation flight delayed by deportees' resistance

01-07-2009 00:40

The joint charter flight that was meant to carry rejected Nigerian refugees to Lagos via Dublin this afternoon has been delayed for several hours due to deportees' refusing to board the plane. As of 11pm, the flight, which was scheduled for 17:15, had still not left Stansted airport.

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27th June: Calais No Border march -pictures

30-06-2009 23:25

The white cliffs of Dover - the UK's entrance point for many asylum seekers.
Images from the Calais No Border march, which took place on Saturday 27th June.
Thousands of people from the No Border camp descended on Calais town, France, to get their point across about the situation facing increasing numbers of desperate asylum seekers stuck in the Calais area. Many asylum seekers face destitution in Calais as they struggle to complete their journey- for the most part away from war torn countries such as Afghanistan.

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50,000 workers on the streets & 50 factories burning in Bangladesh

30-06-2009 22:11

The mass unrest in the garment industry continued on Monday (29 June) for a third day...

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Where Next For Anti-Fascism?

30-06-2009 21:50

Nick Griffin of the BNP 'represents' the North-West. What now?

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Starbucks win appeal

30-06-2009 21:18

Starbucks win appeal and can continue to trade in St. James St. Brighton. Demo this Saturday.

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Obama: The clock is ticking

30-06-2009 19:27

After having argued for five months that he would expect US-Iran negotiations to begin shortly after Iran’s elections, US President Obama is now saying that “any direct dialogue with Iran is going to be affected by the events of the last several weeks”, adding “the clock is ticking” on “Iran’s nuclear capacity”.

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Crackdown On Anti-Corporate Dissent: Animal Rights Movement

30-06-2009 19:23

During the past three years, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service have launched a new campaign against anti-corporate animal rights campaigns across the country. The crackdown has lead to the imprisonment of activists linked to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) for a total of 50 years and the jailing of Sean Kirtley, who was linked to the Stop Sequani Animal Torture Campaign (SSAT), for four and a half years. The sentences, the charges and the nature of the prosecutions have all been political. Public opposition to the crackdown has been confounded by a media smokescreen thrown up by the press releases churned out by the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU), portraying activists as ‘extremists’ and disseminating misinformation. Many of those jailed have not committed any conventional crime but have been targeted by new legislation intended to counter the threat posed to the pharmaceutical industry by effective direct action.

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Smash EDO Public Debate Postponed

30-06-2009 18:56

til a later date in July or August

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Prague: Squat Milada being evicted NOW!!

30-06-2009 17:17

This morning, around 9.30, a security agency stormed Squat Milada in Prague, started to break the windows and all the inner equipment....

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History of ITT demo, tomorrow, 4pm at EDO MBM/ITT

30-06-2009 17:15

Wednesday July 1st

The History of ITT: 4pm outside EDO MBM/ITT

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Palestine Today 063009

30-06-2009 16:48


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Tuesday June 30th 2009.

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Camp for Climate Action Launches Legal Challenge Against G20 Police

30-06-2009 16:22

Climate Campers have launched a Judicial Review against the Metropolitan Police, challenging the policing of the G20 Climate Camp in the City protest on 1st April and marking the start of a David and Goliath legal battle.

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Iran- Injured Demonstrators Arrested at Hospitals

30-06-2009 15:42

Numerous Iranians beaten and injured by security forces as they tried to stage peaceful demonstrations have been arrested and detained when they sought medical treatment in hospitals.

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West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs - Back Up and Running

30-06-2009 14:31

Up the Anti!

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Israeli forces take over 'Spirit of Humanity' ship on it's way to Gaza

30-06-2009 14:12

The latest update from:
(Look in the left hand column, which has live updates).

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Campaigners blockade detention centre to stop mass deportation flight to Nigeria

30-06-2009 13:30

Anti-deportation campaigners are currently demonstrating outside Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire in an attempt to stop the mass deportation of families and children to Nigeria.

Campaigners from the Stop Deportation Network have staged a sit-in outside the centre's gates, preventing coaches carrying families due to be forcibly deported on a specially charted flight today from leaving.

Earlier this morning, another group of protesters staged a short demonstration outside WH Tours offices in Crowley, near Gatwick, before being removed by police. WH Tours is a private coach company contracted to carry deportees from detention centres to the airport.

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The UK Border Agency, Section 4 "support" and SodexHo

30-06-2009 11:42

Here's a copy of the briefing from the UK Border Agency about an exciting new opportunity for a multinational to make some money out of the impoverishment of asylum seekers.

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Bochum (Germany): Solidarity with russian antifascists

30-06-2009 11:34

On Friday June 26th antifascist activists pasted posters around the city center and at the university to express their solidarity with the russian antifascists affected by state repression. The text on the posters was:
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