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UK Newswire Archive

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North East EDL/NEI member exposed Henry Green

24-12-2015 19:52

Henry Green
A North East EDL/NEI member has been exposed called Henry Green from Gilesgate, Durham.

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Germany’s staying secretly supportive of the Turkish Kurds

24-12-2015 05:52

The main challenge of the current Syrian conflict is that, despite the formal stances of its participants, their interests are so closely intertwined that offstage agendas are being pursued behind the backs of the so called allies while the foes come to some unexpected agreements. Germany is no exclusion in this context.

Berlin, nominally being a NATO ally of Ankara, doesn’t always stick devotedly to its partnership commitments.

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North East EDL Members exposed - Paul Barton and Victoria Armstrong

23-12-2015 23:21

Paul Barton and Victoria Armstrong
Two North East EDL Members Paul Barton and Vicky Armstrong have been exposed.

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Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime commissioner

22-12-2015 14:23

Petition to Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime commissioner
To ask the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate the
Organized, Orchestrated abuse intimidation harassment and threats by Sussex Police of murder witness David Neilson 318 South Coast Road Peacehaven BN10 7EL

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Stoppage of financial support for all NGOs in Russia

21-12-2015 13:09

Campaign for identification of Russian non-profit organizations, performing functions of foreign agents under applicable laws of Russia in action:

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TOMMY INVITES EDL TO #PEGIDA @edlnews #ANTIFA @2ferdi7 @bikeyjezmo @slatukip

20-12-2015 18:26

Tommy Welcomes EDLers Into Pegida
Convicted wife-beater and fraudster Stephen Yaxley Lennon tweeted that he hopes to rely upon the thugs of the EDL at his forthcoming German neo-nazi demo. Just a few months ago, Pegida UK pretended they would not be taking part, but the truth finally come out. Friends of Tommy also claim former leader Tim Ablitt has also given his backing. Britain First not up to the job, Pegida UK are well aware that the violent pisshead hooligans of the EDL are the only show in town. Ironically, Tommy and Hel Growler helped grass up his Midlands comrades to the OB when a large number of them were jailed for their part in the EDL Birmingham Riot. Cocaine and Stella overdoses don't just rot the brain - they cause short-term memory loss.

The brave heroes of ANTIFA will be taking to the streets in a nationwide call out to ensure the EDL morons are pro-actively chased off the streets of Birmingham.

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New IStartPageing browser redirect bug. Don’t forget to remove the adware behind

20-12-2015 14:19

Istartpageing screenshot
There are many things in the web that annoy. Websites convert their inbound traffic into the outbound. The outbound traffic is thus purchased by third party websites. That is why users view pesky commercials nearly at any page they visit

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UG#725 - An Ongoing Deep State Clean Up (Dennis Hastert, COINTELPRO 2, Gladio 2)

19-12-2015 16:23

We continue our adaption of Allan Francovich's film about Operation Gladio. However, the majority of this episode is a review of the 1996 New COINTELPRO operation, started under Clinton, which is currently being framed in the US commercial media as the "Denis Hastert case". We sew together 4 recent podcasts from Sibel Edmonds (the US' most classified woman) who has been blowing the whistle on this case for over a decade, and from whom insight is therefore to be expected as to what will happen with this case, and most interestingly, what the controlled media is not informing us about.

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19-12-2015 13:08

Mr. Neilson is a long term victim of abuse intimidation harassment threats assaults “and he has have to leave his home in fear of his life.

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19-12-2015 11:48

The gloves are off! This is serious - German neo-Nazis Pegida, under the egotistical leadership of Tommy "The Tit" Robinson and his puppeteer Hel Growler, are goosestepping through the streets of Birmingham City Centre on Saturday the 6th of February 2016, poised and ready to shout drunken racial abuse at passers-by. Initially, Pegida UK's Brum demo was going to be alcohol-free, but someone with a brain realised that they wouldn't get more than a taxi-load of sober fascists at most, if Tommeh imposed his own version of Sharia Law upon his footsoldiers, so he has given in and will allow his EDL minions to get bladdered on Stella pre-demo and blasted on coke, as always. It is imperative that committed antifascists from all across the UK must rally to actively defend the streets from the German Nazi Menace. Book your travel now!!! STOP THE FASH!!! SMASH PEGIDA!!!

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Protest today at Turkish Embassy

18-12-2015 12:21

Activists this morning handed in a protest letter at the Turkish embassy in London to demand that Turkey stops the process of "normalisation" with Israel.

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China Prepares Rare Earth Mineral Sanctions Against US

18-12-2015 09:54

In response to the Taiwanese jump-start into the Pacific arms race, the Beijing politburo is weighing to slap a major package of correctional trade sanctions upon United States industrial players, sources in Singapore associated with the Communist Party´s leadership school suggested today. It was said that the party´s closely guarded internal debate had concluded China would pursue the opening stage of its carbon emission reductions under the NGO-herded climate diplomacy initiative by means of triangulation-steered de-escalation based on dialectic-materialist estimation of military carbon footprint evasion, to soften up the currency trade for industrial emission reductions.

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UG#724 - Calling a SCAD a SCAD(State Crimes Against Democracy,Operation Gladio1)

17-12-2015 14:57

This week we begin an audio adaption of the best film that will ever be made on Operation Gladio, Allan Francovich's famous 1992 expose. To introduce it, a 90 minute talk from Lance deHaven-Smith on State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs) - a term which he thinks we should start using as a prelude to prosecuting those responsible.

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Climate Change Denier James G. "Jim" Lakely Arrested in Paris

17-12-2015 11:47

Failed Opinion Journalist Lakely Now Flak for Koch-Funded Operation

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FAULKNER EXPOSED #ANTIFA @dubdanu @edlnews @slatfascists @loup_dargent @JLRFB

16-12-2015 12:55

Faulkner Wants Dogs To Be Set Upon Muslims
One of Bluehand's supposedly reformed neo-Nazis, UKIP supporting Pixie Lott fan club organiser Mike Faulkner, who claims not to support nationalist politics, nor like the BF, the EDL or any other far right orgs, has been tweeting extreme race hatred to his #bluehand buddies, calling for Muslims to be killed. Faulkner calls for packs of starving packs of dogs to be set upon Muslims, whilst at the same time, making overtures recently to antifascists, however the screenshots of his tweets show he is not a changed man. Once a nazi, always a nazi.

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MIKE FAULKNER EXPOSED #ANTIFA @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @loup_dargent @JLRFB #UKIP

16-12-2015 12:44

Faulkner Wants Dogs To Be Set Upon Refugees
One of Bluehand's supposedly reformed neo-Nazis, UKIP supporting Pixie Lott fan club organiser Mike Faulkner, who claims not to support nationalist politics, nor like the BF, the EDL or any other far right orgs, has been tweeting extreme race hatred to his #bluehand buddies, calling for Muslims to be killed. Faulkner calls for packs of starving packs of dogs to be set upon Muslims, whilst at the same time, making overtures recently to antifascists, however the screenshots of his tweets show he is not a changed man. Once a nazi, always a nazi.

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Secret Kurdistan’s ally

16-12-2015 10:36

My foe’s enemy is my friend. This is how the well-known wisdom puts it and it appears to have become the ideological basis of the mutually beneficial cooperation between Israel and the Kurds fighting IS terrorists and other radical groups on the Syrian land.

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Updated info on North East EDL member Steven McTaggart.

15-12-2015 22:05

Steven McTaggart
Updated entry on North East EDL supporter Steven McTaggart from Gateshead who threatens to run down 'muslims', threatens to riot and use a knuckle duster on who he deems as 'islam believer'.

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Sussex Police in elderly abuse scandal.

14-12-2015 22:14

Matt Taylor & Joe Neilson
Sussex Police embroiled in a new elderly abuse scandal.

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London against borders

14-12-2015 17:56

Today in central London, a group of people (not us) did a banner drop and handed out flyers in support for the migrants and the people who stand trial today in France for showing solidarity towards migrants struggle in borders.
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