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UK Newswire Archive

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Spying company, Vericola Ltd, uncovered after incompetence

14-02-2011 21:30

A spying firm with corporate clients including E.ON, Scottish Power and Scottish Coal has been identified after accidentally emailing the activists it was spying on. Kent-based Vericola Ltd has been targeting groups including the Camp for Climate Action and London Rising Tide with low-level infiltration. Other groups are encouraged to check their lists and share any experiences.

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Audio: Paul Mason's "The Paris Commune" talk

14-02-2011 21:22

On Friday 4th of February, Paul Mason - the BBC's Newsnight economics editor - gave a talk about the The Paris Commune of 1871 at The Really Free School.  Mason told the story of the Communards, and spoke about his book "Live Working or Die Fighting: How the working Class went Global".

The room was packed with over 50 people, and the talk gave a good overview about not only the events that took place during the Paris Commune 'social experiment' and those involved in it, but also about the social, political and economical situation in France and throughout Europe around the time.

Here there is a recording of the first hour of the talk for those that may be interested in the subject, but please note that it was recorded without much planning and wtih a mobile phone, so the sound quality is not the best. Therefore it is recomended to use headphones to get a clearer sound:


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The Egyptian Revolution enters a new stage and much more

14-02-2011 20:42

"As for the Obama administration, having supported Mubarak for as long as possible, it is backing the military regime. On Saturday, the administration declared that it welcomed the measures taken by the generals and their supposed commitment to democracy. Having helped train many of Egypt’s officers, it intends to use them to secure its interests in Egypt and the Middle East. These include not only defending its strategic and military interests, but above all heading off a revolutionary challenge from the working class.

Deeply tied to Egypt’s business community, the officer corps is hostile to the wave of strikes that is shaking Egypt, and workers’ demands for improved wages and social conditions. While it does not yet feel strong enough to do so, the army is signaling its intention to move against strikers. In a statement denouncing “chaos and disorder,” the Higher Military Council said it would ban meetings by labor unions or professional syndicates, effectively making strikes illegal.

In six months, and perhaps longer, the army plans to hold elections on the basis of a constitution drafted exclusively by itself, and without dissolving Mubarak’s National Democratic Party (NDP). That is, it hopes to use the six-month period to wind down the protests and give a pseudo-democratic cover to a regime no more responsive to the demands of the population than the one controlled by the hated Mubarak."

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Victory: Amerijet Stop Transporting Primates for Vivisection!

14-02-2011 20:20

Words mean nothing, actions are everything!

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Three of union activists injured in Egypt

14-02-2011 19:54

Today, during the demonstration which was in front of the General Trade Union Federation (ETUF) that included more than 2,000 union activists, some of thugs who are hired by ETUF threw empty bottles (of glass) towards the demonstrators, resulting injuries to three of the labour activists.

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Disabled plan protest against Clegg on 4 March

14-02-2011 19:50

Campaigners in wheelchairs will target Nick Clegg over the government's cuts lifeline allowances during the Scottish Lib Dems' final gathering before the Holyrood election.

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Brazilian protesters criticise dam project

14-02-2011 19:41

Environmentalists and indigenous-rights supporters gathered in the Brazilian capital on 14th February to protest a hydroelectric dam project that they say would be devastating to the Amazon region.

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Urgent Action Needed on Bradford Odeon

14-02-2011 19:23

The group Positive Bradford has sent a message to its members and supporters regarding the urgent action needed to save the historic Odeon building in Bradford.

The message was communicated through Facebook, and so has been replicated below. Details of how you can take action immediately are included.


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The Hub eviction alert this Friday

14-02-2011 19:22

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BANES councillor gets ?8,800 per hour !!!

14-02-2011 19:22

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Now Then: George Monbiot Interview - Never one to shy away from a thorny issue

14-02-2011 19:19

George Monbiot is an award-winning investigative journalist with a regular column in the Guardian, has published several books and a screenplay to boot. His writing spans topics such as the environment, political corruption, corporate misdeeds and the ideologies behind current economic thinking. Perhaps his most insightful work describes the complex webs connecting these concepts. A tireless campaigner, advocate for human rights and never one to shy away from a thorny issue or controversial argument, we were happy to catch up with him ahead of his upcoming debate tour.

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Oxfordshire Anti-cuts Fundraiser

14-02-2011 18:49

Stop the Cuts - Start the Music

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Mansfield anti-cuts meeting on 16 February

14-02-2011 18:03

On 16 February there will be a ‘Fight the Cuts!’ meeting in Mansfield.

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A Short Legal History of the Credit Crunch

14-02-2011 17:30

A critical legal analysis of the credit crunch, the banks' tactics for survival and the roll out of these tactics as part of the cuts agenda.

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Bristol: occupied homeless centre faces eviction

14-02-2011 17:23

Homeless people in Bristol have occupied a former homeless advice centre recently closed down by the council. They are now facing eviction by notorious bailiffs Constant & Co

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Be The Media!

14-02-2011 17:22

A promotional video for Northern Indymedia and the soon-to-be-launched UK radical news aggregation site.

Uploaded as a test of the Northern Indymedia sites new ability to support high definition x264 video and html5 video. This means that if you are using a modern browser, you no longer have to rely on a poor quality and proprietary flash video player to watch videos. Better still, it means we can push the free format OGG alongside corporate formats with an equal playing field.

Any comments, suggestions or if you want to get involved with the Northern Indymedia project, contact


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New Shift Article - "No Messy Politics Please, We're Anarchists!"

14-02-2011 17:13

“No Messy Politics Please, We’re Anarchists!”

SHIFT provides a space for those of us defining as anarchists and based in the UK to ‘constructively’ critique ideas and movements. As the participants from the No Borders network referred to by Dariush Sokolov in his article Cochabamba: Beyond the Complex – Anarchist Pride (printed in Shift issue #9), who took part in the First World People’s Conference on Climate Change (CMPCC), we want to engage with the dialogue opened in #9. We agree with several of the points made, particularly the calling out of “economies based on the same model of petroleum, industrial agriculture, extraction, and growth before everything”. However, we reject a simplistic notion of relishing ‘our’ minority anarchist status. Here we reflect on the chasm we see between maintaining ‘purity’ of ideology and the reality of actually doing politics.

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Ed Woollard support website launched

14-02-2011 17:02

Supporters of Edward Woollard have launched a website, Support 4 Ed Woollard after receiving an “overwhelming” number of messages of support for the 18-year-old student serving a “disproportionate” 32-month sentence for violent disorder.

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Palestine Today 02 14 2011

14-02-2011 16:55

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