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UK Newswire Archive

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"Anti-British stickers spark protests"

24-05-2007 22:53

offending muslim sticker anti-british
"Residents in an inner city suburb are calling on local authorities to tear down a rash of anti-British stickers which have appeared round Alum Rock."

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Guardian at the Gates: Surging Toward War With Iran

24-05-2007 21:27

US military spokesmen have been trying to push implausible articles about Shiite Iran supporting Sunni insurgents for a couple of years now, and with virtually the sole exception of the New York Times, no one in the journalistic community has taken these wild charges seriously. But The Guardian? Yes, the Guardian. Cole is rightly dismissive of "this silly article," but its silliness, its credulous stupidity, doesn't mean it can't have serious and sinister ramifications. Just as the New York Times was used to "launder" the Bushists' warmongering propaganda on Iraq into "straight news" -- from the leader of the "liberal media," no less! -- so too the Guardian makes an ideal patsy for fomenting war fever against Iran. On Iraq, Bush and Cheney solemnly cited the scary stories their own minions had planted in the Times, now they can refer to the stories in Guardian as proof of the reality of Iran's "acts of war" against the United States. In fact, the Guardian's reputation as a left-wing, even "socialist" paper makes it even more effective in this regard.

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Truck Drivers Unite Against Tesco In Scotland!

24-05-2007 20:12

Tesco distribution director Laurie McIlwee: not a happy chappy
In a great show of solidarity, Eddie Stobart drivers have refused to scab on their Tesco counterparts and deliver supplies to Scottish supermarkets this bank holiday weekend. The 150 Tesco drivers - who supply nearly 100 stores in Scotland - are on strike against the company's outrageous demands.

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Israeli forces arrest Palestinian ministers

24-05-2007 19:56

Israeli forces launched an extensive arrest campaign in several West Bank cities on Thursday morning, culminating in the arrest of the Palestinian minister of education, Nasser Addin Ash-Sha'er, and former minister of public works, Abdur-Rahman Zeidan, in addition to a number of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members and mayors.

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A Walk on a Partially excavated site At Tara- and updates on violence.

24-05-2007 18:21

Campaign Pic
Tara comprises 39 sites, three of which are National Monuments entitled
to Protections under the Shredded National Monument Act 2004. Apart from
this the integrity of the landscape comprises a whole and not as the government
in Ireland says '38 unrelated sites of little significance'

Collierstown is one of the sites and we were invited to speak to campaigners.

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REEL NEWS is now online!

24-05-2007 18:20

Reel news is a monthly DVD with 90 minute sof reports from the movement in Britain and the rest of the world. Issue number 7 is coming out today with reports from Mayday 2007, Workers memorial day, G8, Mark Thomas' socpa demos, the anti deportation campaigns and some easy listening and gentle visuals from anarcho punks CONFLICT.

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Solidarity to tesco truck drivers

24-05-2007 16:23

Local MP Jim Devine has called for a one-day boycott of Tesco for threatening to sack drivers who refuse to sign the new contract.

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Anarchists intervene in National Day of Action to Defend Asylum Rights

24-05-2007 16:11

Anarchists in Coventry supported a demo.and march to the Midlands Enforcement Unit in Solihull on 19th May.

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Report: When drugs become weapons

24-05-2007 15:48

More news about the increasing research into the deployment of 'less-than-lethal' weapons, in this case the use of incapacitating drugs. We've always known about the bizarre situation where the use of chemical weapons on the battlefield is illegal, but its OK to use them on your own population.

The move towards 'less-than-lethal' weapons includes all sorts of machines, chemicals and biological agents that could make you lose muscular control, vomit (set phasers to 'puke' as opposed to 'stun'), shit your pants, suffer palpitations, restrict your breathing, fraggle your brain and generally fuck you up without (theoretically) killing you.

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Pentagon Propaganda Occupies the Guardian's Front Page:

24-05-2007 15:32


"Today's article was based on statements made by several senior US officials who are intimately familiar with the problems facing coalition forces in Iraq. I requested the interviews, not the other way round. These officials asked not to be identified. I am confident that they were telling the truth as they see it, on the basis of information received from a variety of sources." (Simon Tisdall Email to Ian Thomas, May 22, 2007)

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Mr & Mrs Hodge, New Labour, Asylum Seekers and Migrants

24-05-2007 15:28

One aspect of the recent Hodge affair which has not received attention is the fact that Margaret's husband, Henry, is involved in immigration decision making.

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Democratic Party completes its capitulation on Iraq

24-05-2007 15:15

The Democratic congressional leadership on Tuesday formally accepted a supplemental war-funding bill that abandons any timelines for withdrawing US troops from Iraq. The bill further gives President Bush the power to waive economic penalties should the Iraqi government fail to meet a series of “benchmarks” for stabilizing the country and opening up its oil resources to exploitation by American oil conglomerates.

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Funding crisis in higher education

24-05-2007 15:14

With the abolition of student grants—and, more recently, the introduction in England of tuition fees for students—ever-greater responsibility has been placed on individual students in Britain to fund their further education.

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World Naked Bike Ride comes to Southampton!

24-05-2007 15:08

Stop Raping The Planet
In the fourth year of this imaginative and spectacular environmental protest, The World Naked Bike Ride is to see its first event in Southampton on Friday 8 June.

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Legal Clarification – Critical Mass Is Not Illegal

24-05-2007 13:47

On Monday the Court of Appeal gave their judgment in the Critical Mass case (Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis v. Des Kay). Cyclists will want to understand the practical implications of the judgment for this Friday’s Critical Mass.

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For the deaf who won't listen...

24-05-2007 13:35

World cereal production is on track to reach a record level in 2007. In spite of this, supplies will be barely adequate to meet increased demand, boosted by the development of the biofuels industry...

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London lecture: 9/11 official story, fact or fiction?

24-05-2007 13:11

Friday 8th June 2007 - Separating Facts from Fiction - Why the Official Account of 9/11 is contradicted by genuine Scientific Research ...with Gordon Ross and Calum Douglas

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Neoliberal Rule as Trauma

24-05-2007 13:10

With the absolutizing of profit maximization and its merciless amorality, the neoliberal elites pursue a ruthless dehuamnization of workers by reducing them to a cost factor to be lowered. With the dehumanization of their victims, they dehumanize themselves and rob themselves of real human acknowledgment.

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NAN Conference

24-05-2007 13:07

NAN Conference in Burnley
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