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UK Newswire Archive

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Edinburgh Climate Change Demonstration

04-12-2005 12:27

A-capella group "Protest in Harmony" entertained the gathering proteste

December, the 3rd was propagated as the International Day against Climate Change .
Worldwide, demonstrations and protests have been announced to coincide with the meeting of the World Leaders in Montreal.
In Edinburgh about 200 protesters stood up against rain, cold and Xmas shopping to protest against the environmental-hostile, carbondioxide-blasting politics of the Scottish Executive via increased road-building schemes, such as the M74 extension, the Dalkeith Bypass and A701 Alignment, airport extensions and others.

[Road Schemes in Scotland | Climate Change Indymedia | Indymedia UK Ecology topic]

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Prol-Position-News #4 out now!

04-12-2005 10:28

The contents of this issue:
Strike at Gate Gourmet in Düsseldorf/Germany
Spread Cheese against Scabs
Interview with Polish Tesco Worker in Ireland
Polish Work Gangs in Britain
Lodz/Poland: Household Appliance Industry
Razor Attack
Polish Workers in France
French Investments in Eastern Europe
Washing Machine Factory in Berlin/Germany
hp-Warehouse Duisburg/Germany
Mobilizations in the Greek Textile Industry
Strike at Honda in Gurgaon/India
Car-Update: More strikes
Social Earthquake in Iran
US: Katrina and After
Less Black People want to join the US-Army
Wildcat-Poster: Which way to the revolution?

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Cambridge Critical Mass Climate Demonstration

03-12-2005 23:28

Meeting outside Parkside Pool
A critical mass demo for action to halt climate change, held in Cambridge.

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Pics from campaign against climate change demo

03-12-2005 20:45

Crowd at the start in Lincoln's Inn
10,000? marchers took to the streets of London to protest climate change while world leaders decide to do too little too late in Montreal.

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ACLU, el-Masri SUING CIA for Flight to Prison, Torture

03-12-2005 19:25

The famous "26 Planes"
CIA prisons and CIA flights are a growing front-page story, and Khaled el-Masri is a good example of why we all should oppose extrajudcial flights and prisons. El-Masri is the first to sue the CIA for "rendition," or kidnapping-to-torture. The ACLU in New York will assist. This article presents the kind of information they will use. He can't sue the CIA? There are private individuals he can sue, including top officials like the CIA official, the Deputy Director of Operations, who authorizes each rendition and each of 6 steps in the escalation of CIA torture. Once-proud Germany allows its citizens to be treated thus: Khaled, a German citizen charged and suspected of nothing, was arrested on vacation as he crossed the Macedonian border on New Year's Eve 2003. He was transported by a US company, Premier Executive Transport, on a 737 jet to a secret US gulag in Aghanistan. He was dumped in Albania 5 months later when the CIA learned they had the wrong man. It would seem Premier, who provided the plane, and whatever company supplied the pilots, could be sued as well. Many such suits could ensue.

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Thousands march in London Climate demonstration.

03-12-2005 19:20

March progresses along the Embankment
Thousands marched today as London's contribution to the International Day of Climate Protest.

A wholly peaceful demonstration wound its way from Lincoln's Inn Fields, via Thames Embankment, Parliament Square (where there was a brief sit down) and Downing Street to - astonishingly - the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

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Dropping Beats and Bombs (not)

03-12-2005 19:00

The running order tonight

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Cardiff Face The Facts: A 9/11 Truth Event with David Shayler & Annie Machon (ex

03-12-2005 16:26

THE EX-MI5 OFFICER, DAVID SHAYLER and his wife ANNIE MACHON, also ex-MI5 and author of Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers will be speaking in Wales for the first time at Cardiff Face The Facts: A 9/11 Truth Event, and exposing UK & US State-sponsored Terrorist acts.

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Neocons 'R' Bushed

03-12-2005 16:01

In all of America, Bush could not have chosen a less critical, more muzzled and gullible crowd to peddle his pull-out from the quagmire. No embarrassing outbursts from this plebeian crowd, only rapturous ovation on every cue.

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Climate Change: Kyoto protest

03-12-2005 14:24

Australia and the US?
Australia and the US are the only western industrialised nations which have refused to sign the global Kyoto protocol, arguing it is damaging to their economic interests.

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Iraq journalists - paid for by the US military?

03-12-2005 13:39

"many Iraqi politicians and US ones, too, have come out in recent weeks to say Iraq is far worse now than prior to the illegal invasion and occupation by US forces and their mercenary cohorts."

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BREAKING: new allegations against mercenaries in Iraq

03-12-2005 13:32

Booman Tribune has now obtained a copy of a memo that implicates employees of a second private security company, Triple Canopy, Inc., an American firm operating in Iraq, in the possible homicide of two Iraqi civilians on the road from Ramadi to Amman near the Jordanian border in December, 2004.

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03-12-2005 11:06

New Squatted City Centre Venue


There will be bands, party, tunes, drink and cake (maybe no cake actually)

If you are coming down to see the bands or help then call 0781 657 6887 or if you go down to the common place you will be redirected.


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Neo-Crazies Already Planning Beyond Iran

03-12-2005 10:32

The madmen are still influencing the Whitehouse!

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Screening of new Venezuelan documentary, introduced by director - Monday 7pm UCL

03-12-2005 03:12

web flyer
UCL Social Forum and Hands Off Venezuela present a very special screening of


Monday 5th December from 7pm in the Chadwick Lecture Theatre (off main quad), University College London, Gower St, WC1 (nearest tube Warren St).

Introduced by the filmaker, Marcelo Andrade, with a discussion about the upcoming World Social Forum in Caracas (January 24th to 29th) plus Venezuelan food & music after.

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Complaint to the BBC: Re London 7/7 attacks

03-12-2005 00:56

Complaint to the BBC re:: Horizon 27/10/05
Based on the information I have discovered about the train times on 7/7 and this article by The Antagonist, I have decided to challenge the media on their deceitful reporting of events. Along with the Freedom of Information Act, the Press Complaints Commission allow citizens like myself who are concerned with the truth, to challenge those in authority. This is somethng we ALL can do.

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Free Festive Veggie Food Fair in Leamington

02-12-2005 21:24

Leamington`s first ever FREE VEGGIE FOOD FAIR will be a fantastic celebration of healthy, veggie lifestyles. We`re offering platefulls of FREE FESTIVE FOOD to all, you`d have to be mad to miss it!! Join us at Bath Place Community Venture on Saturday 17th December, between 10.30am - 3pm.

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Guardian Media Group Close City Life

02-12-2005 18:00

Poets, journalists, publishers, businesses and readers gathered in Manchester today to launch a campaign to save City Life magazine. Thirteen jobs have been axed but many more journalists will suffer. The editorial team at City Life comprised of thirteen staff but also seventeen freelance staff who...

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police try to 'negotiate' EDO march

02-12-2005 17:36

Sussex police are trying to get activists to meet in advance of the rally and march in Brighton town centre on December 10th. Here are the last two mails from Sussex Event Liaison Officer Sean McDonald.
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