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UK Newswire Archive

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Rising Tide releases guide to bogus climate change solutions

22-03-2009 20:29

Only a few years ago, some companies were saying climate change wasn’t a problem. Now, as its impacts become apparent, many of the same corporations are suddenly scrambling to claim leadership on the issue. Desperate to avoid regulation that may hit their profits, they present a dizzying array of “false solutions,” quick fixes that perpetuate inequalities in our society while they can cash in on the crisis. Upon closer examination, many of these technologies and policies are merely dangerous detours on the road to a just, livable planet, distracting us from the root causes of the crisis.

Rising Tide North America is pleased to announce the release of the first short yet comprehensive survey of these bogus climate change solutions.

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The fraud of Brown’s “crusade” for social mobility

22-03-2009 19:33

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has proclaimed a "national crusade" to encourage upward social mobility from the working class into the middle class. Former Minister Alan Milburn is to head a governmental commission on the issue, with a view to push ideas and policies they believe will encourage upwards mobility.

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Record rise in unemployment to over 2 million

22-03-2009 19:30

Unemployment in the United Kingdom rose by a record amount last month. The numbers claiming unemployment benefit increased by 138,400 in February, the largest monthly increase since records began in 1971 and far higher than had been predicted. The previous record high was 118,000, reached in the recession of 1991.

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Brook House opens.. and causes a hungerstrike in adjacent Tinsley House

22-03-2009 18:16

Britain's newest immigration prison, Brook 'House', was officially opened on 18th March by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith (see the Home Office's unbelievable press release here, and see the UKBA's new page on Brook House here). The second detention centre at Gatwick airport, however, had been operating for a few days and a handful of detainees had been held there. Meanwhile, there have been reports of a hungerstrike in adjacent Tinsley House, which was blockaded by anti-deportation campaigners on 17th March, in protest at the new food system caused by the opening of Brook House.

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May Day 2009 in Nottingham (Sat May 2nd, Brewhouse Yard)

22-03-2009 17:20

On Saturday May 2nd, Nottingham will once again be celebrating MayDay (International Workers' Day). We will have a Celebration of Resistance.

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The political Prisoner Abdullah Otsalan, the NATO and the Gladio operation

22-03-2009 17:13

Abdullah Otsalan leader of PKK
The inmate in the prison of Imrali Kurdish leader, Abdullah Otzalan (leader of the Kurdish workers Party PKK), made significant statements by the lawyers, on the eve of Pankourdikou Conference to be held in Ermpil. According to information published in news agency ANF NEWS AGENCY, the Otzalan Abdullah, during his meeting with the lawyers on Thursday, 19 March 2009, the prison of Imrali in Turkey was detained since 1999, said....

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Manchester: "Abolish All Immigration Prisons" - report in pictures, part 2

22-03-2009 14:27

as everyone arrives at Pennine House, they are searched...
After the visible protest outside Manchester Town Hall, the protesters take a train to the airport. At Terminal 2 they intend to highlight the existence of Pennine House, where 32 immigration detainees are held captive.

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Manchester: "Abolish All Immigration Prisons" - report in pictures, part 1

22-03-2009 14:07

over 70 protesters assemble at the town hall for a rally
On 21st March 09, Manchester No Borders and other groups held a protest in the city centre on Albert Square, before travelling to the airport. Over 70 people took part, calling for an end to immigration detention and for the closure of Pennine House.

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Which values don′t you share?

22-03-2009 13:53

The Home Office's new counter-terrorism document called 'Contest Two' - to be published on Tuesday - will increase the focus on challenging individuals and groups who undermine the UK's "shared values" - even if they are not actually breaking any law.

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Iraq: The World's Biggest Lies

22-03-2009 13:45

More than six years after an invasion that the experts said would take only a few weeks, Iraq is in turmoil. Sectarian differences are the rule and there is no program to stop these actions that once were unheard of in Iraq.

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G20 Protest in the Guardian

22-03-2009 10:20

Check this out:

The Guardian's bigging up the G20 protests, with a fair amount of scare-mongering for good measure. Still, they say that there's no such thing as bad publicity...

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Getting arrested

22-03-2009 09:14

I was arrested yesturday under section 69 of the Crminal Justice Act for aggravated trespass

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Demonstration @ Yarl's Wood Saturday March 21st 2009

22-03-2009 07:13

Thousands of person seeking/refused asylum/overstayers/persons 'Sans Papiers' are currently being kept in immigration prisons (AKA Immigration Removal Centres) throughout the UK. They haven't committed a crime, but they can be imprisoned indefinitely. Many of the people detained have experienced torture, and their trauma is exacerbated by being detained. Seven of the IRCs are operated for profit by private companies.

36 people have been in immigration detention for more than two years, 72 more than 18 months, 128 more than one year.

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Call for support from eco-conference island on the River Thames

22-03-2009 01:03

Sowing Seeds
We are establishing a shared Eco Community Conference Centre run by volunteers and run on a donations basis to promote inclusivity. We are collectively developing a facility that can actually meet the urgent need for environmental awareness on sustainability. Responding to Agenda 21 from the Rio Earth Summit and following right through to the forthcoming Copenhagen Summit.

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500th day celebration for keeping Tescos off Mill Road

21-03-2009 22:06

The bigger picture...
Today a small milestone in community activism was reached when the 500th day of being able keep Tescos off Mill Road was reached.

To mark this occasion, tables, chairs and stalls were set up in front of the old Wilco premises and a street party took place, replete with music.

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Quick report from Pennine House protest in Manchester

21-03-2009 21:49

A huge police presence greeted more than 70 of us at Manchester airport today. GMP mobilised a helicopter, motorbikes and had dogs and horses on standby as we highlighted the whereabouts of the immigration prison Pennine House inside Terminal 2. The entrance to Terminal 2 was closed temporarily as we were stopped and searched and prevented from getting into the terminal.

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Bush Yes, Galloway No - Canada bars George Galloway from entry

21-03-2009 21:26

Respect MP George Galloway has been barred from entering Canada to address a forum of Canada's Peace Movement. The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration cites "national security concerns...

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Demo For An End to Immigration Detention -in pictures

21-03-2009 21:14

Over 150 protesters gathered at 11.30am in Bedford town center and marched over 5 miles from Bedford to Yarl’s Wood detention center.

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Demonstration at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre - pics from outside now

21-03-2009 15:33

photos from the NoBorders demo outside Yarl wood detention centre happening now.
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