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UK Newswire Archive

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Cobham, Surrey : Activists Blockade Cargill Europe Head Office

01-08-2008 08:28

Since 7.50 am this morning, 20 participants in this year's Camp for Climate Action and members of Action Against Agrofuels have been blockading the only access gate to Cargill's European regional head office in Cobham, Surrey. 8 activists have locked on to the gates closing the site down completely. Agrobusiness giant Cargill are being targeted by the protesters for their role in rainforest destruction and land-grabbing as well as for profiteering from the food crisis.

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Hands off our squat! (Evaggelismos in heraklion crete - greece)

01-08-2008 07:08

On Tuesday 22-07-08, the squat of Evaggelismos received a visit by a coterie of officials, constituted by the dean (and businessman) of the university of crete, the vice chancellor, the local prosecuting attorney and some high-ranking cop, along with undercover cops and pressmen. Aim of this visit was, in their own words, to "warn us" for the oncoming evacuation of the building and "give us a two-week deadline" in order to abandon the squat.

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Police Raid Climate Camp Site

01-08-2008 05:26

Yesterday evening police raided the Camp for Climate Action. Apparently shopping lists and boardgames are a threat these days...

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Animal Rights at Climate Camp - Final Call

01-08-2008 02:19

All preparations are now in place for the Animal Rights presence at this year's Climate Camp, which starts this Sunday 3rd for eight days at Kingsnorth, Kent. It is near Rochester so within easy reach of London.

Climate Change is a massive Animal Rights issue. We could achieve full legal recognition of the equality of all animal lives, human and non human, and find this made irrelevant by the potentially catastrophic consequences of human induced climate change.

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Action Alert: HLS Shareholder Barclays - Part 2

01-08-2008 00:30

Target: Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd, a part of Barclays Bank
Detail: HLS' largest institutional shareholder with 279,842 shares in HLS (LSR)

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pigs in space...

31-07-2008 23:45

Police incursion at climate camp. partial victories for activists, but MORE PEOPLE NEEDED.

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Press Release: Police confiscate climate camp crayons

31-07-2008 23:33

1 August 2008
For Immediate Release

Deeply undermining a previously good working relationship between police and protesters, yesterday evening over 100 police officers ransacked the Camp for Climate Action site. Items essential to the health and safety of the camp were removed, including pipes for the delivery of fresh water.

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New US Eco-Prisoner: Bryan Lefey

31-07-2008 21:52

ELP has learnt that Katherine Christianson and Aaron Ellringer, who have both been accused of ELF actions, appeared in court on Tuesday the 29th of July, where they both pleaded not guilty and were released on bail. Their co-defendent Bryan Rivera aka Bryan Lefey remains imprisoned.

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Anti-Fur Protests At Nauticalia Getting Louder

31-07-2008 21:25

SARC were out again today in Portsmouth to name and shame Nauticalia because of their unethical choice to keep selling toy cats made from real rabbit fur.

We had a really strong turnout with activists from all over the South and West and beyond out being vocal about the horrific toys Nauticalia sell.

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Riseup! Radio #7 August Show – Climate Camp Special

31-07-2008 20:15

Some of our listeners, always looking forward to a new show

A very special show for a very special month! Almost entirely recorded at the Sumac Garden Party, on 20th July, it features live recordings from bands such as Kembasemba, Wholesome Fish and the Bonsai Project. The Garden Party took place to raise funds and awareness for the Climate Camp and there was plenty of it.. There is also a report from the strawbale building going on at the Ecoworks allotment, there is talk of the upcoming mobilisation against the BNP festival and a wicked report by Louisa from the Forest Fields Community Centre Open Day. Also poetry by Howard and Ceinie reports from Scrufts, the first Forest Fields dog show. And there’s some more stuff but you’ll have to tune in to find out more.. We’ll be off to the Climate Camp this coming week. You can follow live radio coverage from UK Indymedia.

Listen: #7 The August Show

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RATB celebrates the Cuban Revolution

31-07-2008 19:50

Cuba fiesta 26 July
On 26 July 2008 RATB held a successful live music event in Brixton, south London, to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Moncada attack, the spark of the Cuban Revolution.

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Human Interest angles on Karadzic's Detenion

31-07-2008 19:33

Flicking (as you do) through the online pages of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia's webpages today, since they're in the news with the trial of ex-guru faith-healer & genocidal monster Radovan Karadzic, I noticed one thing which is very different from the pages which were presented for Milosevic when he had his few days in court.

It's not that the indictment of Milosevic mentioned Karadzic and was filled with "outside players" and the indictment of Karadzic doesn't mention Milosevic and only barely touches the Yugoslav army as an outside player.

Nope. It's something much more mundane than that.

There is a whole page of "copyright waived" photographs of the detention unit for our ghoulish entertainment.

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Climate Camp Caravan at Oxleas Wood 31-7-08

31-07-2008 19:20

Dr Bike
The ride stops for a rest by the cafe, with workshops, talks displays and demonstrations. Very friendly atmosphere.

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Carbon Die Oxide: The Epilogue

31-07-2008 18:30

Air supply needed in downtown London
despite increase in bicycles.

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Big Brothers latest gadgetry now in use at a ‘Fat Cat’ demo near you.

31-07-2008 18:23

A massive and violent insurection erupts in the City of London.
This morning while reporting the antics of some trots outside the Goldman Sachs building in the City of London; I noticed a strange protrusion on the hat of a cycle cop.

At first glance it looked like a trendy new device for holding a spare lipstick. On closer inspection a wire was spotted coming from the back of it. The copper in question was friendly enough and explained that the device had completed its trials and would be rolled out for general use within a couple of months. As well as the head cam there was a second one on his chest in case anyone tried to grab the more obvious one. It was activated by a switch and also stored the 30 seconds of footage prior to its activation.

If all the Police are due to be trained and issued with this gear, does that mean that a certain unit (known for their blue shouldered jackets) will soon be surplus to requirements? Well, if in a couple of months time you spot some familiar faces working as security guards in your local Tescos, you now know why…..

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The History of stealing ideas - an anniversary

31-07-2008 17:24

On this day the 31st of July in 1790, one Samuel Hopkins (aged 47) made a piece of history when his improved method "in the making of Pot ash and Pearl ash by a new Apparatus and Process" became the first US patent with George Washington's signature. This was a way of protecting Samuel Hopkins improvement of an Ethiopian idea which had been used globally for several hundred years. A important milestone in the history of property as theft had been passed.

"As of February 2008, the PTO has granted over 7,950,000 patents"

We now live in a world where everything from gizmo to gimmick, nicknack to genetic code is filed away under a patent or patent-pending.

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The Coal Hole blogs from Climate Camp

31-07-2008 17:19

The Coal Hole blogs from climate camp.

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26th July Revolutionary 'Hip-Hopera' in Newcastle

31-07-2008 17:14

RATB activists at the stall
Members and Supporters of Rock Around the Blockade (RATB) celebrated
the 26th July with live music and street theatre at Grey's Monument in
the centre of Newcastle.

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Climate Camp Location

31-07-2008 17:14

Grid reference for the camp

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Police invade Climate Camp - more people urgently needed

31-07-2008 17:14

This afternoon over 100 police officers invaded the Climate Camp, claiming to search for material that could be used for criminal damage. Since there are only around 150 people currently on site, more people are urgently needed to make the site more secure. There are reports that several people were arrested.
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