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UK Newswire Archive

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Internal deportation in Tower Hamlets

16-03-2013 12:47

Tower Hamlets Council is ranked at the top of the deprivation league. Whoever is counting, the position hardly changes. The borough is deprived. Most people in it are in low income. So why is the Council's own "newspaper" not reporting this?

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We must not ignore the Cameron government’s attack on disabled people

16-03-2013 00:55

On the 30th November David Cameron was booed as he came on stage to turn on the Witney Christmas Lights. You can watch a very funny video of him trying to drown out any criticism by awkwardly getting the crowd to cheer everyone from themselves to the Queen below. When there’s some background heckling during the countdown he appeals to the crowd to “come on, shout louder!”

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Opening Up The Development Of The UK Government's Short To Medium Term Coal Strategy

16-03-2013 00:55


                        THE LOOSE ANTI OPENCAST NETWORK


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Self Organised London still alive and kicking!

15-03-2013 23:17

Self Organised London (SOL) Social Space
A brief update on our situation and upcoming events…

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Catt judgement leave police intel gathering practices in tatters

15-03-2013 21:11

John Catt, who says "Put an end to the 'Big Brother' police state."

For those of us who have spent many years fighting excessive and intrusive surveillance of political protest by the state, the victory of John Catt in the Court of Appeal this week was especially sweet. The judgement rules that the gathering and retention of information about John Catt’s political activity was an unlawful breach of his right to a private life, and leaves police intelligence gathering practices in tatters.

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A Passage Through Time Looking Back To Look Forward, at Herstory.......

15-03-2013 20:17

We will take you on a journey back to tell a little about the other side of his-story.
Her-story will look at how women activists over the years have used art as a tool to campaign for social changes and how activisists have used their imaginative means on many levels to flout conventions, make a stand and create change.

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One Common Struggle. June 11 Carnival in the West End.

15-03-2013 18:10

Call-out for StopG8 action day. When: 11 June 2013. Where: the heart of London.

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Comic Relief Auctioning tickets to Fur Fashion Show

15-03-2013 16:26

Comic Relief Fur Fashion Show Ticket Auction
Comic Relief are auctioning tickets to a fur filled fashion show

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Call For an Open Debate on the Use of Coal

15-03-2013 15:43

Yesterday, the Government announced that it was to develop a short to medium term strategy for coal in light of the closure of Daw Mill. In it's 22nd Press Release, The Loose Anti Opencast Network calls for widening this discussion to include groups affected by the impact of opencast mining

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9-11 truth activists visit London Civil Engineers Awards

15-03-2013 15:15

On the evening of March 14, engineers from across the UK gathered at the annual ICE London Civil Awards near Parliament Square, to ‘celebrate outstanding engineering achievement in the capital.’ They were greeted by a small but determined group of 9-11 truth activists who had braved the cold to urge them to take a critical look at the events of 9-11, in particular the collapse of the buildings.

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Further attacks from the toffs

15-03-2013 14:55

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Anti-War Panel on Dissident Island Radio Tonight

15-03-2013 11:36

"10 years since one of the most contested wars in modern history, dissident island radio has assembled a panel of seasoned anti-war activists who have been active in opposing the Iraq war." Listen live or download podcast afterwards.

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The Italian slap to the transnational elite, Greece and global governance

15-03-2013 08:39

While an anti-EU tsunami threatens the European elites, Shimon Peres describes how global governance should look.

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LAON's February Review of Developments on New Scottish Opencast Sites

15-03-2013 02:55



 2013 SERIES: No 2.2

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Cardiff Bedroom Tax Demo - Saturday 30 March

15-03-2013 02:06

Cardiff Bedroom Tax Demo - Saturday 30 March
Assemble 1 pm, City Hall to march
Called by Cardiff Against The Bedroom Tax & Supported by Homelessness, Disability, Trade Union & Anti Cuts Groups

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Ugandan asylum seeker & Movement for Justice activist killed by Reliance thugs

14-03-2013 23:38

Jackie Nanyonjo died in Uganda last Friday as a result of the injuries inflicted by the Home Office’s licenced thugs who deported her from Britain on 10th January.

What followed is a Movement for Justice statement released ahead of their demo today following Jackie's death.

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Boycott Workfare - A4e Communications Blockade – Wed. 20th March

14-03-2013 20:16

Boycott Workfare - A4e Communications Blockade – Wednesday 20th March

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Pitchfork Anarchist Library opening 16th March

14-03-2013 15:40

Pitchfork Anarchist Library in Bristol will be opening its doors this Saturday, March 16th.

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Court Solidarity: No Dash for Gas Sentencing

14-03-2013 14:56

The 21 activists from No Dash for Gas who shut down EDF's West Burton gas fired power station for a week and then fought off EDF's £5 million lawsuit are being sentenced at Nottingham Magistrates Court at 10am on Wednesday 20th March.

Some defendnts face possible prison sentences.

Supporters are invited to come down and show solidarity outside the courtroom from 9.30am.

On Wednesday 20th March, most of the twenty-one campaigners from No Dash For Gas will be sentenced for their part in a protest at an EDF power station. There is a possibility that some of them may be jailed. If they are, we will stand with them.

Last year they abseiled into the flues of the West Burton gas-fired plant and lived inside the chimneys, blocking the plant's scheduled opening the following day and stopping 20,000 tonnes of CO2 over the course of their week-long occupation. They were incredibly brave, they did what they did in the name of climate justice, and now they need us.

If they receive jail sentences it will be a turning point for our movement. It will be the first time that climate campaigners have been jailed in Britain, and we will mark that moment.

Sentencing has been scheduled to coincide with the budget, no doubt in the hope that the media will be distracted. But we won't be.

If defendants are jailed, there will be a protest vigil outside EDF HQ in Victoria, London.


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