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UK Newswire Archive

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Anarchism and Martial Arts

14-05-2014 13:37

Anarchism and Martial Arts

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Land-Registry staff on 48-hour strike against privatisation plan

14-05-2014 13:25

Today and tommorrow (14-15 May), a 48-hour strike by thousands of workers at the Land Registry is taking place over plans to privatise the 150-year-old agency, which is expected to lead to hundreds of job cuts. Members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union have walked out in 14 locations across England and Wales. The Law Society, high street solicitors, property search providers and the PCS were among many to voice opposition to privatisation. PCS and others argue that it will affect the quality and accuracy of service, the security of data and force up the cost of the service to the public.

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Fukushima 3rd Anniversary meeting in Houses of Parliament. 10.3.2014.

13-05-2014 15:48

Here is a link to a 15 minute video of Rik from Kick Nuclear, London, speaking in parliament, committee room ten, with slides, followed by links to the other speakers, at the meeting held to Remember Fukushima, 3 years on. No To Nuclear Power!! No to the proposed new one near Bristol, Hinkley Point.

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Mind-expanding anarchism

13-05-2014 13:26

This very positive review of Paul Cudenec's The Anarchist Revelation can be found on the Permaculture magazine website.

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13-05-2014 11:58

education child centric

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DWP unravelling - UK Neo Cons breaking laws, suppressing due process

13-05-2014 11:04

The UK DWP is unravelling - the UK Neo Cons CONDEM regime has been breaking laws, suppressing due process daily. Following Denis Skinner drawing attention at a 2013 PMQs to the Cameron-fronted regime driving the vulnerable and the seriously ill to their deaths, a momentary state of shock prevailed. That appears to have been ‘sedated’ by the ferocious PR by Fleet Street tabloids reinforcing their attacks on the low income, the no-income groups and of course ton the sick, the very sick.....

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Murdoch Media Journalists 'Embedded' in Occupy Movement Through Vice Media

13-05-2014 03:37

Murdoch Media Journalists 'Embedded' in Occupy Movement Through Vice Media

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Position of Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria (FAB) regarding Jock Pafreeman

13-05-2014 01:17

Position of FAB regarding the information published in internet about actions of solidarity with the murderer Jock Palfreeman.

Every year Federation of Anarchists of Bulgaria (FAB) delimit from the case with the murderer of Andrey Monov by the Australian military Jock Palfreeman.

Our official position is that independently from the circumstance Jock killed a man and badly injured another and he is guilty. This is intolerable crime.

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The Pacific Fata Morgana and its Imperialist Origins

12-05-2014 15:03

Historically, it is going to be read as the definitive acknowledgement that the “Giant Bike Basket” has failed and the predictions the Tokyo regime would be unsuitable as a tool to clean up its own mess have proven true: The so obviously phoney Japanese “peace initiative” is yet another instance of the observation that when it comes to capitalist states, behind the cry for peace there hide the murderers. Abolitionist movements remember: Because no one in Japan wanted to have the reactors in their backyard, but the regime was too evil to draw the consequence of abstention, the compromise had been to hide them behind a mountain. There they sat on top of a permanent groundwater stream carrying the precipitation captured thereby into the ocean. When the meltdown finally came, it was discovered that no waste-water storage system was sufficient to collect all the contamination and only a reduction of their water intake could stop the toxic clods that once were reactors from forever unloading their deadly cargo into the Pacific. Reflecting the sweatshop architecture conditions of the Nonproliferation treaty, which left the supervision over the Japanese-American disaster to a Japanese diplomat in the “Nuclear Lottery” of the Unitednations organisation, the Tokyo regime ordered the clean-up of the Fukushima disaster to the hierarchy that had produced it and the result was the project of the “Giant Bike Basket.” The hollow structure was projected to be assembled into the ground around the molten reactors, and then frozen by means of the insertion of a refrigerant into the tubes to bring about an emergency clod pool whose water throughput could be regulated. The current situation where it cannot equals a scenario in which the notorious serial killer continues to go around – just because the regime has proven to be too dumb to understand the effects of Natural water cycles, the contamination, proliferation and worldwide lethal effects thereof go on. When now, without being able to put an end to its disaster, Tokyo is attempting to sell itself as the crystallisation core of world peace, it bears all the hallmarks of replacement psychology – a “Japanese peace” would be a radiological catastrophe.

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Welsh Language Action / Gweithred Hawliau Iaith

12-05-2014 09:31

Three Welsh language are arrested in Aberystwyth this morning in a Welsh language rights protest. / Tri ymgyrchydd wedi eu haresstio heddiw am weithredu dros yr iaith.

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The Antiauthoritarian Manifesto of the Situationist Avant Garde

12-05-2014 06:25

The Antiauthoritarian Manifesto of the Situationist Avant Garde
1. Whoever does not see politics, government, church, industry, military, the political parties, and social organizations as a joke has nothing to do with us.
2. Boycott all ruling systems and conventions by viewing them as nothing but a joke that went awry.

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2nd edition International Cinema Libre film festival: send us your entries!

11-05-2014 13:44

We’re eagerly awaiting all of your films which in their means of production and distribution, whether in form or content, free us from the standard dominant images.

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UG#682 - The Commercially Controlled Media (Shadows Of Liberty)

11-05-2014 02:09

This week, a look at the CCM, how the corporate media is commercially controlled - how large money successfully shapes its output. We adapt Jean-Phillipe Lemay's Shadows of Liberty, followed by an excerpted speech by Jeremy Scahill on war crimes carried out by the US but unreported in USA by the large media corporations.

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Fascists given free reign in newcastle

10-05-2014 14:56

Fascist Bone Heads
Today a piss poor show from the north east left allowed the neo nazi national front. North east infidels and English defence league to hold a large scale rally virtually unopposed

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Israeli ties compromise Asian support to Arabs

10-05-2014 05:58

Asian-Israeli exchanges deprived Israel of an influential incentive for making peace. They should have been at least postponed as an Asian prize for ending the Israeli military occupation of Arab lands in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

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Aldermaston Women attend Serco AGM at Canary Wharf

09-05-2014 12:26

Protest outside the AGM of Serco who are involved in running the Atomic Weapons Establishment among their many crimes.

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Nigel Farage "Racist & Neo-Fascist Views"

07-05-2014 14:41

Nigel Farage Fascism - click to enlarge
Worth reminding folks about this (see below)

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Hunger strike and protests now in 3 UK migration prisons

07-05-2014 13:12

Harmondsworth 5 May
On Friday (2 May) over 150 detainees in Harmondsworth migration prison occupied the main courtyard in a sit down protest and began a mass hunger strike. On Monday (5 May) supporters held solidarity noise demos outside
Harmondsworth and simultaneously at Dungavel (Scotlans). Yesterday evening (Tuesday 6 May) protests started to spread to Colnbrook and Brook House migration prisons.

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Anarcha-feminism: women's liberation, now and in the future society

07-05-2014 10:37

Meeting on anarchism and women's liberation

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May Day March London

07-05-2014 09:21

Setting off.
A day of celebration commemorating Tony Benn and Bob Crow.
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