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UK Newswire Archive

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the O12 statue-toppling debate: round 1!

27-10-2004 00:13

wonder if VA will print it, and if dawn will respond...

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Countryside Alliance: Freepost address

26-10-2004 23:55

The Cuntryside Alliance have got a FREEPOST address for donations. So if you would like to donate anything to them please think hard about what it's worth cos heavy
stuff will cost lots of postage.........

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Israeli govt votes for Gaza withdrawal

26-10-2004 23:25

Israeli govt votes for Gaza withdrawal..
Is this valuable - or a smokescreen ?
How right is Israel to feel threatened ?

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Voting Rights for Non-US citizens in 2004 US Presidential Elections

26-10-2004 21:24

In recent years, particularly since the tragic events of September the 11th 2001, the United States have taken it upon themselves to follow a foreign policy without the sanction of the global community. The actions taken, especially in Iraq, are likely to have repercussions that affect any person on the planet. It is only right, therefore, that anyone ought to be allowed to vote for the person ultimately responsible for the policy; the President of the United States of America. Now you can express your views in a website namely Hope you may find this interesting!!

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emimen joins the black bloc!

26-10-2004 20:50

Eminems new video to his song 'Mosh', sees him join the black bloc and storm some grand building. once inside however, the bloc form an orderly queue to register to vote!

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R.I.P. John Peel

26-10-2004 20:25

R.I.P. John Peel
When Peter Sellers died - I didn't Cry.

When Frankie Howerd died - I didn't cry.

Tonight - I'm crying buckets!!

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US families launch 911 Truth Statement

26-10-2004 19:44

Expose the 9/11 coverup - please copy and post this logo
Respected Leaders and Families Launch 911 Truth Statement Demanding Deeper
Investigation into the Events of 9/11
View full statement:
Donate for NY Times ad:

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1984/5 Miners' Strike Programme at The Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge

26-10-2004 19:02

Key speakers, involved in various aspects of the dispute, will be discussing media, gender and human rights issues surrounding the 1984/5 Miners' Strike, accompanied by documentary footage and films.

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Court Challenge:Demands Information About the Seizure of Indymedia Servers

26-10-2004 18:54

"Silencing Indymedia with a secret order is no different than censoring any other news website, whether it's USA Today or your local paper," said Kevin Bankston, EFF attorney and Equal Justice Works/Bruce J. Ennis Fellow. "If the government is allowed to ignore the Constitution in this case, then every news publisher should be wondering, 'Will I be silenced next?'"

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David Rovics plays Manchester fundraiser for human rights work in Mexico

26-10-2004 15:53

David Rovics is playing a gig at the Carlton Club in Whalley Range to raise money for
human rights work in Mexico. He also plays good music which he is happy for people to download for free.

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Sheffield council 'slammed' over services for disabled

26-10-2004 15:51

Sheffield Labour council slammed in devastaing report: services for people with learning difficulties 'poor'

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Report on HMP Forest Bank demo, Sat 23rd Oct

26-10-2004 15:24

Report on Saturday's demonstration at HMP Forest Bank, Salford

No Borders/No one is illegal

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Halloween Critical Mass London this Friday

26-10-2004 14:51

Yawn... OK time to wake up!

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26-10-2004 14:40

Freed after almost 2 years for refusing to serve in the Israeli Army,
2 young Israelis speak out!

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Fallujah's April Civilian Death Toll is 600

26-10-2004 14:33

No Longer Unknowable: Falluja's April Civilian Toll is 600

Today the Iraq Body Count (IBC) website has published its analysis of the civilian dealth toll in the April 2004 siege of Falluja. This analysis leads to the conclusion that betweeen 572 and 616 of the approximately 800 reported deaths were of civilians, with over 300 of these being women and children.

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Waverley housing privatisation propaganda

26-10-2004 14:28

Waverley council is pushing a pro-privatisation agenda for its council housing stock under the guise of advising the tenants of the options. Waverley chief executive claims their pro-privatisation propaganda is 'fair and balanced' because it 'has been scrutinised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster'!

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Interesting lectures on communication at Oxford Brookes this term

26-10-2004 14:09

The Contemporary Ideology Forum, a society at Oxford
Brookes University, is dedicated to setting up lecture series offering
a variety of perspectives on progressive political issues from ecology to
anti-globalisation. The format is for a 30 - 45 min talk, 30 min
discussion before heading on to a pub for further debate and chat. The
overarching theme of the series this time is 'Communication,
Miscommunication and Propaganda' and we are running the following
lectures this semester:

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John Peel dies in Peru

26-10-2004 13:16

I just heard on radio 4 that John Peel has died while on holiday in Peru.
He was 65 but could have been 18 cause of the ground breaking music he played on his shows on BBC radio 1
He championed punk, hiphop and lots of relitively unknown music that mite never have made it into popular hearing.

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Women Activists Excluded from the ESF

26-10-2004 12:56

The letter published in today’s Guardian shows how political parties involved in organising the ESF excluded women activists and women's groups which did not support them. These same parties similarly organise the Stop The War Coalition(and Respect), and used the STWC as cover for their ESF activities.

The Socialist Workers Party (An erstwhile Lenninist Sect), the Communist Party of Britain (ertswhile Stalinists, now a Social Democratic Sect controlling the Morning Star), and Socialist Action (erstwhile Leninist now Commercial/political Manegerial Sect) which is party of the Labour Party, its members in the GLC work for Ken Livingston.

These parties had some support from a few CND and Trade Unions bureaucrats who were either in the parties, or were promised promotion of their own organisations interests, and some few willing fools - sought to exclude grass roots, anarchist, and libertarian organisations which were considered opposed to party interests.

It is good to briefly refect on the organisation process. The Parites achied what they wanted by weight of numbers, bullying and well rehearsed disruptive tactics to get rid of other ESF orgainsers. Often though, the opposition on the organising committee were easily outmanouvred, or were easily duped, and lulled into traps, or seduced at various stages. Opposition could have been firmer and more united, and emphatic. There are many now who opposed the SWP and co. who once showed them at least tacit support, and too often gave them authority by engaging in their agenda.

When these groups sought to protest peacefully for democracy, and against exclusion, during the ESF, they were smeared as thuggish racist. Thankfully, the lies were self-evident to the rest of the left, and theconsequent backlash against Socilaist Action and the Socilaist Workers Party is well deserved.

On a positive note, the following Guardian Newspaper letter adds something substantial to the debate - which has been started in IM - of how the ESF can be turned round after London 2004, a low-point in its short history, and developed as catalyst for revolutionary change.

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Update on repression in Italy

26-10-2004 12:48

News on anarchists arrested after houseraids and, according to the Italian State, responsible for several bombings:
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