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UK Newswire Archive

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26-02-2014 08:03

A new blog to inform about the situation of exiles in Calais, at the English Border, has been launched since the beginning of January, Passeurs d'hopitalités

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Moazzam Begg arrested for uncovering Western complicity in rendition and torture

26-02-2014 00:08

(London) CAGE is outraged by the arrest of our Outreach Director, Moazzam Begg. A former Guantanamo Bay detainee, he has been campaigning for due process and the human rights of victims, despite suffering over three years of torture and abuse by the US government with the complicity of the British security services.

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World wide march against corrupt government Saturday March 1st

25-02-2014 19:27

Starting at 1pm in Trafalgar Square and moving on to the Ecuadorian embassy to rally in support of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and eventually heading to Parliament Square for a 5pm rally. Please feel free to bring gifts for the homeless and make any banners and leaflets that you believe will help promote our cause. Can any trouble makers please leave your trouble at home or don't bother attending. We look forward to seeing you there.

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factory farming poster

25-02-2014 19:26

downloadable poster or tshirt design, good 2 wear in the meat isle at your local stupor market.

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CALAIS: report and new call-out after fire in Coulogne

25-02-2014 16:26

"sauvons calais" fashbook screenshot

Calais, North of France, 25/2/2014. Addressing antifascists, hacktivists, and all concerned people. After the arson by fascists of the occupied farmhouse in Coulogne, we urgently need your support to see off a surge in neonazi violence.

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Personal Budgets: It Is Working?

25-02-2014 15:57

Free Workshop for Service Users, Carers, and ‘Frontline’ Workers

12.00pm - 3:15pm, Saturday 8th March 2014,

West Oxford Community Centre

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Campaigners support pensioner fined £440 for putting London arms fair 'on trial'

25-02-2014 15:44

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has voiced its support for pensioner Sylvia Boyes, 71, who was fined £100, plus £340 in costs, by Stratford Magistrates Court. Sylvia was convicted for obstructing the highway as part of the mass demonstrations against the DSEi arms fair in 2014.

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Children Are Screaming To Be Heard

25-02-2014 14:53

The Children Screaming To Be Heard Conference The Annual Conference to find solutions in the legal field to give children parents and grandparents their rights back.

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Two arrests after council house occupied & evi in protest of sell-offs & evicted

25-02-2014 13:30

Update 25/02 12pm: Police broke in to arrest two people on suspicion of Section 144 LASPO.

Update 24/02 5pm: Police have showed up and said “Oh it’s a protest, happy days” and within two minutes all four cop cars left.

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GCHQ internet trolls, false flags, and other

25-02-2014 11:48

Read this article to see how GCHG indymedia/internet trolls operate, and watch out for them

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Biomess Awards: Vote and Alternative Awards Ceremony

25-02-2014 11:46

On 9th/10th April, the biggest corporates in the European biomass industry will be meeting for a conference in London. On the evening of the 9th, they will be treating themselves to a gala dinner and awards ceremony. Join us in showing contempt for this celebration of the profits of a few at the expense of many, by participating in our Alternative Awards Ceremony - and vote for the Biggest Biomass Baddie beforehand.

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The Merkel´s Actually Not So Sustainable Energy Scam

25-02-2014 11:39

The Merkel´s Actually Not So Sustainable Energy Scam
The Merkel´s Actually Not So Sustainable Energy Scam

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Aristocratic Britain exposed as real welfare parasites (whilst the poor starve)

25-02-2014 08:59

A freedom of information request by GMB union has revealed that Castle-dwelling aristocrats and some particualrly wealthy Tory MPs are raking in the lion’s share of the £23billion of taxpayers’ cash that goes towards subsidising the rent for 1.65 million private properties in Britain via their feudal property empires.
Story is Front-Page in today's Morning Star newspaper (BTW, The Morning Star headline is incorrect. The article itself explains that the rich are getting the lions' share of the £23 Billion housing benefiit budget - not all of it.)

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Tim Rustige Trial Day 1

24-02-2014 19:20

Elish Angiolini exposed yet again

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Just back from Kiev, Gabriel Levy will be speak on the 'revolution' in Ukraine

24-02-2014 13:56

Just back from Kiev, Gabriel Levy will be speaking about the 'revolution' in Ukraine

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Calais Demo Saturday 1 March

24-02-2014 10:58

house in coulogne

Call-out from anti-racist residents of Calais.

Gathering with music and dance, words and food.

Saturday 1 March 2.30 PM. Place d'Armes, Calais.

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Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, jailed for 35 yrs, receives a family visit to prison + the Sam Adams Award

24-02-2014 09:14

Private Manning

Responsible for probably the most significant information leak in military history, Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning was sentenced in August 2013 to 35 years in a US military jail.

The Private Manning Family Fund was set up to support Manning's Welsh-Irish family with the cost of prison visits to Leavenworth, Kansas. The family has previously self-funded four trips to the US but this time all flights were paid for by PMFF. We feel this is one practical way we can show our solidarity with Manning here in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England.

Last week, Manning was awarded in absentia the Sam Adams Prize for Integrity in Intelligence at the Oxford Union. Report here. Photos in this article are mainly from this event and solidarity on the streets of Oxford beforehand.

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Updates from Calais fascist stand-off

24-02-2014 08:16

fascists with clothes on
The situation continues tense at the farmhouse in Coulogne (suburb of Calais) with a constant presence of up to 80 fascists and supporters, death threats and now molotovs thrown at the house. The police look on laughing.

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A Background of Ukraine Politics

23-02-2014 18:41

a sea palace in the Ukraine
analysis of the Ukraine unrest

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Soon to be banned: Utah, U.S.A. voter list

23-02-2014 16:20

True data lawfully obtained from a public record, the Utah, U.S.A. voter list. Because of bills advancing in the Utah legislature to ban some of this information, I am posting it here. There is no copyright or other restriction on it.
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