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UK Newswire Archive

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Anti Cuts Carnival, Marches and #UKuncut Actions

19-02-2011 17:22

Several UKuncut 'Big Society Bail-in' actions took place today across london. At the same time around 1000 people took part in the Lewisham Carnival Against Cuts [pic video] and around 500 marched in Hackney [pic more].

See Tumblewire updates + Live blog archive

In Brixton around 40 people blockaded the Barclays branch for around an hour and a half whilst handing out leaflets and talking to passers by [See Reports and pics 1,2,3]. The same happened in Wood Green [twitpics], around 50 people protested at Tottenham court road and Piccadilly branches as well as Soho [pics], and Natwest in Regents st [pic] was also occupied. Some branches were 'turned into libraries', there were read-ins, speeches and stand up comedy [pics]. In Dalston the angle was the NHS cuts with free blood pressure readings [twitpic] with other protests taking place in Hackney, Lewisham, Camden and more.


Hackney anti cuts march pics:

Lewisham march pics:

Wood Green UKuncut pics

Hackney Barclays Bail-In, 19/2/2011 pics


UK Uncut - Why Barclays Bank was targeted
How the Guardian was gagged from revealing Barclays tax secrets
Barclays bank forced to admit it paid just £113m in corporation tax in 2009

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Anti-cuts protestors nicked?

19-02-2011 17:22

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Thousands Demonstrate Against the Cuts

19-02-2011 17:22

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Thousands Demonstrate Against the Cuts

19-02-2011 17:22

This morning (Saturday 19th February) somewhere in the region of 3,000 Bristolians took the streets of the city centre to demonstrate against the wide range of ConDem cuts to the welfare state. The march passed peacefully and with those in attendance in high spirits with only a small (and entirely unnecessary) police presence

This morning (Saturday 19th February) somewhere in the region of 3,000 Bristolians took the streets of the city centre to demonstrate against the wide range of ConDem cuts to the welfare state. The march passed peacefully and with those in attendance in high spirits with only a small (and entirely unnecessary) police presence.

The protest had been called by the Bristol and District Anti Cuts Alliance and took place on the weekend before Bristol City Council sets its budget. Hopefully the presence of thousands of residents of all ages taking to the streets will have sent the council a message that the city's people are prepared to defend their public services from the proposed neo-liberal cuts and privatisation that Cameron and Clegg envision.

This weeks news that in the face of mounting public opposition to government plans to sell off Britain's forests, the ConDems have been forced to abandon their plans shows that there is hope, and that if people organise around these issues the government can be made to jettison their schemes designed to punish the young, the disabled and the poor for a banking crisis caused by the banks.

This point was raised in the speeches which occured on College Green after the march, along with the new news that Barclays have been found to pay just 1% tax on their £11.6 billion profits. This points the way towards an alternative future where those who pay for the consequences of the financial crisis are those who caused it, not the most vulnerable in our society. Finally there was a call for those in attendance to join the national day of demonstration against the cuts in London on March 26th.


For more photos from the demo go to


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Stop! Thief! ...

19-02-2011 16:24

UK Uncut protest outside Barclays Bank, Brixton. Here there are some photos:

While public services are decimated by government cuts, both local and national, the big banks and corporations steal their money away in offshore bank accounts and play accountancy games which, through government legislative complicity allows them to avoid paying almost all the taxes they might otherwise contribute to the 'common wealth' of the UK.

We are being robbed....

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Breaking News: Bahraini police surrenders to protesters

19-02-2011 16:15

Bahraini protesters celebrate as they reoccupy Pearl Square, 19 February 2011
Reports say thousands of pro-democracy protesters, chanting “victory, victory,” have forced out police and snipers from a central square in The Bahraini capital, Manama.

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Million Women Rise 2011 International Women's Day March

19-02-2011 15:38

Join The Million Women Rise Movement for an International All Women's March and Rally in Trafalgar Square, Central London

5th March 2011

Because male violence continues, so too does Million Women Rise.

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Egyptian Revolution at a Turning Point

19-02-2011 15:23

sitting in front of tanks to stop the army advancing 08/02

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Germany+ Iceland updates re: Mark Kennedy

19-02-2011 14:23

this week saw more action in Germany on the KENNEDY case

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Brixton Barclays Shut Down by #ukunkut Protest

19-02-2011 14:22

Following a call by UkUncut for a 'Big Society Bail-In' day of action targeting branches of Barclays bank across London, around 40 people shut down the bank's Brixton branch for most part of the morning. People gathered at the branch in Brixton Rd from 11am, blocking the front entrance until around 12.30pm, at which point the protest ended with most people moving on to other anti-cuts protests taking place today. Tumblewire reports 1 | 2 | 3

Here there are some pics:


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Hereford Heckler #18 hits the streets

19-02-2011 13:34

The February/March issue of the Hereford Heckler is now out

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Massacre in Bahrain

19-02-2011 12:39

The GOvernment is massacring people in Bahrain. The mainstream coverage is shit.

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Breaking: takeover of Barclays Bank

19-02-2011 12:27

20 people have take over foyer of Barclays Bank in Bradford city centre as part of UK Uncut.

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Today at Sabo-Taj

19-02-2011 12:23

Today at Sabo-Taj

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Brighton ZineFest this weekend!

19-02-2011 12:22

Two days of events!

For venue info check our website!

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Protests in Libya, Yemen, Jordan and Bahrain

19-02-2011 12:20

contact your rep

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Irish Elections: Ciaron, Christian @narchist - Address to the Irish People!

19-02-2011 07:58

Election 2011: Ciaron O'Reilly, Christian @narchist - Address to the Irish People!
YOUTUBE part 1
part 2

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International Solidarity with political prisoners

19-02-2011 02:57

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