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UK Newswire Archive

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Dissident Island Radio tonight - Mobilising '09

16-01-2009 14:02

In anticipation of the year ahead tonight's show focuses on some of the fun activities we can all look forward to in the UK and beyond.

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16-01-2009 13:31

A group of socialist activists in Lambeth have produced a manifesto which they hope will politicise UNISON members and provide the platform on which to build a "fighting, member-led branch" based on clear socialist politics. The manifesto was the basis for candidates to contest elections at the Lambeth UNISON AGM on a "Lambeth Activists" platform.

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Anarchists force tory politician to resign!

16-01-2009 13:19

Background info:

First blood in the pension scandal!

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Remembering Revolutionary Anarchist Harold H. Thompson, 1942-2008

16-01-2009 12:56

The following was forwarded to us by Jerome White-Bey, who asked us to publicise this joint tribute to Harold H. Thompson and appeal for Jerome's legal fund.

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Tree occupation for peace on Whitehall

16-01-2009 12:37

Breaking news, more details to follow

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No to Taxpayer guarantees of BAE Systems/ BA debt

16-01-2009 12:02

According to Robert Peston many of Europes largest companies are approaching the time when they have to renew their loans. But banks and pension funds are reluctant to lend and so it would appear that the Government is preparing to offer guarantees on the debt to 350 of the UKs largest companies including BA and BAE Systems.

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SHAC sentencing and festering hypocrisy

16-01-2009 11:59

It is one thing to condemn direct action which may be illegal. It is quite another to cherry pick certain causes, condone direct action whilst condemning others or using the same tactics.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 16th January 2009

16-01-2009 11:54

UKBA Children's policy, 'Not worth the paper its' written on'

Raphael 5 still in the Lions mouth, now 43 days in detention
Spoke to Raphael and Oluseye his Mum this morning, Raphael was very subdued according to mum after spending close to seven hours at Bedford General Hospital. Mum said that she was called at about 3:00pm yesterday and told that Raphael had his finger closed in the door, he had to go to the hospital for stitches. Mum said it was not made clear to her how the accident actually happened.

Oluseye told me that a report was written about her having lots of people coming to her room and one of the male officers said to her; "I am watching you Oluseye", she then asked me if she was doing anything wrong or breaking the law by having friends and their children in her room, she feels that this is intimidation. She also said for those of us who are locked up in Yarl's Wood, "we are sitting in the lion's mouth and anytime the lion can close its' jaws".  Nellie de jongh

Please send urgent faxes/emails immediately to Rt. Hon Jacqui Smith, MP, Secretary of State for the Home Office, requesting that Raphael and his mother are released. Please use the updated 'model letter' RaphaelShaubaJS.doc attached or write your own version. If you do so, please remember to include HO ref: S/38066/3
Fax: 020 8760 3132 / + 44 20 8760 3132 if you are faxing from outside UK)
"CIT - Treat Official"

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Bristol Jan Queer Cafe

16-01-2009 10:46

Open at 7pm, film starts 8.30
Thursday 29th January at Kebele Social Centre
14 Robertson Road, Easton
Free entry

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Bush's Last Days (by Latuff)

16-01-2009 10:24

Bush's legacy
(Artwork for the January issue of MAD Magazine, Brazilian version).

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Israeli forces bomb three hospitals and UN headquarters in Gaza City on Thursday

16-01-2009 09:28

As Israeli forces pushed their way deeper into Gaza on Thursday, they shelled and bombed everything in their path, including three hospitals and the UN Headquarters.

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Upcoming Gaza protests in and around Manchester

16-01-2009 09:14

Information on some of the many Gaza protests happening in Manchester in the next 10 days, from various groups

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Al-Quds hospital burnt down, evacuation into streets

16-01-2009 09:10

Latest blog from Tales to Tell, forwarded

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No Heathrow vote.

16-01-2009 08:49

Another example of the lack of democracy here in the UK

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The blame game in Gaza: Covering for Israel, concealing war crimes

16-01-2009 08:43

A modern-day Holocaust is unfolding. The hypocrisy of "Never again" repeated in full world view.

World leaders are silent. Blame the victims. Back aggression, but people globally say otherwise: In solidarity, we're all Gazans. We're all Palestinians.

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Climate Activists smash windows at The Department for Transport

16-01-2009 07:49

Climate Suffragettes smashed glass front doors at The Department for
Transport early this morning in protest against the government's
decision to expand Heathrow.

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National Anti-Vivisection Days of Action next week

16-01-2009 02:24

In solidarity with SHAC campaigners in court for sentencing, starting on Mon 19th Jan. Also in solidarity with Mel Broughton of the SPEAK Campaign, whose re-trial starts on Tuesday. In solidarity with ALL animal rights prisoners of conscience, TAKE ACTION next week!

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Bath Bomb #18 Out Now!

16-01-2009 00:29

Yet anther issue of Bath's monthly radical tabloid beckons...

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LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative Supports University Occupation

15-01-2009 23:54

The LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative supports the dozens of students who have undertaken an occupation of the Old Theatre at LSE in protest at the School's refusal to support the right to education for Palestinians.

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Bringing anarchy to their chaos

15-01-2009 23:49

Front of flyer - and diy poster
Bristol Bookfair – news & meetings

Bristol’s anarchist bookfair collective kicks off 2009 with a new intro to anarchism flyer, a website transformed into a blog, a discussion meeting on class, and the first organising meeting for a bookfair event in 2009. There will be a fundraising gig in March.
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