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UK Newswire Archive

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New evidence suggests America fermented sectarian hatred in Iraq

15-09-2006 09:17

A new Rand Corporation study suggests that Sunni, Shiite and Arab, non-Arab divides should be exploited to promote the US policy objectives in the Muslim world.

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Pentagon Think Tank Head Resigns Over EDO Corp Corruption Scandal

15-09-2006 08:42

Trustees of a Pentagon funded think tank, the Institute for Defence Analysis (IDA), have concluded that their own President, the disgraced former EDO Corporation director, Admiral Dennis C. Blair, was acting in 'conflict of interest' when he oversaw the writing of a report for the US government that led to the extension of the multi billion dollar F22 Raptor production programme, which financially benefitted contractor EDO Corp, and his own shares in the company.The trustees of IDA have now forced Blair to resign his position as President of the institute.

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15-09-2006 07:58

Millions of us are deeply distressed and angered. But, people are held back by the fear they are alone and powerless.
Many hope that somehow the Democrats will do something to change this when every day it becomes more clear they will not.
From out of this huge reservoir of people, we can unleash a great wave, moving together on the same day – our numbers making a statement
that can not be ignored and that lets it be known that we are determined to bring this whole disastrous direction to a halt.
On Thursday, October 5, join us in saying to the world: This regime does not represent us and we will not stop until we drive it out!
Walk out of school! Refuse to work! No shopping on Oct 5! Come to mass demonstrations across the country and march through the streets
calling on millions more to join us in repudiating this criminal regime with the mobilization of massive political opposition!

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Indigenous Venezuela

15-09-2006 06:56

Indigenous rights in Venezuela

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'EDO Must Close' Says South East England MEP

15-09-2006 06:39

South-East England’s Green MEP Caroline Lucas joined Brighton protesters outside the EDO MBM factory on Wednesday and called for the closure of the arms firm.

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SCAB Livingstone sends Tube and bus cash fairs soaring

15-09-2006 04:15

In London, Scab Ken Livingston will push the cash fare for a single zone 1 Tube trip from £3 to £4 next year, while the cash fare for a single bus will rise to £2 - a 33 per cent increase.

For Londoners on low incomes higher cash fares could mean public transport becomes unaffordable.

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15-09-2006 02:26

When questioned about his stance on the 9/11 issue, Chomsky timidly regurgitates the official line by saying that the version we are force-fed by the mainstream media is "pretty much what happened. He claims that he hasn't seen any "credible evidence" to suggest otherwise

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URGENT: Cottage Social Centre Eviction threat - 15th September

14-09-2006 23:25

Thursday 14th September the Cottage Social centre has received an eviction notice from bailiffs, contracted by Birmingham City Council, stating that we are "required to vacate at once".

We're not entirely sure that this means tomorrow morning, as they haven't provided us with a date with which to vacate, but we are preparing to resist any threat of eviction this evening in anticipation that this could happen tomorrow morning.

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Maghull Meeting Debates NHS Sell-Off

14-09-2006 21:04

Some 200 local people packed the public meeting in Lydiate, near Maghull
last night called by KONP Merseyside in response to the threatened privatisation of GP services in Sefton East Parishes.

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SOCPA - victory in court today

14-09-2006 20:48

superintendent terry, who lost in court today
in a substantial blow to charing cross police, a major socpa case against barbara tucker was thrown out today, and bail conditions were also lifted

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Day 11 of Mersey Fire Strike: Desperate Authority Makes False Accusations

14-09-2006 20:19

With firefighters continuing to hold firm against the Fire Authority’s media manipulation and intimidation campaigns, and a public rally supporting the FBU scheduled for tomorrow, the Fire Authority have resorted to making obviously false accusations against the union and strikers.

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US Iran report branded dishonest

14-09-2006 19:59

The UN nuclear watchdog has protested to the US government over a report on Iran's nuclear programme, calling it "erroneous" and "misleading".

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Worldwide Anti-McDonalds Day Demo - Sunday 15th October

14-09-2006 19:53

Worldwide Anti McDonalds Day Demo on Sunday, 15th October. Bring your friends, fancy dress, or just yourself! Meeting at 12 midday, Leicester Square McDonalds.

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Cruelty Free Food Fayre - 28th October

14-09-2006 19:49

28th October 2006 - Cruelty Free Food Fayre

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International day to support 'Il Silvestre' prisoners (Italy) - Fri 15 September

14-09-2006 19:17

Four months have passed since 10 comrades of the 'Il Slvestre' group (who produce the eco-anarcho magazine 'Terra Selvaggia' ) have been arrested (5 in prison and 5 under house arrest), accused of subversive association. This is one of many Italian government attempts to destroy a group that in the course of the years has produced a lot of newspapers, pamphlets, meetings, demos, solidarity, books, etc.

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Prisons & Their Role in Social Control

14-09-2006 18:50

Ask anybody how prisons work in society and you will generally receive the same glib response: they protect society by removing 'criminal' and 'anti-social' elements, thereby making life safer for the rest of us.

Is this true? Is it the whole truth?

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OutRage!:Supporting the Prayers for Darfur event 17 Sept

14-09-2006 15:51

Gay Rights group OutRage! statement in support of the Global Day of Action for
Darfur 17 Sept. and the linked prayers event.

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Support Military Families - Send a protest email today

14-09-2006 15:39

Protest at Manchester City Council ban on Peace Camp.

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RINF Report: Nine Eleven Weekend of Truth, UK

14-09-2006 14:16

What follows is a report of last weekends 9/11 truth weekend in London, UK.
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