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UK Newswire Archive

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Up, up and away!

03-12-2010 17:22

At the midday, short term kettle at parliament square, some people aren't fazed by police lines and choose to get some exercise and go over the fence, rather than stick around and get cold.

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Put the kettle on, and we'll have a party...

03-12-2010 17:22

Despite the snow and cold, and having had lots of exercise during the day, people in the kettle at trafalgar square still have a party!

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National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts: Call for Local Events

03-12-2010 17:22

Take action now to defend the Welfare State.

We will not pay for their crisis.The National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts on 15th December 2010 aims to begin by focusing on the Housing Benefit cuts so why not organise a sit in, protest or demonstration in your local Civic Centre or Town Hall.

How about a Christmas party, gather up some friends, take a ticket and bring cake, food to share, crackers, musi...c and kids presents. Make a day of it, why not apply for Council Housing whilst you're at it or clear up that nagging benefit issue. Then collect contact details to organise bigger and better events in the New Year.

Make sure to support people present who are in emergency need of help to access it and be treated properly. There's no rush after all, you can easily stay late, or even all night.

Alternatively hold a public meeting, or even just leaflet your local Council offices. It all counts and this is just the beginning. If you are organising an event please contact us asap to be added to the page.

London benefit claimants will be attending and supporting the Housing Emergency Demonstration at Downing Street, 12.30pm. Bring cardboard boxes, sleeping bags etc and create a cardboard city opposite Downing Street. then onto Trafalgar Square at 3pm for Christmas fun under the tree.

Local groups, individuals, ideas and support needed, please get in touch.

This is just the beginning, further actions and events are planned for the New Year.

Called by autonomous benefit claimants around the UK.

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The terrorism of slavery

03-12-2010 16:53

SIGNIFICANT parts of the population – until now paralyzed with fear – are watching an unprecedented attack being launched against them, an attack still in its development phase.

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Fancy This??

03-12-2010 16:35

Fancy it really 2010 pc age??

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French Government Shows Its True Colours: Censorship [WikiLeaks]

03-12-2010 16:33

WikiLeaks: France adds to US pressure to ban website

• Minister warns of consequences for companies helping keep WikiLeaks online
• US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks are hosted by French firm

To download the "insurance" encrypted file: (in case Julian Assange is arrested).

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Billy Bragg visits Nottingham Uni occupation

03-12-2010 15:23

Singer songwriter Billy Bragg visited the ongoing occupation at the University Nottingham the day after his gig at Rock City. He had also visited Nottingham Prison to see the results of his project to make guitars in available to inmates. He arrived just as the 1pm daily meeting of the occupation was starting.

Inside the Great Hall surrounded by a seated audience of well over a hundred people he spoke passionately for the present action and against cynicism. He was full of admiration for the students' struggles over the past weeks and described students as being the  'front line' now and was positive about the events at Millbank. He stressed that the 1980s when he played miners' support gigs with Red Wedge were about Cold War ideology when left and right were clearly demarked and that now we are in a post-ideological world. The terms marxist or trotskyist are no longer relevant and hark back to a time of sectarianism that should not be revisited, and that 1968 was last century. He argued for socialism as compassion, not as ideology, although still in terms of a society with a state where we all pay taxes and have pensions, one that ensures we all have access to free healthcare. He talked about what had been lost since the post-war settlement and in particular about the loss of free education.

Billy Bragg may never find the words to say the 'a' word (anarchist) in a positive way and his vision of post-capitalist society may still be one of conventional state-run society with police and with a heavy dose of English  'civic' nationalism (not mentioned on this occasion), but all in all this was a speech full of pride of what has been achieved by students over the last month to get opposition the cuts well and truly going. And the audience treated him with a standing ovation.

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Monday: London Protest at 'Bloodsports Banker'

03-12-2010 15:22

Lord Henry Ashton of Hyde is a regular financial contributor to bloodsports, allows hunts to go on his land and rides with the Heythrop Hunt in Gloucestershire, as have generations of his family. Henry has also, in recent weeks, acted in a violent manner and held hunt monitors and saboteurs on his land.

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Lord Henry Ashton of Hyde is a regular financial contributor to bloodsports, allows hunts to go on his land and rides with the Heythrop Hunt in Gloucestershire, as have generations of his family. Henry has also, in recent weeks, acted in a violent manner and held hunt monitors and saboteurs on his land.


When not out killing foxes for entertainment, Henry Ashton acts as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of city firm, Faraday.


This Monday, Greater London Action for Animals campaigners will hold a demonstration at the Faraday offices in the City of London to let everybody know about  how the company executive finds is appetising to be involved in bloodsports. We will also be expressing solidarity to local hunt saboteurs and monitors who keep check on the Heythrop, whom David Cameron also rides with.


Following our victory with Hamleys abandoning animals being used as instore promotions, the demonstration will be re-located to here. 


GLAA Contact Number: 07530 585278 





Corn Exchange

55 Mark Lane

London EC3R 7NE

Tel: 020 7702 3333 

Fax: 020 7680 4369




If you cannot make it, please contact Lord Henry Ashton about his involvement in bloodsports:


Direct Line - 0207 680 4239

Fax: 020 7680 4369

PA Louise Dunning - Tel: 0207 680 4300 /





Greater London Action for Animals (GLAA) only encourage polite contact with parties listed and do not encourage any threatening or abusive communications or conduct towards parties listed in any of our publications.



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LibDems move conference venue for Saturday

03-12-2010 15:22

The London LibDems have moved their conference to 

Royal Horticuotural Halls in Vincent Square, Greycoat Street London SW1P 2QD

closest tube Victoria, the protest will go ahead at the new venue.

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Sheffield Occupation: a weekend of action against cuts

03-12-2010 15:01

Join Sheffield Occupation in a weekend of action against austerity. Join the march, come to the occupation space, take direct action!

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London Met now In Occupation

03-12-2010 14:33

London Met occupation communique
London Metropolitan University is now occupied

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MP David Chaytor pleads guilty, Woolas loses appeal

03-12-2010 13:34

Two ex mps court news

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Nottingham Animal Rights Campaigns, Dec'10

03-12-2010 13:18

Current campaigns include tackling the reintroduction of fur by Paul Foot and preparations for the biggest Vegan Free Food Give-away yet attempted. And a whole lot more.

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6 Dec Trial for anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis in Greece

03-12-2010 12:40

The anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis was arrested heavily wounded after a robbery at a branch of the National Bank in the center of Athens, on January 16th, 2006. He defended the choice to expropriate a bank, without statements of remorse and with clarity about his motives and intentions. He gave meaning to his act as a moment in his critique and action against the system of wage slavery and exploitation, against the antisocial role of the banks and as a part of the polymorphic social struggle.

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County Council chief shows true colours

03-12-2010 12:34

The bigotry of Oxfordshire County Councils chief was laid bare for all to see on the 30th November, when local freemason Councillor Keith Mitchell posted on his blog how he considered those 6th form students who invaded County Hall to be nothing more than "student rabble".

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Nottingham Animal Rights Campaigns, Dec'10

03-12-2010 12:23

Current campaigns include tackling the reintroduction of fur by Paul Foot and preparations for the biggest Vegan Free Food Give-away yet attempted. And a whole lot more.

SATURDAY 4th December 2010

Badger Cull Campaign Stall, 10.30 St Petersgate stall pitch

also Fur Campaign: 1pm at Paul Smith, 20 Low Pavement Nottingham NG1 7EA

also possibly Hunt sabbing, subject to weather

also Loughborough Animal Rights - 1pm at 'the Sockman'


SUNDAY 5th - Fur Campaign at Paul Smith, 1pm

Also Sunday

Animal Aid Christmas Without Cruelty Fair
- Veggies Catering at Kensington Town Hall, London

Also Sunday

Brinsley Animal Rescue Open Day - Christmas at the Sanctuary


WEDNESDAY 8th - 11am - Wilmott Dixon demo - Leicester Labs builder
Chantry House, High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BP


THURSDAY 9th - Brinsley Animal Rescue rehoming evening


FRIDAY 10th - International Animal Rights Day
and Freedom to Protest Demos (

- Vegan Food Cook-In - Sumac from Noon, thru evening
- Greyhound Demo at 6.30pm -



East Midlands Vegan Festival on streets.
Free Food Give-away stalls across the City.
Base camp at the Old Angel, Stoney Street.
Meet Thursday 8pm Sumac to finalise plans and all through Friday to prepare foods


Avalon Guinea Pig Fundraiser - Evening at Sumac



Leicester Labs demo
Protests continue against the construction of an animal lab at the University of Leicester
Sumac at noon, or on route at Aldi, Huntingdon St



Food or Friend / Christmas campaign visits Mapperley

Smith Family Butchers at 17A Plains Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5LG sell crocodile, kangaroo and ostrich, as well as farm fresh turkeys, capons, free range geese, ducks, chickens etc but, as they humorously point out at, they "won't butcher your family" - just the families of all those animals.


Nottingham Animal Rights meeting
Social at Sumac - bring party food to share



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tomorrow's lib dem london conference cancelled?

03-12-2010 12:22

the coalition of resistance are announcing that the haverstock school has cancelled the booking for tomorrow's london lib dem conference due to fears for the security of the venue with mass protests planned.

the head teacher at haverstock school has confirmed to me that the venue was hired out by the PFI company that owns the school buidlings, but that school staff were concerned about the possible implications to the safety of children attending a saturday school, and although the staff don't have a direct say in the use of the building, the PFI company, in discussions with the lib dems, have now cancelled the booking due to the concerns raised.

the coalition of resistance website suggests the lib dems are making press announcements and updating the web site with the news, but i haven't yet been able to confirm this. the london lib dem office does not answer phone calls.

i guess the main question is, will the conference take place somewhere else? they can obviously run, but can they hide?

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Students at University of Sheffield Occupation Threatened With Court Injunction

03-12-2010 12:07

The University has applied for a court injunction to evict students from their peaceful occupation against higher fees and cuts in the Richard Roberts Building at the University of Sheffield.

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Squeezing us until we squeak

03-12-2010 11:40

As the economic crisis deepens, we are being constantly bombarded by a message from almost everyone with power - that we’ve been ‘living beyond our means’ and therefore must face massive cuts. The question is usually framed simply as what should be cut, rather than if there should be cuts.

Assault on the public sector

The government has immediately trained its sights on two groups of people - public sector workers, who provide supposedly wasteful services such as education and health, and anyone on benefits. The government have unleashed £11bn in benefit cuts, slashing tax credits and housing benefits while freezing child benefit. Meanwhile they will continue the previous government’s punitive workfare schemes, aimed at forcing the unemployed to work for benefit levels. In this assault they evoke wild tabloid tales of ‘benefit scroungers’ supposedly bleeding us dry - though recent figures show that only 1% of all benefit payments are fraudulent.

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Goldsmiths Art Staff/Student declaration. Very good.

03-12-2010 11:35

Goldsmiths Art Dept. Staff and Students Against the Government's Attack on Education - declaration.
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