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UK Newswire Archive

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Uhuru Movement member arrested - International call-in to the jail tonight!

21-12-2007 06:46

Valerie Sanders, a member of the Uhuru Movement in St. Petersburg, Florida, US, is being held at the Pinellas County jail on false charges of grand theft. She is being framed by Boley Centers, Inc. because she spoke out after being fired for her affiliation with the Uhuru Movement.

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No room at the Inn for George William and Family

21-12-2007 06:04

George William
George William and family fled from Pakistan after years of harassment and persecution because of their Christian beliefs. The family are currently detained in Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre, awaiting removal to Karachi on Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK0788 from Heathrow Airport, at 17:00 on Sunday 23rd December.

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Legal Threat --- An End To Human Liberties

21-12-2007 00:44

Citizens of Ireland are suffering from a cruel and destructive ideology among the legal fraternity which is nurturing a very dangerous breed of solicitor who can at will, incriminate people without trial, without evidence,and without notice.

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Uhuru Fights for Education Rights in Florida

20-12-2007 22:51

InPDUM demonstration opposes plan to keep African children out of schools in own community!

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rampART losses possesion case but buys two more weeks

20-12-2007 22:37

Today the rampART social centre lost in court against a claim for possession. A possession order will now be granted although not until the 3rd Jan 2008.

Text 'follow londonscn' to 07624801423 then reply with a name as instructed.

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Liberalism To Murdochracy

20-12-2007 22:31

The former Murdoch retainer Andrew Neil has described James Murdoch, the heir apparent, as a "social liberal". What strikes me is his casual use of "liberal" for the new ruler of an empire devoted to the promotion of war, conquest and human division.

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Liberty City 7 Verdict Announced

20-12-2007 22:21

Government frame-up of Liberty City 7 is set back by jury

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Camden residents, councillors and ALF to fight on same side against the MRC!

20-12-2007 20:32

Camden councillors, Camden residents and the ALF are set to fight side by side against the MRC and Gordon Brown!

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9/11 Truth Manifesto

20-12-2007 20:13

For evidence that America’s political system is a criminal conspiracy, open your mind to piles of new analyses that prove beyond doubt that the official 9/11 story is a lie. Years of a bipartisan cover-up of 9/11 lies make it much more than one horrendous past event. It endures in infamy as a symptom of a corrupt and dishonest government.

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Putin Agonistes: Missile Defense will not be Deployed

20-12-2007 19:47

It's been a lot of hard work, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally achieved his goal. He's cleaned up the mess left behind by Yeltsin, put together a strong and thriving economy, and restored Russia to a place of honor among the community of nations. His legacy has already been written. He's the man who rebuilt Russia. The last thing he wants now, is a pointless confrontation with the United States. But how can it be avoided?

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ITT offices targeted in Basingstoke

20-12-2007 18:53

On 20th December at 13:30 15 activists targeted the ITT offices in Basingstoke, to protest against the takeover of Brighton arms manufacturer EDO MBM by the infamous ITT corporation, expected to be completed today.

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Sizewell Protesters Accuses Site Director of Burying His Head in the Sand

20-12-2007 17:22

Today the group of activists calling themselves the Sizewell Blockaders visited Sizewell nuclear power station again.But this time they did not lock themselves together to block the workers entering Sizewell A and B but challenged the director of Sizewell, Mr Dowds to a public debate.

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Liverpool Vigil To Support Freedom Of Protest

20-12-2007 17:01

There is a candlelit demo on Saturday 22nd at Cricket, Mathew Street 1-3pm in support of animal welfare and human rights/civil liberties, in particular to support a fellow activist from Bolton who was recently found guilty of section 5 for photographing police officers for evidence gathering purposes during an incident at Cricket and fined £500. What happened to me this week only further strengthens the need for as many people as possible to attend and stand up against the oppressive behaviour of the police who seem hellbent on stifling legal protest. I really feel that this campaign is becoming as much about defending what little right to protest we are still 'allowed' as much as Cricket selling fur. It would be great if people could bring placards highlighting the human rights aspect of the demo.

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Burslem postal workers strike over Christmas

20-12-2007 16:33

Postal workers at the Burslem delivery office start industrial action in a dispute over the suspension of 12 colleagues.

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Wales: Paramedics in unofficial overtime ban

20-12-2007 16:32

Ambulance crews covering south east Wales are refusing to work any overtime for four weeks to highlight staff shortages in the service.

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Remember Ohio USA Election computer fraud doubts? After State Enquiry - PROOF!

20-12-2007 16:32

Pressure from all types of people are showing results, as this week Brunner s $1.9 M Ohio State Enquiry comes out . . . . seismic results meet with a shocked silence so far, but. . . . the facts check out.

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Palestine Today 122007

20-12-2007 16:05

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday December 20th, 2007.

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Etnic purges in France ?

20-12-2007 13:49

The Prefect of the Rhone hastily expels the adoptive black son of a French "native family".

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In London? Need a Break From The Consumer Zombies?

20-12-2007 13:33

Cheap Free Essential Events To Be Attended This Weekend In London

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Struggle in Spanish FIES units for anarchists Antonio and Rafa

20-12-2007 12:33

Since some time, in the new maxi-prison of Puerto III, several FIES prisoners are struggling to expose the brutal conditions in the isolation wings of Puerto III. Some communiques about this have been spread recently.
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