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UK Newswire Archive

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An Idiot Abroad: Marine LePen Visits Cambridge (Pt 2)

23-02-2013 01:09

An attempt by activists to rush a side entrance of the Union building.
Second installment of photographs from Tuesday's Marine LePen demonstration.

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An Idiot Abroad: Marine LePen Visits Cambridge (Pt 1)

23-02-2013 00:51

A ring of steel...
On Tuesday 19th February 2013, French Far Right MEP Marine LePen dared to show her face in Cambridge, on the invitation of the Cambridge Debating Union, whom were clearly up to their usual sensationlist tricks again.

About two hundred activists turned up and surrounded the building for the whole afternoon, effectively beseiging it, so there was nowhere for Madame LePen to run!

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British Union fascists post members' names and email addresses on their website

22-02-2013 23:07

The New British Union, a group openly styling itself on Mosley's BUF, launched recently after interwebs Nazi Craig Cooke left the BNP's student front, the National Culturists, over musical differences. They have helpfully provided a list of their regional and national officers' names and email addresses on their website.

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Wrexham 23 Feb:Stand with Bradley Manning - held 1000 days without trial

22-02-2013 20:11

Whistleblowers and supporters in Wales stand with Brad
One of over 60 protests around the world against the continued detention of Bradley Manning, incarcerated for blowing the whistle on war crimes.

Meet Queens Square, town centre, Wrexham.
10am - 11.30am

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The Great Tax-Cut Experiment and Corporate Taxes as % of Profits

22-02-2013 19:29

Comparisons with Other Countries: Americans pay a smaller proportion of total income in taxes than do people in any other advanced capitalist economy. As recently as the late 1960s, taxes accounted for as high a share of national income in the United States as in Western European countries. After decades of tax cuts, however, the United States now stands out for its low taxes and small government

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Casuals United Nonce Division strike again

22-02-2013 16:40

For a group who claim to have set themselves up to oppose Muslim child abusers, Casuals United are not above making sick comments about children on their Facebook page. We do not need to comment further on the gang rape and killings comments.

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Critical Mass Trial Starts this coming Monday

22-02-2013 15:41

Monday 25th February is the first day of the CM9′s court case. The trial will last between 5-7 days. There will likely be a large contingent of cyclists at the court on the morning of the 25th demonstrating our support for the defendants.

Join us on bikes and with placards from 9am at:

Westminster Magistrates Court
181 Marylebone Road

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What does UEA have against protesters?

22-02-2013 12:55

Earlier this month, the University of East Anglia dropped a disciplinary case against two students for taking part in an anti-tax avoidance protest. I was one of those students, and although the case was dropped it was a perfect example of the creeping criminalisation of protest that’s taking place on university campuses and throughout the country.

There are still some unanswered questions about the case: why did the university wait three months to pursue us for a peaceful protest? Why did the university push the case in the first place when the Disciplinary Officer dropped it almost instantly after talking to me in person? And why did the evidence document rely entirely on the word of an employee of the multinational company being protested against?

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Police spy Bob Lambert has re-emerged as an academic at St. Andrews University.

22-02-2013 11:28

Perhaps those he betrayed may want to know where he is, and here is a petition to sign.

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Thanks & Camp Ivy Welcomes you

22-02-2013 09:15

Combe Haven Defenders Defended!

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Palestinians Disqualify U.S. as Peace Broker

22-02-2013 08:45

“It’s plain and simple: Either the settlements or peace ... even Obama won’t get us abandon this principle,” PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat was quoted as saying on February 14.

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UG#618 - Consolidation of Police State USA (The Ongoing American Military Coup)

22-02-2013 06:22

A 'bigger picture' show this time, with two hour long pieces which outline the stark contours of the rapidly emerging police state that is the modern USA. Our main speakers are Peter Dale Scott, Peter Phillips and Frank Morales.

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'Fighting For Ourselves' SolFed Book Launches Scotland Thurs. 28th Feb. & Fri. 1

21-02-2013 21:07

Edinburgh Thursday 28th February 8p.m.-9.30p.m.

Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, EH7 5HA

Glasgow Friday 1st March 7p.m.-9p.m.

Glasgow Social Centre, Basement, Garnethill MultiCultural Centre, 21 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RE!/events/132310493602348/

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Have you ever been involved in Radical Routes?

21-02-2013 20:16

Radical Routes is completing a social audit to see how well it is living up to its aims and principles.

It is looking for people who have either once been members of Radical Routes or have ever used the services of a Radical Routes co-op to spend 15 minutes completing an online questionnaire.

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Richard Seaford talks on the Origins of Money in London March 5‏

21-02-2013 20:09

'Community, Individual and the Origins of Money.'
A talk by Richard Seaford.
Tuesday March 5, 6.30 - 9.00pm.
St. Martins Community Centre
43 Carol St., London NW1 OHT (2 mins from Camden tube).

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21-02-2013 18:55

By Mike Small

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘re-establishing trust’ in the food system. But that’s probably the last thing we need to be doing.

read more

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Russian Exile Angel Versetti Implicated As Co-organiser of London Riots

21-02-2013 16:37

Angel Versetti whose sudden disappearance from the United Kingdom in 2011 raised several investigations in the country, was apparently arrested, imprisoned and removed from the United Kingdom with a minimum ban of 10 years. While the question on his exile from Russia remains unanswered, his actions in Britain attest to the true nature of his deporation from the country.
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