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UK Newswire Archive

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Berlin Mayday Promo Video

09-04-2008 10:36

Berlin Mayday Promo Video now on YouTube!

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Live Coverage from Live Coverage of the Olympic Torch Protests in SF

09-04-2008 10:30

Live Coverage from Live Coverage of the Olympic Torch Protests in SF

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UNISON to recommend pay cuts for health workers

09-04-2008 02:07

Public sector union UNISON looks set to rubber stamp a three-year package of pay cuts for workers in the NHS.

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Support JJ Of Active Slaughter - Reply

09-04-2008 01:27

(please re-post this msg_ (from )
JJ from London Anarcho Punk band ACTIVE SLAUGHTER set for big animal rights trial in court JJ the guitarest and co-founder of active Slaughter had his flat raided by the police and was arrested in may 2007 along with almost thirty others. Items were seized from everyone’s properties

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All out on 19 April! Free Mumia now!

09-04-2008 00:25

Free Mumia now!

Mumia Abu-Jamal
is innocent!

Abolish the racist
death penalty!

Saturday 19 April
1pm, US Embassy,
Grosvenor Square, London W1A
(Nearest Tube: Bond Street)

See attached PDF leaflet, contact the PDC for more information and to help build the demonstration, to speak and to endorse the protest. 020 7281 5504

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UN Investigator Stands by Israel-Nazi Comparison

09-04-2008 00:20

There should be no special exception for Israel when it comes to the human rights of Palestinians, period, end of discussion.

What Professor Falk is doing is merely stating the obvious, and that's what has Israeli officials cringing and sputtering.

And if Israel bars Falk from assuming his Human Rights Investigator post, Israel should be thrown out of the UN.

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War Clouds Over Mideast

09-04-2008 00:04

The world needs to stop Appeasing these Terrorists, before this gets a whole lot worse ...

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Saving Iceland Scottish Info Tour

08-04-2008 23:50

This month Saving Iceland will be visiting towns and cities all over Scotland in a push for a big Scottish mobilisation for the Saving Iceland Summer Protest Camp against heavy industry.

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Photography Exhibition : Images from anti-G8 demonstrations at Rostock 2007

08-04-2008 22:09

For all of April, an exhibition of photographs will be on display at the Sumac Centre, Nottingham. This work by photographers Guy Smallman and Paul Mattsson cover many aspects of this events, from the laughs and peaceful moments to the full on aggression displayed by law enforcement at such events. Please go and see this exhibition.

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Campaign for Free Assembly Next Public Meeting

08-04-2008 21:59

photograph by D. Viesnik
Saturday 10th May 2-4pm. London School of Economics, Connaught House, room H102 (Holborn).

It’s time we had freedom to publicly assemble in the UK. The Campaign for Free Assembly is a group of individuals campaigning against the existing legislation restricting our freedom to assemble and the continued police repression of protest.

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No result in Zimbabwe elections

08-04-2008 21:24

Movement for Democratic Change
Zimbabwe’s elections have not resulted in a fair decision since the day of voting. An MDC activist, granted asylum and living in Nottingham has offered his speculation on this stalemate.

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URGENT: Please fax Jacqui Smith to protest against Rose's deportation

08-04-2008 20:59

Today Rose was moved from the police station to a detention centre, and we have information that she is due to be deported this Thursday, 10th April. Please fax Jacqui Smith on 020 8760 3132 and ask her to halt Rose's deportation and give her exceptional leave to remain. You can use the attached model fax or write your own

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CamdenLondon UK Animal Testing Lab - Control Development Committee

08-04-2008 19:57

Some of you know about the attempts to build the world's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council house estate.
This will be put before a Control Development Committee.
Usually only ten people can speak at such meetings.

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timeline of antiNATO days, bucharest

08-04-2008 19:22

The NATO summit in Bucharest took place between April 2-4. Activists from Romania and abroad organized “Anti-NATO Days” between March 28 and April 5, as a form of protest. What follows is a daily chronology of events, starting with the repression and abuse by border guards, police and the mass-media, to the actions of solidarity by human rights organizations and foreign activists.

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Love Music Hate Racism Carnival 27 April Victoria Park

08-04-2008 19:13

The Love Music Hate Racism carnival on 27 April

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The Amazing Climate Change Cabaret Fri11/Sat 12thApril

08-04-2008 19:00

Earth Circus Productions invites you to

The Amazing Climate Change Cabaret
Fri 11th and Sat 12th April 7 - 12pm

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Stop Slashing The Blood Service!

08-04-2008 18:49

Protest at the NBS bosses' HQ

Assembly point: Watford Junction Station
Friday 11th April 2008, 12pm

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The Fight for Justice for Simon Jones - Ten Years On, The Lessons Learnt

08-04-2008 18:22

A public meeting on the tenth anniversary of the death of Simon Jones, killed on his first day as a casual worker in a Shoreham dock.

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Novartis in India: Exploiting AIDS-victims

08-04-2008 18:19

This information campaign is dedicated to the victims of Novartis AG: Gunned-down Brazilian farmers - Tortured, maimed and killed animals in labs - Victims of sexual exploitation by the management - Africans left to die for profit - Patients poisoned and killed with harmful drugs - Babies fed with unhealthy food

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Palestine Hotel, Five Years On.

08-04-2008 16:53

Hotel Palestine
The Committee to Protect Journalists has released a statement five
years after the bombing of the Palestine Hotel and Al Jazeera in Khabul.

Unanswered questions linger.

The statements are accessible at:
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