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UK Newswire Archive

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MARHABA EUROPE TOUR with Israeli,Palestinian,Lebanese+UK Activist

29-10-2004 11:44

UK Leg of tour starts Nov 14th-29th - end date flexible. Please get in touch if you want the gang to visit your town. Ireland has already been a great great success with new links made in Belfast and the South and the group being indundated with speaking requests. Catch them while you can in the UK!

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Contemporary Ideology Forum hosts Dr D. Parr on the Precautionary Principle

29-10-2004 11:37

Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist of Greenpeace, will be talking the Precautionary Principle in relation to new technologies, GMOs, nanotechnology and wind power. He will argue that the Precautionary Principle can be applied in all these cases, but this can still lead to differing positions on what to do. This is because underlying some of these judgements is a differing set of values. He will attempt to draw out how this relates to three sets of people: (a) Greenpeace, (b) "the public" and (c) "the establishment" (both scientififc and political). His presentation will also draw out, with examples, how difficult it is for certain arguments to be heard which amounts to little better than censorship.

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Protest Against Custody Deaths! Saturday

29-10-2004 11:34

Sixth Annual Remembrance Procession
Saturday 30th October 2004
Meet at Trafalgar Square, Central London Assemble at 12.30pm.
Nearest tube: Charing Cross

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Dirty tricks campaign against animal rights movement

29-10-2004 10:49

Is the animal rights movement the victim of a dirty tricks operation as the government seeks to appease big businss by supporting oppressive use of the Harassment Act to stifle all forms of legitimate protest?

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Analysis: "Inside and outside ESF 2004"

29-10-2004 09:40

Territory and Deterritory: Inside and outside the ESF 2004, new movement subjectivities

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£1m goodbye for "Hanging Judge"

29-10-2004 09:39

This weeks Schnews's "and finally" section tells us that, following a year of leave, Roger Davies, the "Hanging Judge of Horseferry Road", has resigned, with his index linked pension intact. They calculate he stands to make up to £1m from the deal. Mayday will never be the same again. I'm sure a number of Indymedia readers will join me in wishing Roger a happy retirement .........

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An Islamic Iraq?

29-10-2004 08:56

Bush has said he would grudgingly accept Islamic rule in Iraq if it were the result of open and fair elections.

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A Nuclear-Free Iran

29-10-2004 08:55

the Islamic Republic of Iran has recently met with Britain, France and Germany to discuss its nuclear aims.

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13 year old girl sentenced to death by stoning in Iran

29-10-2004 08:54

Zhila and Bakhtiar Izadi were both imprisoned by the Islamic regime of Iran for reportedly having sexual relations with each other. Zhila recently gave birth to their baby and was then sentenced to death by stoning. The outrage that followed forced the Islamic regime of Iran to retreat and state that they were given ‘alternative’ punishments instead.

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29-10-2004 08:24

A climate of censorship and repression still clings to modern Greece, and reports about the trial of the Coastguard who assaulted Necati modify the facts quite freely and continue to undermine Necati's credibility. This is in line with earlier actions that tried to styop him testifying at all. It is a shame!

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Apartheid Palestine in the post Arrafat era

29-10-2004 06:53

The situation in Palestinian areas is similar to apartheid South Africa

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PEACE JUKEBOX: free anti-war MP3s

29-10-2004 06:30

Peace Jukebox control panel
Online music Jukebox playing anti-war songs free

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Art of War : Neo-Con Agenda

29-10-2004 05:50

War Machine
Neo-Con Agenda

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RNC Redux: An Anarchist Analysis of RNC 2004

29-10-2004 02:59

An anarchist analysis by a faction of the infamous CrimethInc
collective of the events of the RNC 2004, focusing on the organizing
and direct action aspects of the protests and what it means
for the future of direct action in the United States.

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Why the Afghan Election Has No Credibility.

29-10-2004 01:43

The Afghan election has no credibility for the simple fact that instead of counting the ballots at the precincts where the Afghan people voted the organizers of the election - the U.S. government - decided to do what they did in the Batista election in Cuba prior to the Cuban revolution. They decided to move the ballot boxes to Kabul citing the need for secure counting.

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Support at Asylum Hearing, Wednesday 3rd

28-10-2004 23:37

In December 2002 with much fanfare, several Algerian men were arrested on terrorism charges in Edinburgh, allegedly for plotting an attack on the Hogmanay celebrations. All the men were innocent, the evidence amounted to a scribbled on tourist map, and now they face deportation.

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28-10-2004 23:34

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. China, Cuba, Netherlands, Germany, and Russia.

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"An European Social Forum in London" PHOTOS REPORTAGE from LondonESF2004

28-10-2004 21:06

320 photos, the days of the ESF, the demonstration against war and the intelligent police of Blair. Things of the other world...

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10/28 UNRWA Gaza Field Assessment of IOF Operation 'Days of Penitence'

28-10-2004 20:32

"This report summarizes the preliminary findings of UNRWA's field assessment of 16 October 2004, in the form of general data and a sector-by-sector review .."

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28-10-2004 20:07

A peace activist who took an axe to a US Navy Plane and prevented its use in the illegal genocide in Iraq was convicted of criminal damage today in Ireland, and faces a lengthy prison sentence when sentenced tomorrow. Urgent solidarity actions encouraged.
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