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UK Newswire Archive

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Solidarity Demo Oakington - Press Release

17-04-2010 12:24

Solidarity demo outside Oakington detention centre this Sunday April 18, 12pm.

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A letter to my father: by the daughter of Western Sahara hunger striker

17-04-2010 10:49

Thawra Ali Salem Tamek, daughter of Ali Salem Tamek, the prominent human rights defender on hunger strike in a Moroccan prison for over a month, writes to her father.

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Gil Scott Heron: Don't play in Tel Aviv

17-04-2010 09:49

Gil Scott Heron was part of the United Artists Against Apartheid in the early 80's.He sang against Apartheid and against artists playing at Sun City (see Shockingly he has a concert date booked in Tel Aviv on 25th May 2010.
We must get the concert cancelled!

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The USA Took My Freedom Away

17-04-2010 01:00

The U.S. Government’s attack on it’s citizens and the Bill of Rights. A Music Video.

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Eyjafjallajoekull - climate activist extraordinaire

16-04-2010 23:44

Here's to an incredible first action ..

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Activists Confront Cambridge Uni Over Animal Tests

16-04-2010 22:57

Activists protest outside after leaving Cambridge Uni's Downing Site
University Vivisection Week of Action – Cambridge Action!

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Obama’s lies about Iran

16-04-2010 20:35

The Peace Prize winner in the White House continues to beat the drums of war with Iran, in perfect synch with the corporate media orchestra. “The New York Times was made privy to what has been called a ‘parlor game,’ of ‘Imagining an Israeli Strike on Iran’” – apparently in the spirit of the old motivational slogan, “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.”

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BP + Tar Sands = Climate Crime – Thu 15 Apr 10

16-04-2010 17:58

A1. More in Common with Indigenous First Nations Folks than British Bosses
Dateline: BP Shareholders Annual General Meeting, ExCel Conference Centre, London, Thu 15 Apr 10 – At the apex of the 'BP Fortnight of Shame', at the entrance to the BP AGM, climate chaos and human rights activists persuade BP shareholders to vote for the FairPensions anti-Tar-Sands motion. Mobilised by the UK Tar Sands Network, Rising Tide and Climate Camp, we let BP shareholders know, in no uncertain terms, that BP + TAR SANDS = CLIMATE CRIME.

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Anti-BNP rallies

16-04-2010 14:36

Two anti-BNP rallies are to be held in West Kent on Saturday (17th April)

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Bristol Election Debate - Venue Leaked - Mass Demo Mobilising Now

16-04-2010 14:09

The Evening Post today handed us the information we've been waiting for with eager ears. A live TV debate between the three major political leaders (Brown, Cameron and Clegg) will take place at 4:00PM on the 22nd of April. The venue, which was announced today, is: The Mercure Hotel, Redcliffe Hill, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6SQ.

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Quiet corruption'?: The World Bank on Africa

16-04-2010 12:32

The 'Africa Development Indicators 2010' report, with its emphasis on the 'quiet corruption' of public sector workers supposedly not fulfilling their roles, is the latest attempt by the World Bank to wash its hands of its primary role in Africa's continuing impoverishment, writes Yash Tandon.

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Vigil for Western Sahara hunger strikers: BBC documentary-maker speaks out

16-04-2010 12:28

Campaigners gather in central London to call for the release of 6 hunger striking human rights defenders

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MOPG PR 53) Minorca Opencast Decision now postponed until the Summer

16-04-2010 12:11

This press release give details of the new July date for Leicestershire County Council to decide on the Minorca application and some initial reactions to the postponement.from the Minorca Opencast Protest Group

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Emergency, Bita Ghaedi arrested this morning.

16-04-2010 10:34

Bita Campaigning in Downing Street.
This morning (16th April 2010) at 7am, nine police and UK Border agency officers broke into Bita Ghaedi's home and forcibly arrested her. She has been removed to the infamous Yarls Wood detention centre and has been scheduled to be removed to Iran on 20th April 2010. If this removal is successful, the British Government will have condemned this woman to certain death.

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“Because animal abuse is everywhere”. City-wide days of action in Kiel and Notts

16-04-2010 01:06

The 10th Animal Liberation North Demo in Kiel, Germany saw a break from the conventional single march format and an experiment with multiple simultaneous actions in the city. Below we discuss some of the advantages and limitations of such a model. Feel free to add your thoughts.

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Open letter to UK Defence Minister: Free Joe Glenton now

15-04-2010 22:51

conscientious objector Joe Glenton at an anti-war protest, London, October 2009
Joe Glenton is an ordinary, decent man who committed his life to the defense of his country only to find himself participating in an aggressive war against a poor and far-off country that has neither the resources nor the will to be any threat to his own country. He is now being criminalized for his unwillingness to participate in an illegal, immoral war and for speaking out against the actions of criminals with power.

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Oil, Violence and Social Movements in Colombia

15-04-2010 21:55

Key Guest: Bruno Federico.
Bruno is part of COSPACC*, a Colombian collective that works with
communities in the region where BP operate for oil.
He will explore questions around energy sovereignty, control of natural
resources and what this might look like practically for the environmental
movement in the North-West, in the context of global climate change.

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Gunshots after president Kaczynski's plane crash!

15-04-2010 21:28

Polish Internet explodes from gossips after one of the videos recorded directly after the crash leaked into Internet. Commentators say they recognize shots, and, at least 3 gun shots are audible. Recorded voices (in Russian) according to them proove of some action of armed people directly after the catastrophe occured.

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Local activists protest circus cruelty

15-04-2010 20:30

Evening circus demo
Local activists protest circus cruelty
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