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UK Newswire Archive

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No TAV - Anonymous hack the website of the prison of Turin Italy

14-02-2012 12:00

Sketchy google translation - After national raids and jailing of people in the mountain battle against the European train link in Italy NO TAV, the hacker group Anonymous shut down the website and replace the official blaa blaa with the following message---

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Calling All Sheffield Anarchists

14-02-2012 11:00

Discussion on setting up a Sheffield Wide Class Struggle Anarchist Group

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Dodgy Relationships- Nuclear Intimacy

13-02-2012 22:55

Dodgy relationships bought with millions of pounds of taxpayers money and promoting the nuclear agenda grow more blatent day by day.  The nuclear corruption of Cumbria's decision makers could of course be a horrid series of coincidences that remain unchallenged and unreported on, it is surely too blatent to be a conspiracy?  

Lord Clark non executive director of Sellafield is on a salary 'not in the public domain' he is also chair of the Lake District National Park Partnership. Lake District National Park meetings chaired by Lord Clark reveal a bias as he talks up the safety and economic importance of Sellafield and new nuclear developments while playing down the risks.  

Under his chairmanship the LDNPA SUPPORTS dangerous new build (9 new reactors) at Sellafield and is going merrily along on  'steps towards geological disposal' of high level nuclear waste under Cumbria. As well as Lord Clark's salary as a non executive director of Sellafield, the LDNPA itself is in reciept of money from Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely (MRWS). Government has drastically cut the LDNPA's budget and is now filtering taxpayers money to the Lake District National Park from MRWS ( a government quango set up to promote a geological dump in Cumbria).

Everyone has their price?

More on the Nuclearisation of Cumbria

Cumbria Tourism Eric Robson  - good old Uncle Eric, the countryman that everyone loves is the Chair of Cumbria Tourism and part owner of Osprey Communications the PR Team given the government contract to push the nuclear dump (Eric is featured in the book 'When the Water Flows' as 'the voice.'  Free to view here:  t


Made in Cumbria and the Chamber of Commerce now funded by the arms and nuclear industry


Don't forget the slush fund....


More on Lord Clark



The Bishop of Carlisle (i.e. Cumbria) was making pronuclear pronouncements supporting new build and geological dump - even before his enthronement at Carlisle Cathedral.


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Brilliant Advert For Anti Fascism In Bradford

13-02-2012 22:42

excellent coverage

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Picket Atos Glasgow Fri. 17th Feb. 4pm

13-02-2012 21:29

Picket Atos
Friday 17th February 2012
Atos Medical Assessment Centre,
Corunna House,
29 Cadogan Street,
Glasgow G2 7AB.

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Diaz G8 Genoa 2001 takes the Berlin Film Festival by storm....

13-02-2012 17:53

Arriving in Berlin for the Berlinale, it was with trepidation and excitement that i was thrown into the core of the Film Festival. As one of the victims from Diaz, i had waited a long time to meet the cast of Domenico Procacci's Diaz: Don't Clean Up This Blood and also to see the film for the first time.

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ISSE opposes extradition of UK student Richard O’Dwyer

13-02-2012 17:07

On February 7, the International Students for Social Equality held a meeting on campus to oppose the deportation to the United States of Sheffield Hallam University student Richard O’Dwyer.

O’Dwyer is facing a maximum 10 years in prison on charges of copyright infringement. The meeting was addressed by Julie Hyland, assistant national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party and attended by a number of students and lecturers.

A second meeting will be held Tuesday, February 21, at 5:30 p.m., to continue the campaign in O’Dwyer’s defence.

Below we publish Hyland’s remarks.

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New anti-fascist resource site!!!

13-02-2012 15:43

The Anti-Fascist Archive is devoted to hosting anti-fascist materials from the past

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Directions to the new camp at Hinkley Point power station

13-02-2012 15:15

Directions to new Hinkley camp
Directions to the new camp at Hinkley Point power station

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G4S get bigger role in policing.

13-02-2012 11:18

The FT reported yesterday that G4S has won a contract to build and run custody suites in Lincolnshire. This is hailed as a new thing, but actually G4S have been running custody suites for a while, including all those in South Wales.

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Hinkley Occupied Again

13-02-2012 11:04

occupy hinkley
Protesters have occupied land proposed for a new nuclear power station for the second time in a week.

Anti-nuclear activists moved into an abandoned site near Hinkley Point, Somerset, early yesterday.

Protesters are angry that permission has been given by West Somerset Council for clearance work for a new power station to begin before developer EDF Energy has won permission to build its controversial new nuclear plant.

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Greece is Just the Beginning - Resistance All Across Europe

13-02-2012 08:55

Even though we will not meet on the same streets, we, the Greek young people from abroad, unite our voices with the millions of unemployed, students, and strikers who are engaged in a life-and-death battle to overthrow the Greek government and the outrageous austerity measures it imposes.

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Solidarity with the Greek People

13-02-2012 02:55

Demonstrate in solidarity with the Greek people

It was in Greece that the concept of democracy - rule by the people - was born.  Now the Greek people are bravely protesting against the government in Athens which is trying to impose  extreme austerity measures on them in order to bail out the international bankers, as supported by politicians and governments throughout the European Union.

The Greek people are showing the way forward.  Tell the capitalist bankers and their politicians to fuck off.  Let us demonstrate in solidarity with our Greek brothers and sisters.

Assemble in Old Market Square, Nottingham at 18.00 onwards on Tuesday, 14th. February.  We will:

1. Express our militant solidarity with the Greek people.

2. Demand that the Con/LibDem Goverment abandon their austerity programme.

3.  Demand that Labour Nottingham City Council ditch their cuts budget.

4.  Hold an open democratic forum to discuss how we can effectively deal with our home-grown oppressors and exploiters in Britain.

Are you up for it?  Spread the word, inform your contacts. Bring banners, placards,etc.. Be there.

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Glasgow Anarchist Meeting Wed. 15th Feb. 7.30pm Govanhill

12-02-2012 23:40

Wednesday 15th February 7.30pm-9.30pm

Govanhill Neighbourhood Centre, Daisy Street.

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Edinburgh in Solidarity with Striking Workers in Greece

12-02-2012 20:55

Their solidarity with the struggle of Greek workers strike against austerity measures demonstrated students and workers, members of the Realdemocracy now!, who made a solidarity gathering outside the city council of Endinburgh, yesterday. Their banner which beared the slogan: 

From Scotland to Greece
No Justice = No Peace
Solidarity with workers

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Final chance to save our UK squats

12-02-2012 20:55

It is time for squatters to act NOW to save squatting with the House of Lords having their committee stage this Wednesday.


"The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill which includes Clause 130, added at the last-minute, to criminalise squatting in residential buildings is currently passing through the Lords," said Squash on its website


"The bill is at the committee stage, which means the Lords will gradually read through every clause in the Bill, and discuss any amendments to each clause. Any Lord can join the debate, and any Lord can table an amendment. Every amendment will be discussed.

"Unlike MPs, Lords don’t have constituents. This means that anyone is allowed to contact any Lord – but it’s not always easy. We have produced a briefing for Lords, and have been busy contacting as many sympathetic Lords as we can lay our hands on.

"So far two amendments we support have been proposed by some Lords. The first, would strike the clause entirely and the second, tabled by John Mcdonnell MP and Homeless Charity Crisis previously in the Commons, states that any new law only covers residential property left empty for less than 6 months," said SQUASH.

We now need your help

If you can help us brief the Lords, email and we will send you our briefing, a template letter and details of a Lord for you to contact.

Please take a minute or three to fight for our freespaces. If only 1% of all UK squatters responded to this call we should have at least 300 people to change the Lords' opinions. Already some Lords have declared their support for squatting; it is time to show them they are not alone and we really care.

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Dr Phil Hammond: 'Killing The Nation', Lansley & McKinsey Inject Poison Into NHS

12-02-2012 18:07

McKinsey is already benefiting from contracts worth undisclosed millions with GPs arising from the Bill. It has earned at least £13.8 million from Government health policy since the Coalition took office – and the Bill opens up most of the current £106 billion NHS budget to the private sector, with much of it likely to go to McKinsey clients.

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Live coverage from Greece today's manifestations

12-02-2012 16:55

Demonstrations in Greece continue today after three days of strikes and manifestations. Hundred thousand citizens are protesting in Athens, Thessaloniki and all big cities of Greece against the new load agreement that is going to be voted at the Parliament this evening.

Live coverage from Greece today's manifestations


18.00 : Molotof and chemical ..Conflicts at Amali avenue with Vasileos Georgiou.

17.54 : One injured demonstrator. Extensive use of gas bombs in Vas Amalia avenue.

17.49 : One policeman injured. Conflicts at Vas. Sofias avenue and Panepistimiou street.

17.41 : Broad intervention of riot police at Syntagma square with gas bombs.

17.26 : Hundreds of thousands of protesters this time in the streets around Syntagma square.

17.20 : Thousands of people in protest at Syntagma square. In progress the demonstration of PAME at Omonoia square.

17.05 : Blocks of organized protesters arrive continuously at the demonstrations gathering places.

16.35 : People are already gathering at Syntagma square. Amalia avenue and Stadiou street are closed. Fences have been installed by powerful police forces.

16.25 : Half an hour before the official appointment of trade unions, organizations, parties and citizens in the Syntagma square hundreds of protesters have allready gathered.



17.48 More than 10.000 protesters now in Thessaloniki.

17.26 : According to first estimates the demonstration in Thessaloniki has 7000 protesters and the number continues to grow. Protesters are at Aristotle's Square.

17.08 : A large number of people gathered in front of the Olympion theater at Thessaloniki.

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Boycott Workfare meeting in Kings Heath, 7th March

12-02-2012 15:44

Poundland and Asda are just two of the high street names using unpaid labour sent on mandatory "work experience" placements from the job centre. These placements are full time, and can last for up to 6 months. Meanwhile, people are finding hours cut or paid jobs lost, as companies use people on workfare schemes for free.
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