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UK Newswire Archive

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N5! Resist the Meeting of the International Elite!! (November 5,6)

25-10-2004 17:16

Remember, remember the 5th of November

A couple of groups connected to the Dissent! Network are calling for action against the "Rule Making in Global Capital Markets" conference to be held in Wilton PArk house in Styning from 5th-6th November 2004.

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25-10-2004 17:05

Despite resistance from the Home Office, the Public Inquiry into the racist murder of the Asian teenager, Zahid Mubarek at Feltham YOI will start on Thursday 18th November 2004 at 10am. The Inquiry is expected to last for at least twelve weeks, ending sometime at the end of February 2005 and will hear evidence from a range critical witnesses including from Zahid’s family, prison officers and managers as well as experts.

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25-10-2004 15:55

Commanders of five separate guerrilla groups in Fallujah said they were not holding Mrs Hassan and had seen no evidence that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's organisation had kidnapped her.

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ALERT -Arms dealers in Piccadily !!!!!!

25-10-2004 13:49

Ello, ello, ello
A group of activists disrupted a session of the 4th "uninhabited combat air vehicles" (UCAVs)Conference, being held at the Cafe Royal, Piccadily today and tomorrow. There was one arrest, of a man who was punched by security. Activists will be assembling outside the Cafe Royal from 5pm to say goodnight to the dealers in death as they leave after their "networking drinks reception"

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The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and TfL

25-10-2004 13:21

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 extends the public's right to access information held by public authorities. One organisation that falls under the act is TfL, which manages public transport within London. When the act comes fully into force on January 1st 2005, TfL may be forced to release some information that it has covertly recorded about its users' movements.

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STUPIDITY plays tonight, tomorrow in OXFORD

25-10-2004 13:18

The popular Bush-bashing and groundbreaking documentary Stupidity plays Oxford.

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MEP's stand firm on Buttliglione+OutRage! Dossier.

25-10-2004 12:23

Euro MEP's stand firm against the appointment of Rocco Buttligione as EU justice commisssioner as gay rights groups OutRage! releases 'dossier' on his record.

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So How's Bush and Blair's War Going? NOT GOOD !!!

25-10-2004 12:21

The Americans are losing this war....or should one say, this war is already lost?

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World Vegan Day, free vegan food!

25-10-2004 12:18

World Vegan Day is on the 1st November and to celebrate, Manchester Animal Protection are holding the 3rd of their wonderful free vegan food days! On Saturday, 30th October, from 11am-3pm, at the Friend's Meeting House, behind the Central Library, Manchester city centre. Open for all to come and delight in the guilt-free pleasures of animal-free food.

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Israeli conscientious objectors come to Oxford - Nov 2nd

25-10-2004 11:46

2 Israeli conscientious objectors, imprisoned for refusing military service in the occupied territories, will speak at Mansfield College Chapel, Mansfield Road at 8.00pm on November 2nd.

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Campaign to learn from

25-10-2004 11:35

The most powerful campaign group in the UK?

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ESF Arrest Pictures from Backstage at Rally (17th oct)

25-10-2004 11:23

Pictures of the arrest of one of the people from the esf organising committee backstage at the rally in Traf Sq at the end of the ESF demonstration.

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BEYOND ESF - quick report

25-10-2004 11:13

BEYOND ESF was a success in my opinion, organised by a small group in relied on self-organisation and particiaption to make it happen.

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Strawberry producers put Herefordshire under a polytunnel

25-10-2004 10:29

Large-scale Strawberry producers in Herefordshire, are exploiting planning legislation to erect hundreds of acres of polytunnels without planning permission. This practice destroyes the environment, local wildlife, and the rural landscape. It also impacts on peoples homes, and those who depend on tourism for a living.

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Wildcat Construction Worker Strikes Brewing Up and Down the Country

25-10-2004 10:16

Strike Action Brewing Over the Laing O'Rourke 'Contrick'

Workers employed by construction giant Laing O'Rourke are refusing the company's new pay and conditions deal. Under the new contract or 'contrick' as it has been renamed by workers, pay will be halved, bonuses will be decided by management, a day off must be planned 40 days in advance and holiday pay could be cut by £20 per day for each worker.
Management has told workers they will be sacked if they do not sign.
Construction union UCATT (Union of Construction, Allied Trades and
Technicians) has told workers to sign the contract despite there having been no ballot and no full viewing of the contract itself. GMB (General Municipal and Boilermakers Union) has also been barred off the site, in contravention of construction industry agreements.

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Autonomous Study Project in Cambridge

25-10-2004 08:45

In the next week, members of the Cambridge Action Network
( ) will be forming a group to study topics
connected with various social struggles both locally and around the world.

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US casinos promised tax breaks - The poor get 50p rise

25-10-2004 08:32

The ever ugly face of greed driven New Labor, How Blair worships the rich,
and trahes the poor

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Diego Garciams at High Court tomorrow, Mon-40 odd homeless at Gatwick airport, N

24-10-2004 23:17

40 odd British 'nationals' from our colony of Diego Garcia - Chagos archipelago/British Indian Ocean Territories - have been camping out at Gatwick airport for several weeks since some were kicked out of Sussex council BandB. On Monday they are in the high court in London, something to do with demanding the right to be sent home I think!
What can you do to help them???

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respect do they?

24-10-2004 22:57

I found an amusing thread on urban75
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