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UK Newswire Archive

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Bonn CJA meeting / Klimacamp / Climate Wave and associated actions

22-06-2010 11:36

Here's a short report back from Bonn, the CJA meeting, the Klimacamp, Climate Wave and associated actions. Written for other purposes but posted here to share.

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6th July Media Debate / GLA Intervention

22-06-2010 11:33

'Amazing!' Performance and AGON Debate

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Tom Holmes = Islamophobe

22-06-2010 11:01

Recently BNP activist and sad loser Tom Holmes has been in the news after he expressed disgusting views on his Facebook rofile and slagged off his fellow workers. He of course denied the accusations, claiming not to bbe a racist. We all know this is bollocks, as the following shows (caution, contains link to Geert Wilders shitty Fitna video)

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Democracy village, Press Release

22-06-2010 10:58

The case of Boris Johnson vs Democracy Village at the High Court
Tony Benn’s testimony for the defence, Jun 21

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100 Filipino Organizations ask Aquino: Adopt pro-poor agenda

22-06-2010 10:48

MANILA, Philippines—Some 100 non-government organizations from all over the country under the umbrella network of Kampanya para sa Makataong Pamumuhay (KAMP or Dignified Life for All Campaign) are asking incoming President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to adopt their pro-poor agenda.

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Brighton Demo in support of migrants

22-06-2010 10:02

On Saturday 19th June 2010 60 protestors took to the streets of Brighton to demand the UKBA stopped repressing migrants.

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Information about the World Cup

22-06-2010 09:54

Extensive online archive of WC related material
Analysis, News, pic, links & more,40,5,2037

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300th British Soldier Dies - Naming The Dead [2]

22-06-2010 09:22

Another tragic landmark has been passed with the 300th British soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. They are now dying at a rate of one every two days in a war which is clearly aimless and unwinnable.
Thousands of Afghans have also been killed since the US and British invasion in 2001.

The average age of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan is 22. Two hundred soldiers have been killed in their twenties and 31 teenagers are among the death toll. (SEE )

Bristol Stop The War Coalition will be holding a 'Naming The Dead' ceremony on Thursday 24th June from 5pm to 6pm on the Centre (opposite the Hippodrome). We will read the names of Afghan and British dead.

Please circulate this information as widely as possible and try to support this event

Reasons to bring the troops home now:

For more information email

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Friday, June 25th KFA pickets at South Korean and US Embassies

22-06-2010 08:28

Dear Peace and Progressive Organisations,
The History Society of the DPRK makes the important point that the massacres, war crimes and genocides practiced by barbaric US imperialism and the satellite "UN Forces". against the Korean people between 1950-1953, put the atrocities of the Hitler Nazi clique into the shade.

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West Glasgow Against Poverty Open Day

21-06-2010 22:22

We are West Glasgow Against Poverty (WestGAP), a long-established, independent, community-based anti-poverty charity and we are opening our doors for the launch of WestGAP 100, our new community fundraising initiative. We are based in Partick but have a city-wide reach - our advice service accepts clients regardless of where they are from and we campaign and educate on poverty issues with a much wider salience.

We operate a very busy advice service, one of the few left in the west of the city as others have been hit by savage cuts to advice providers. Unlike others, we rely wholly on unpaid volunteers and have managed to survive. Unfortunately, we are now feeling the financial strain too. The charitable trusts, foundations and grant-making bodies who we've relied on to help cover our running costs over the past 12 years have all been badly affected by the greed of bankers and the current economic situation. Many of these funding streams have dried up and we are now turning to the wider community and asking for your support to help sustain our work, which is now even more vital as job and public service cuts mean more and more ordinary people are beginning to feel the pinch.

Our WestGAP 100 drive is to find 100 groups or individuals willing to donate £20 per month, which would cover all our running costs and other expenses. This would mean we are sustainable in the long-term and rather than continually chase our tails trying to find funding we could concentrate on fighting poverty. We would of course also greatly appreciate any financial support so donations - one-off or monthly standing order - would be very welcome. Likewise, we are looking for groups, individuals and businesses who would like to adopt us as a chosen charity and run marathons, bungee jump or run events or raffles for us. If you want to help (or find out more) please come along to our Open Day on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you.

For more info about WestGap:
Website (a work-in-progress):
Tel: 0141 342 4343

read more

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Italian Mafia in London the case of Niki Gatti

21-06-2010 22:03

Just short of four years to the day since the death of Niki Gatti in Solicciano max security prison (Florence) Elio Lannutti an Italian Senator is asking questions. We are talking telcommunications scam, involving Italy, San Marino, Switzerland with the monies being laundered in the most civilised and polite manner by upper crust british gentlemen from such well to do places as Lincolns Inn and various temples.

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Kebele sound fundraiser

21-06-2010 21:22

Spanner (militant ska punk from Bristol) meet Kilnaboy (frenzied folk punk), with Black Rainbow, Drugray, Krakpotkin and Brass Bandit playing all things from beats and bass to ragga and bonkers Balkan. The Plough, Kilburn Street, Easton, Bristol. 9pm til late. £3 / £4.
Well, it's about time we did one for our sound system, innit?! Kebele sound does it for the love of it, in the spirit of solidarity and partying with purpose! After a few years of non stop PA and volunteer crew providing, helping raise funds for a host of activist groups and good causes in Bristol, we find ourselves more than a bit financially embarassed. So, what better way to raise some much needed funds for yer favourite anarchist sound system than a night of uproar courtesy of KSC and friends, at our local venue of choice, the long suffering Plough! You know it makes sense.

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21-06-2010 20:58

Protesters in Oakland Cal. successfully block unloading of an Israeli ship (Zim Line) in protest over the blockade of Gaza & attack on the Free Gaza flotilla.

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Bend It Like Imperialism! The World Cup 1, African Liberation Nil

21-06-2010 19:59

So many Black American entertainers and luminaries flocked to the World Cup opening ceremonies in South Africa, one veteran activist was prompted to remark that "these folks are crossing the picket line." It is a line that separates South Africa's poor Black majority from the real beneficiaries of the "gold" - "the soccer elites of FIFA, the elites of domestic and international corporate capital and the political elites who are making billions and who will be benefiting at the expense of the poor."

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Stoke's Croft Community Library Opens

21-06-2010 19:22

The new occupied library on Stoke's Croft (opposite the freeshop) is now open, between around midday and 6pm on thursday to saturday - and randomly at other times throughout the week.
Drop in to borrow from our excellent selection of radical books, or to browse our extensive collection of zines - yours for a small donation to our costs!

Or, drop off your old, unwanted books 24 hours a day via our Secure Book Deposit Box, which may look like a normal letter box but is actually the height of literary reception technology.

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European Union considering giving 'aid' to Israeli Military.

21-06-2010 18:53

When is enough weapons enough?
A leading Israeli supplier of warplanes used to kill and maim civilians in Gaza is in the running for two new scientific research grants from the European Union.

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Independence FROM America Day, July 4, at Menwith Hill

21-06-2010 18:44

Mark Thomas at Menwith Hill July 4th
Come and join Mark Thomas and friends at THE Independence gig of the year. With live music, great company and good food.

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Palestien Today 06 21 2010

21-06-2010 16:16

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Thursday, June 21 2010

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Dallas Court attacked by migrant solidarity protestors

21-06-2010 15:12

Manchester and Salford’s immigration reporting centre for people seeking asylum was attacked in the early hours of this morning by protestors. A group broke into the car park at Dallas Court where they sabotaged the vehicles used by the UK Border Agency’s infamous ’snatch squads’.
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