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UK Newswire Archive

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George Bush: A Menace To World Peace

05-10-2003 18:47

Think deeply on this, ask yourself where do we stop these madmen. Iraq may be the only place to stop this madness. Every nation that desires freedom and democracy must resist the Bush Junta's pressure to participate. The welfare of the world may well rest in the tying down the US army in the soil of Iraq, at least until Bush can be removed from powe

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Cambridge traffic set to worsen - Transport 2000 campaign

05-10-2003 17:29

On Tue 30 Sept 2003 a public inquiry started into a proposal to dual the A428
which runs westward from Cambridge.

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Demonstration for the Thessaloniki Hunger Strikers

05-10-2003 16:36

Simon, Carlos, Fernando, Spiros, Kastro and two greek juveniles are now on hunger strike for their freedom. Kastro has been on hunger strike since Sunday, September 21st. The rest collectively followed today, Sunday October 5th.

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Anti-GM activists off their trolleys?

05-10-2003 16:34

On Saturday 4th October 2003, anti-GM activists set off from Totnes in Devon to cycle to London for the Tractor + Trolley event on Monday 13th October, on a bike ride that will take them via several GM-related locations, spreading the word that the majority of the British public do not want GM crops in the UK.

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International Demonstrator Count for 27th Sept

05-10-2003 12:56

One day we'll have a site I'm sure, but in the mean time, here's my work on 27th September figures worldwide. The figure currently stands at 230,450 from 18 demos; 40 demos uncounted.
Methodology: Basically IraqBodyCounts's Maximum figure method.

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Thessaloniki Solidarity Demo

05-10-2003 12:18

This morning a successful action - in solidarity with the Thessaloniki Prison Hunger Strike - was carried out on Tower Bridge, opposite the box containing the starving man (more fool him...)

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Anti EU Summit protests: timeline

05-10-2003 12:12

Timeline of the protests in Rome on October 4th.

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ISM Press Release: Israelis & Internationals Protect Arafats Compound

05-10-2003 12:04

For Immediate Release
Sunday, October 5, 2003 0200(+2GMT)

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05-10-2003 06:40

The Project is an effort to launch a new website that will monitor conflicts around the world. is intended to serve as a hub to major links relevant to articles on conflicts located world-wide. is proud to participate in an effort to help fund the Project:

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USA: Land of free Arab-hating (by Latuff)

05-10-2003 00:36

American hate flag
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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East Anglian peace activists conference

04-10-2003 23:35


A conference to bring together peace activists in the East Anglian region

Are you campaigning or wanting to campaign for peace?

Are you wondering "Where do we go from here?"

Would you like to be in touch with other groups in this area?

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Breaking the Silence

04-10-2003 23:27

A hard hitting special report into the "war on terror"

By award winning journalist John Pilger

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04-10-2003 22:49

How the hell can you be a socialist if you are rich? I say to Rick Tomlinson can you give me some money because I am poor? I’ve met Tomlinson and I’ve met Hatton. Two guys who used their notoriety and infamy to put themselves into the public eye.

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Heavy repression against anti- EU summit protestors in Rome

04-10-2003 20:34

Today tens of thousends of protestors marched through Rome opposing the EU Summit that was taking place to discuss the European Constitution.

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Brits pop at Sky in Roma

04-10-2003 19:26

Travelling UK indymedia posse joined an international media activist action out side the Sky Studios building in Roma to protest at media monopolies and new legislation in Italy...

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Thousands demonstrate in Barcelona in defense of squatted Social Centres

04-10-2003 18:56

The first international squatters demonstration in history is taking place today Saturday 4th October in downtown Barcelona. This demonstration is part of the "Forthnight of Struggle" called by the Squatters Assembly of Barcelona, to defend the city's occupied social centres and autonomous spaces, as well as against the property speculation that Barcelona is currently going through due to the upcoming Forum2004 - a 6 months long series of official cellebrations, and corporate funded gentrification of some seafront areas of the city.

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The unreported driveby shooting

04-10-2003 16:02

Poor Iraqis trying to feed their starving children and in the melee another man who got the only job available in Iraq for Iraqis -- guarding the invading pigscum's interests is shot dead in cold blood.

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Bush visit

04-10-2003 15:35

Can we

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**McDonald's invites you to look behind the scenes!!** (doors open 18th Oct)

04-10-2003 14:51

I saw this advert in the Guardian's Weekend Magazine. It appeared half way through the Michael Moore interview(!)

The text was as follows:

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New Bristol Youth Music Project

04-10-2003 14:27

Bristol Music Mentoring is a new youth music project being run by the Youth Music Action Zone under the Remix banner. It will provide aspiring teenage musicians with FREE access to advice, coaching and tuition from Music Industry Professionals. Participants will also have access to recording studios and the opportunity to gain experience in related areas such as engineering, journalism, management and production.

The Project will be launched at the Victoria Rooms on Queens Road on Wednesday the 22nd of October (7.15pm for 7.30pm) with performances and talks from local musicians and industry workers including the fabulous Jane Taylor.

YMAZ would appreciate any kind of publicity for the Project, particularly publicity in advance of the Launch Night in order to maximise attendance. Teachers, Youth Workers, Press and Musicians are all invited along with all Bristol teenagers who aspire to a career in the music industry.

Programme Contacts:

James Hutchinson (YMAZ) Remix Co-ordinator 07876795014

Theo Berry (Music Editor, Decode) Volunteer Co-ordinator 07881408844
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