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UK Newswire Archive

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Australian government presses ahead with plans to dominate East Timor

21-06-2006 01:05

Compel Alkatiri to make that decision
Neither Horta nor his Australian backers want to test this “tremendous support” at elections due next year. “The problem is, obviously, can the country afford the next six months, the next nine months of this continued pressure on the prime minister to resign?” Horta asked. “Can we afford this increasing loss of credibility of the government and the poor image of the country? Or should the prime minister say, ‘Well, I step aside in the interests of my own party. It seems that I am a liability to my own party, if not the country’.” The threat of criminal charges is obviously designed to compel Alkatiri to make that decision.

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Big noise to hit Britain's immigration reporting centres this Thursday

20-06-2006 20:10

The last BIG NOISE demo
Newcastle based group Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) is coordinating a National Day of Action against Home Office reporting centres and detention camps in Britain on Thursday, 22nd June.

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Berkely Cinema Workers Vote IWW

20-06-2006 19:38

Union Wins Landslide Victory
Cinema Workers Pull
Through with Vote for The IWW

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MATILDA - Yorkshire Forward Witness Statement

20-06-2006 19:17

Yorkshire Forward - Surveyors Witness Statement

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Royal Dutch Shell unsuccessful attempt to halt Ogoni U.S. Class Action

20-06-2006 18:23

The latest news on a U.S. class action lawsuit brought against Royal Dutch Shell by the Ogoni people of Nigeria.

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Remember Des Warren - Justice for the Shrewsbury Pickets

20-06-2006 18:14

3pm, Saturday 5 August 2006 at the Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool

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Smithdown Against Demolition formed in Liverpool

20-06-2006 17:33

On July 11, 2006 the issue of the unnecessary Compulsory Purchase Orders for our homes and businesses went to Public Inquiry. For those of you who have been to public meetings and been told by the council and their partners that these houses are definitely coming down - this is a lie. This is their preferred option, which will be decided by Public Inquiry, and then by Ruth Kelly MP, for the Government.

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Neoliberal Geo-Politics

20-06-2006 17:08

In truth, the war on Iraq is lost. Military commanders in the field admit this in reports to the Pentagon. In truth, American miltiary power cannot contain the growing violence. War is part of neoliberalism since profit maximization is the supreme and unquestioned goal.

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Palestine Today

20-06-2006 16:59

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Tuesday June 20th, 2006

One child injured in an explosion of an unidentified object in Tubas, Army arrests one resident from Bier Al Basha village south of Jenin and arrests 6 residents from Tulkarem, Israeli Army stationed in Hebron attack one child while settlers injure one resident. Army uproots scores of olive trees in Sebastiya village near Nablus and invades Nablus and Balata refugee camp yet again
The Israeli air force shells a blacksmith's workshop in Gaza, while the resistance fire 4 home made shells at the Israeli town of Sedorot.

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE? necati zontul torture trial without witness or testimony!

20-06-2006 16:46

necati zontul and front cover torture cartoon film "My big fat greek... welcome"
(I think we should point out that both the writer and the victim of these dreadful incidents have been Oxford residents for the last few years, so it is legitimate for them to publish to Oxford Indymedia. eileen)
Necati was raped and tortured by Greek coastguards on the island of Crete in 2001, while an immigration detainee. Today, 5 years after the event, 5 men found guilty in 2004 (though charged with lesser crimes of abuse and sexual assault) remain in uniform. An appeal that we understand will see their acquittal today takes place in the absence of Necati and in the absence of his evidence. Necati's letters to the court have been ignored, and his attempt to telephone the court revealed astonishing bias in favour of the guilty coastguard officers. such is justice in Greece. The Prime Minister's office and the President's office have so far declined to comment.

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Don't let your doctor put you on "The Spine"

20-06-2006 16:36

At the centre of the recent NHS computer debacle is an information system ripe for gross abuse: "The Spine".

You may have to actively opt out of having YOUR medical notes on this system.

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Keep MATILDA Alive!

20-06-2006 16:20

Keep Matilda Alive!

Come to the demonstration outside court this Thursday...

In the last twelve months, MATILDA have turned an abandoned building into a thriving social centre. For a year we have put on performances, film showings and exhibitions, as well as providing much needed working and meeting space for local artists and activists.

This week, we are fighting eviction and will be demonstrating outside court to support those inside.

MATILDA needs your support too! The court case will be heard on:

  • Thursday 22nd June, 10:30am
  • at Sheffield County Court
  • The Law Courts, 50 West Bar, Sheffield, S3 8PH
  • Google Maps

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Iraq: Lies, Deception, and Death… I’ve Seen Enough!

20-06-2006 15:40

Two American soldiers Thomas Tucker of Oregon and Christian Menchaca of my home state of Texas were found dead in Iraq.

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Boycott Yahoo, Microsoft and Google

20-06-2006 15:27

In light of the collaboration of the, profit-first morality second, corporate interests with China to imprison it's own people I have decided to boycott these bastards. I would encourage you to take a stand too and withdraw your support.

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Monthly Index "Critical Theory"

20-06-2006 15:08

Index April-May

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The ugly truth about everyday life in Baghdad (by the US ambassador)

20-06-2006 14:35

FROM: US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, Baghdad
TO: Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State

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Resisting the Neo-liberal City networking event, Sat 24th, Mcr

20-06-2006 14:21

A networking event for individuals and organisations researching and campaigning on issues related to the neo-liberal city : on the processes of capitalist globalisation and the neo-liberal agenda which shapes it.

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PRESS CONFERENCE: Asylum from rape

20-06-2006 13:51

A Refugee Week Event
Asylum from rape:
Three tools in defence of rape survivors' right to international protection

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Climate Camp to target UK's largest power station

20-06-2006 13:47

Yesterday it was announced that the Camp for Climate Action will target Drax, the largest power station in Europe and the single largest emiter of carbon dioxide in the UK.

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Multiple Arrests in Turkmenistan.

20-06-2006 13:21

Turkmenistan is one of the world's most repressive regimes. Recently press attention has fallen on the increased EU trade with the country- in the form of Gas and Textile imports. The Turkmen regime's response has been another crackdown on human rights workers in the country. Many have been arrested on spurious charges and are being held, and tortured, in Turkmen prisons.
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