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UK Newswire Archive

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Moore's-Law End Is Crisis for Econ.-ALSO $150 Computer Exposed

12-05-2006 04:29

This cartoon was in Moore's famous article.
Transistors-per-chip growth (Moore's First Law) is ending (soon, see graph), and it could be very bad for the economy. The good news is that Gordon Moore's Second Law is finally coming into effect. This "forgotten" part of his famous article was about "handy" "sale"-priced computers (see his cartoon).

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Australian Wheat Board inquiry underscores real motivations behind Iraq war

12-05-2006 04:14

The UN “oil-for-food” program
The same is true of the AWB inquiry. Its aim has not been to establish the truth about Australian wheat sales to Iraq, but rather to try to bury the scandal. Australian Prime Minister John Howard chose a trusted acquaintance, Terence Cole, to head the inquiry and ensured its terms of reference were narrowly confined to examining the AWB’s wrongdoing, thus excluding his government’s role in supervising the contracts.

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International Cease and Desist Order

12-05-2006 02:18

Please be forewarned that what I reveal will upset many apple carts and shake a lot of trees, hence the true meaning of the word Apocalypse. Over the last few years I have meticulously produced stunning and comprehensive proof of my assertions because humanity has long been purposely deceived and deluded to deny and oppose the things I am now revealing.

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Free School, Cowley Club, Brighton Saturday 13th & 27th May

12-05-2006 01:05

Guide to weekends activities at the Cowley Club, Brighton, 12/05/06.

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Mersey Councils Invest In Death

12-05-2006 00:28

Councils across Merseyside and Cheshire are pouring more than £28m into the world's largest arms companies - including Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems. As if that wasn't enough, they've also got a £3 million stake in Halliburton - Dick Cheney's favourite oil company!

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Will West Africa be the new Middle East?

11-05-2006 23:40

As the middle east becomes increasingly unstable, and Latin America increasingly unreliable, West African nations, in particular Nigeria, are being viewed as a 'safer' alternative.

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11-05-2006 23:29

a homeless child in Palestine
Please join thousands in signing a petition that may encourage the international community to head off the serious humanitarian crises in Palestine from getting even worse. There is also a link to this on Dr. Marcy Newman’s blog Additional information about the region and political action at
Please copy, e-mail and distribute this as widely as possible.

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German 'Robin Hoods' Give Poor a Taste of the High Life

11-05-2006 23:26

A GANG of anarchist Robin Hood-style thieves, who dress as superheroes and steal expensive food from exclusive restaurants and delicatessens to give to the poor, are being hunted by police in the German city of Hamburg.

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Infousurpa number 23

11-05-2006 22:42

Weekly Independent Poster of Social Centre activitiesTotal Oil AGM Demonstration - Friday 12th at 12.30pm
The regime in Burma recently launched a new military offensive against civilians from the Karen ethnic minority in Burma. More than 11,000 people have been forced from their homes and are hiding in the jungle with no food or medical supplies. Civilians, including children, have been shot, tortured, mutilated and even beheaded. Total is the largest and last significant European investor in Burma. Total Oil’s Yadana gas project is believed to earn the regime between $200m to $450m a year. In addition to the huge revenues Total’s project provides the regime, the companies presence in Burma is influencing French, European Union and British foreign policy on Burma, as France vetoes effective EU sanctions in order to protect Total. Demonstration at Total's Head Office, 33 Cavendish Square, London W1G OPW. Nearest tube is Oxford Circus.

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Business In The Community Annual Conference London – Picket For Help HBOS PLC

11-05-2006 22:29

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Logo Venue For BITC Annual Conference
On 9th May 2006, Vince Shalom of the Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice made a public and peaceful appeal for help at the Business In The Community (BITC) Annual Conference. Held at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London, HBOS PLC was the ‘target’.

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Struggle Is a School: The Rise of a Shack Dwellers’

11-05-2006 22:03

6 Thousand People Have to Use 6 Toilets
The next day the national tabloid, the Citizen, led with a banner headline screaming “6 Thousand People Have to Use 6 Toilets,” and the Durban morning newspaper, the Mercury, led with the march and reported that the chair of the Kennedy Road Development Committee, S’bu Zikode, had affirmed that “if there was no progress soon the protests would be intensified.

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Stephen Colbert: New American Hero

11-05-2006 22:00

His attack was more against the media than the criminal Regime, and in this one speech, he did more than the MSM has in five whole years.

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London Bombs - unanswered questions

11-05-2006 21:57

For links and documentation, please visit the original story link:

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Turkish, Iranian armies build up forces: Response to US Build-Ups & Covert Ops

11-05-2006 21:53

The "Iraq Treatment" proving useless against Iran, it appears that in sending Kurdish Colonial Auxiliaries and Covert Operatives into Iran - funded with money stolen from the Iraqi People - the Bush/PNAC Regime appears to be attempting to create a military crisis along Iraq's border.

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NSA Whistleblower Identified, Threatened by Agency

11-05-2006 21:44

There is an up side to this revelation that the US Government is plugged into all of our communications. Because now that we KNOW this, the government cannot stage another fake terror attack to kick off more wars without the American people calling attention to the NSA phone monitoring being a total and complete failure! Remember this when the people who never admit wrongdoing when the proof is right in front of them claim that they had "inadequate resources" to stop an attack.

Still waiting on the UK whistleblower ...

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London says 'We are all Atenco!'

11-05-2006 18:46

Last week the town of San Salvador Atenco, Mexico, suffered police brutalities as the government attempted to break the community and seize the land. Hundreds were attacked, some killed – the struggle continues. Around the World, people are joining in solidarity with this injustice. We report on London’s protests.

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Listen to Daily Audio Report from Palestine for 11th mat 2006

11-05-2006 18:03



Army arrest ten residents from Nablus, Resident arrested east of Bethlehem, Army invades the West Bank city of Jenin injuring two children and arresting two. Army invade several areas of Hebron and arrests five residents, The army arrest four residents from Al Sheyoukh and Halhol villages near Hebron


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Camp Bling

11-05-2006 16:36

England's only road protest camp

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Climate Change Speaker Series event

11-05-2006 16:03

COIN's Speaker Series returns with an event on climate justice - 'will climate change destroy any hope of equality for the worlds poorest people?'. Andrew Simms of NEF and Maria Adebowale of Capacity Global speak at Ruskin College, Thursday 18th May, 7-9 pm. Entry £3/£2.
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