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UK Newswire Archive

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Slow Resettlement for Palestinian-Iraqi Refugees

06-02-2009 09:53

The start of 2009 offers little hope to the residents of Al Tanf, a refugee camp on the Syrian-Iraqi border housing over 700 Palestinians who had fled persecution in Iraq. No country has given any concrete pledge to take any of the refugees for resettlement in 2009, leaving them to battle the cold desert weather this winter with more despair than ever.

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A Pelican was rescued by the OIPA & PFA Haryana from Mewat region in midnight.

06-02-2009 06:34

A Pelican was attacked by the poachers & PFA Haryana Chairman Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India rescued this Pelican in midnight, presently bird is under going treatment with the Wildlife sos at their bear facility at Delhi Agra NH-2.

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Dialect - Ex-RN Lieutenant-Commander and his fears of a coming UK police state

06-02-2009 01:35

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Tuesdays 9:00 PM.

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Swedish Students Throw Shoes and Books at the Israeli Ambassador

06-02-2009 00:56

Outrageous behavior of Swedish students towards the respected Israeli Ambassador to Sweden.

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Student Activism on Brum Uni Campus – The Criminalisation of Lawful Protest

06-02-2009 00:41

Banner by day
The occupation of Arts room LR4 in Birmingham University, conducted on 20th January 2009, which was in solidarity with Gaza and the people of Palestine ended after 12 hours because of the University’s heavy handed approach. The Arts building was shut down early, preventing many people wanting to get back into the occupation from doing so. Then after hours of negotiation the university security used force to compromise the door into the lecture room. Students blockaded the door as negotiations continued to maintain a hold on the room, but eventually due to the threats of removal by force from the police students voted to leave the room. They left with chants of “free free Palestine” and a written document issuing them a meeting with the Vice Chancellor of the University to discuss their demands.

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The Imperial Obama is Frustrated on Zimbabwe

05-02-2009 23:44

In the face of African Union support for the new arrangement in Zimbabwe, the Obama administration has very reluctantly retreated from its hyper-aggressive posture. President Obama will soon begin to justify U.S. military intervention on broad "humanitarian" grounds - a cynical game of words to mask the same crimes as George Bush's so-called "democratic" interventions.

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Dave Gardner, Left-Wing and Animal Rights 'Activist', Exposed as BNP Member!

05-02-2009 23:41

Dave Gardner BNP member
Dave (David) Gardner is known to many involved in both animal rights and left-wing struggles in the West Midlands. What is less well known is his history of far-right activism, a past he has recently returned to.

Formerly a member of the fascist organisation the National Front, at the start of the decade, he endeavoured to integrate himself with assorted left, liberal and animal rights groups.

His attempts to get involved with militants of AFA were quickly rebuked. From here he got involved with varying success in groups as wide ranging as the anarchist influenced S26 collective to the SWP, Birmingham Friends of the Earth Building to assorted animal rights grouplets.

Repeatedly anti-fascist militants raised his past antics and refusal to pass on any information re: his supposedly ex-mates. Repeatedly they were ignored.

Now there can be NO DOUBT over where Mr Gardner's allegiances lie.

First he was snapped on the BNP demonstration in support of sacked BNP teacher Adam Walker, fratenising with longterm BNP activists, leafletting and generally being a fascist fucker!
(see photos below)

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women's unruly peace cam(pain) - continues in the face of adversity

05-02-2009 22:25

Peace women defeat Ministry of Defence in freedom to protest case

A Ministry of Defence (MoD) byelaw banning camping outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston was quashed by the court of appeal today. The case, heard on 26th November 2008, was an appeal in the Judicial Review of the Secretary of State for Defence's decision to introduce byelaws which would have criminalised camping as a form of peaceful protest.

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The War on Terror is a Hoax

05-02-2009 22:18

According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections. Among President Bush’s last words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists.

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Environmentalist Sentenced to 21 years as a "Terrorist"

05-02-2009 21:38

Marie Mason - Sentenced to 21 Years
Environmentalist Sentenced to 21 Years as a “Terrorist”; Violent Racists Receive Half That
By Will Potter

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Change the Lobby

05-02-2009 21:12

One cannot emphasize enough the stranglehold Israel's lobbying infrastructure has on US foreign policy. The events of recent weeks undoubtedly attest to this. 'The special relationship' that has been historically fostered between the US and Israel in fact, is often a relationship of leverage, manipulation and intimidation, and often leads to the US supporting actions or resolutions that stand at complete odds with the interests of the American people.

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Obama: Release Binyam, Stop Torture Cover-Up - Demo Friday, 6pm, US embassy

05-02-2009 21:09

US torture and British complicity in it has been in the headlines this week, along with government cover-ups on both sides of the Atlantic, in light of the urgent case of former London resident and current Guantánamo detainee Binyam Mohamed.

Please join us for a demonstration on Friday, 6 February, from 6-7pm, outside the US embassy, Grosvenor Square, London. W1A 1AE (nearest tube: Bond Street / Marble Arch).

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The Other Side of Gaza

05-02-2009 21:06

The Israelis invaded Gaza the day I went on leave. My Blackberry started buzzing with messages, and did not let up for 22 days. One of my contacts in Gaza City SMSed me on the first night of bombing: ``WE R NOT ALONE. ALLAH + US. 3 YEARS SIEGE. WE STILL STRONG.''

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Valentine's Mass Demonstration against Carmel-Agrexco

05-02-2009 20:59

The Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) campaign and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) will hold a mass picket at the depot of the Israeli state export company on Saturday February 7th at 12pm.

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Staythorpe walkout

05-02-2009 20:38

Construction workers at the site of a new gas fired power station at Staythorpe near Newark, Nottinghamshire have joined workers across the country in striking against the use of foreign contractors. While the issue has been contentious for some time, with a unemployed workers holding protests outside the site since November. The issue was reignigted after workers at the Total oil refinery at Lindsey in Lincolnshire walked out over similar concerns.

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If the Pope Changes His Mind…

05-02-2009 20:28

Does that mean he's imperfect? Or that God is imperfect? We've all probably addressed the issue of whether an omnipotent being can change its mind about something, but let's get down to Earth for a moment and address the issue of whether Catholics or anyone should give any respect or deference to a religious idol in the flesh who claims to be the spokesperson for God, but who, from generation to generation, and even within the same tenure, changes his mind on issues due to political and public pressure. In other words, the Pope is and should be treated only as the equivalent of a Prime Minister of a tiny little, but very influential, country tucked away in Rome. So, why do people give him so much credit where it's clearly not due?

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Off Balance Among the Hungry in Haiti

05-02-2009 20:26

This morning one of my favorite blogs made me stop and think. I like “No Impact Man” for a lot of reasons, and it’s the only blog that I get delivered to my email. The author is a father in New York City, and he is taking part in a great experiment to prove that anyone anywhere can reduce his or her impact on the environment. Today he suggested that “it might be fun if we all--the entire community on this blog--weighed in and told each other something they've seen or an experience they've had or someone they love that makes them feel like they don't want to change a thing.”

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Welsh Assembly Govt implicated in Israeli war crimes

05-02-2009 20:26

Welsh Assembly Government money has funded research facilities which have been used to develop military hardware employed by the Israelis during their recent onslaught against the people of Gaza.

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A Life On The Run

05-02-2009 20:13

New book describes young man's flight from war torn Africa. His hopelessness, refugee camps and eventual escape to the West.

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Strathclyde University Gaza occupation wins demands

05-02-2009 20:07

Students who were, until this afternoon, occupying the McCance building at Strathclyde have today won some concessions and guarantees from the university.
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