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UK Newswire Archive

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Protest against Greenergy, UK's biggest supplier of biofuels

02-02-2008 20:05

Protesters target Greenergy, UK's largest biofuel supplier as part of a UK-wide week of action against large-scale biofuels.

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Jewish Groups Condemn Gaza Collective Punishment

02-02-2008 19:17

There are many completely moral people, both inside and outside Israel, who view the blockade of Gaza as an absolutely immoral and wrong-headed action.

Their willingness to go public about their beliefs, and risk extreme shunning from within their own communities, is very courageous, and they should be encouraged to continue to stand their ground.

It keeps the international community's collective gaze focused upon the plight of these people, whose daily suffering is almost unimaginable to those who live comfortably in the West.

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Spring into action (though storms may be at the door) - the latest issue of the

02-02-2008 19:03

Read all about occupations & lock-ons of big industrial places around the world, corporate & government blockades, squatting, airport invasions, subvertising, climate criminals locked & glued shut, trees climbed and chopped down, GM maize fields trashed, hunger strikes, burrowing under fences, jumping on whaling boats, Buying Nothing, Reclaiming the Streets and the unstoppable singing of Christmas songs, not to mention skating penguins.

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Beatles, don't let it be!

02-02-2008 18:33

Palestinian Dispossession and Israeli Apartheid are no Cause for Celebration

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The FreeBee

02-02-2008 17:11

Here is the latest edition of the FreeBee for your enjoyment.

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Grass sent down regardless of her supposed "evidence" against others

02-02-2008 15:31

From the NETCU website at
Date: 1 February 2008
Animal rights extremist (GRASS ed) sentenced to prison
An animal rights extremist was sentenced to two years' imprisonment after appearing at Leeds Crown Court today.

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Winograd Acknowledges Israeli War Crimes

02-02-2008 14:24

However, it does not suggest punishing these War Crimes ...

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Kenya: The Hidden Hand of Destabilisation

02-02-2008 14:19

Evidence is presented to advance the theory that Kenya is a victim of Western destabilisation to stop its growing economic relations with China.

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Humanitarian imperialism of The Independent

02-02-2008 12:48

The Independent, 31 January 2008
"The idea that any individual in any country should face execution for downloading information from the internet is as abhorrent as it is incomprehensible. That this should be happening in a nation whose government benefits from the military and financial support of Western countries, Britain included, should give us great pause for thought. Pervez Kabaksh, 23, is a student at an Afghan university and a journalist. He was arrested last year after downloading material about the role of women in Islamic societies. We can well imagine that the material was not flattering to, or particularly consonant with, some of the precepts of Islam."

(Leading article: The price of free speech, The Independent, 31 January 2008)

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Press Release: Act Against Iraq Poverty

02-02-2008 12:30

The United Nations praised the ration system as being “the world’s largest and most effective relief effort”

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Westgate Watch Blog Launched

02-02-2008 12:24

A new blog has been launched by some folks in Oxford to document local resistance to the proposed Westgate development.

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Rachel's Grove vulnerable in Bethlehem

02-02-2008 11:49

Rachel's groveRachel's Grove on Abed Rabo's land, checkpoints and settlements
The deep blue fleecy sky tells a story of idyllic holiday destinations. We are with Abed Rabo from Deheisheh refugee camp, Bethlehem, on our way to his land. With support from the Olive Tree Campaign from the Joint Advocacy Initiative, Abed Rabo has planted olive trees to send a clear message to Israel that the land it wants to confiscate for "Greater" Jerusalem is his land.

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London Social Centres Support Meeting Sat 2nd Feb

02-02-2008 10:52

Yes, really late reminder this but today (saturday) 2pm is the 2nd meeting of the relating to the London Social Centres Support Initiative (that's not the name, just an attempt at a description).

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Kilburn protest against Total Oil fuelling oppression in Burma

02-02-2008 10:44

Nine protesters demonstrated at Kilburn Total petrol station on 31st January at 409 Kilburn High Rd, calling on the French oil company to stop being an accomplice to the theft of Burma's resources by the corrupt military junta. The National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Aung San Suu Kyi, won 82 percent of the seats in Burma’s 1990 election but the corrupt regime refused to hand over power.

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US Patents for HIV AIDS and Patent for CURE

02-02-2008 10:08

Here it is the proof... along with this there is thirty years of documentation of the developement and distribution of AIDS as will as who worked on the project..just google the patents...

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Real estate crisis or… The Aim of the USA?

02-02-2008 08:53

crisis USA
That the USA live one on his greater financial crisis is not no primicia, but to mass average international does not agree to him that the world knows the true magnitude of the crisis that is lived by these days in the country of the north.

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Zapatistas Face Imminent Attacks

02-02-2008 05:23

The Zapatistas are facing military and paramilitary mobilizations against the autonomous communities. The situation is critical and no one is watching!

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Singh Skips Terminates HLS Contract

02-02-2008 00:23

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
Two days after email alert...

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Italian Anti-Fur Victory - 415 Shops

01-02-2008 22:51

Below is some excellent news from our friends in Italy, where the biggest clothing and department store chain is going fur free following a big campaign, meaning all department stores in Italy will have a fur-free policy. The Italians got much of their inspiration and tactics from campaigns here against department stores such as Selfridges, House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols.

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First Circus Demo Of The Year

01-02-2008 22:47

Saturday 9th Feb
Newark Showground
NG24 2NY
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