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UK Newswire Archive

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Human Rights Scandal in Austria

25-06-2008 14:16

Non-governmental organisations express concern about what may be a case of state repression of social activism

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IOM Unwelcomed in Birmingham

25-06-2008 14:16

the welcome desk and conference room
The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) today held a 'conference' in Birmingham in preparation for opening a new regional office in the city. A handful of local activists braved the morning showers and went down to the venue, the four-star hotel of Marriott in Five Ways, to unwelcome the dodgy organisation. Armed with a banner that read "International Organisation Against Migrants" and leaflets exposing "the truth about IOM", they confronted attendees as they walked in and offered them a dose of truth to help them digest the lies they would later get in their welcome packs and the marketing-style presentations. The IOM staff, however, were highly diplomatic (or confused) and did not call the police or try to kick them out. The IOM Communications Director even invited them to go in and "raise their questions inside", as some invitees did not apparently turn up and some seats were left embarrassingly empty. One of the protesters later commented: "This is the funniest action I've ever done!"

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Palestine Today 062508

25-06-2008 13:50

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday June 25th, 2008.

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stop the zionist festival

25-06-2008 10:51

On Sunday June the 29th thousands of zionist supportters will gather in central London to celebrate 60 years since the founding of Israel by the theft and ethnic cleansing of 700,000 Palestinian arabs. See this:

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Media Lens Alert: Selling the Fireball - George Bush and Iran

25-06-2008 10:07

When George Bush arrived in Britain last week as part of his "farewell tour", the real reasons for the visit were buried well out of sight. The tour was not, as the Guardian suggested, a mere "continental au revoir". The purpose was to coerce Gordon Brown into raising troop levels in Afghanistan and to support toughened sanctions on Iran. Bush said pressure on Iran was necessary to "solve this problem diplomatically", but warned: "Iranians must understand, however, that all options are on the table." ( uk_news/politics/7456081.stm)

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The BPP’s would-be nail-bomber is a nonce – no surprise there then

25-06-2008 09:56

Martyn Gilleard - Internet fantacist, would-be bomber, and nonce
Convicted would-be Nazi nail-bomber Martyn Gilleard also had a sickening stockpile of child pornography. How very typical.

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The Incredible Veggie Roadshow comes to Nottingham

25-06-2008 09:32

Saturday 5 July 2008, 10.30am-4.30pm
The Council House, Old Market Square, Nottingham. FREE ENTRY
Come along to Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow and enjoy, with family and friends, a fantastic day out.

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Activist Workshop @ LARC

25-06-2008 09:25

Come along to LARC this Saturday and be unFIT!

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LINDELA (the winnie suite)

25-06-2008 07:21

The ANC Women's League has shares in the notorious Lindela detention centre for illegal immigrants. Dominique Malaquais, who translated Winnie Mandela's autobiography into French, responds....

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police violence G8 Genova 2001

25-06-2008 03:25

police violence G8 Genova 2001

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Anniversary of the first week at Shipley Bodge

24-06-2008 22:23

It has been a week already since climate chaos activists took occupation of a farm house on the site of the UK’s newest open cast site. Here is an update.

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First Ladies & Assassination - pointers to Etiquette.

24-06-2008 21:24

When one says "First Lady" one is generally taken to mean the spouse of the president of the USA. All presidents of that state are "POTUS" as they are called by their bodyguards have been married with one notable exception, James Buchanan the 15th president who shared his bed at the White House with Senator (& previous vice President) James William Rufus deVane King. Their relationship described by Buchanan as a "communion" led to unkind and homophobic remarks being made at that time and indeed provide amateur etymologists with the first such instances of such insults.

This article though will focus on the first lady of France who this afternoon ran away from her husband Sarkozy when she learnt he might take a bullet. It is very important to remain calm, dignified, elegant, confident and unflapped at moments like this. (Do not try and run away in heels like that).

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Aung San Suu Kyi Birthday Protest

24-06-2008 21:19

Burma Embassy
The Burmese community and Burma Campaign UK marked Burma's democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi 63rd birthday with a protest at the Burma Embassy in London. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown later met a delegation of young women from 5 of Burma’s main ethnic nationalities, Burman, Kachin, Karen, Karenni, and Chin, demonstrating the unity of the people of Burma in their struggle against dictatorship.

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Ecaenia ceremony SPEAK demo report

24-06-2008 19:37

Oxford University's annual Encaenia Ceremony, at which it hands out honorary degrees to those it deems deserving, took place on Wednesday 18th June. This is one of the most prestigious events in the university's calendar , a tradition that goes back many centuries, when it tries to impress the world with a show of pomp and ceremony. Well, the SPEAK Campaign has established its own tradition; to inform those attending such events, and the public, about what goes on behind this charade of dignity and nobility, of the appalling suffering that goes on behind the locked doors of the university's laboratories, of the animals who are sitting in cages in fear, pain and suffering while Oxford celebrates its special day.

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South London critical mass?!

24-06-2008 19:09

Rumours of a first south London critical mass...

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Cowley Road Carnival - Help campaign against CCTV

24-06-2008 18:36

The Cowley Road carnival is taking place on Sunday 6th July and campaign group No CCTV (,uk) are looking for volunteers to help distribute campaign materials at the event.

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Anti-Sprawl Direct Action in Montana

24-06-2008 17:30

Flathead Valley, Montana, U.S. - A group calling itself Americans Stopping Sprawling Development (ASSD) has taken credit for a rash of incidents involving the removal of surveyor stakes and graffiti that is estimated to have cost developers as much as $20,000 so far.

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ROG FACTORY / European Social Center's meeting report tonight at Bowl Court >>>

24-06-2008 17:25

7PM @ Bowl Court
[[An informal report and discussion on the Rog Social Centre in Ljubljana]]

European Social Center's meeting report tonight at Bowl Court >>>
ROG, 20-21-22 June
More information at:


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Action Alert: Largest HLS Investor - Part 4

24-06-2008 17:25

Contact Raymond James and tell them to tell their subsidiary company Eagle Assets to divest from LSR!

Eagle Asset are now Huntingdon Life Sciences' largest investor with over 15 million dollars in shares.

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A solution to the seasonal Human problem.

24-06-2008 16:49

The federal goverment of Mexico has announced that it managed to catch 133 humans today who were attempting to leave acknowledged nests of humanity such as Ecuador, Cuba and Guatemala on route to the USA. Meanwhile both the Spanish army and Morroccan police are into thier fourth day stopping humans in their attempts to break into the Spanish and EU enclave of Melilla on the north African coast on the way to Miss Marple's village.
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