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UK Newswire Archive

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Attack on G4S

24-06-2011 21:54

Confused as to which editorial guideline/s required this action report to be hidden by moderators... or was it simply a case of cowardly political censorship?

Great attack from comrades in Nottingham and well communicated.

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Three Little Words: WikiLeaks, Libya, Oil

24-06-2011 19:31

'Libya has some of the biggest and most proven oil reserves — 43.6 billion barrels — outside Saudi Arabia, and some of the best drilling prospects.'

So reported the Washington Post on June 11, in a rare mainstream article which, as we will see, revealed how WikiLeaks exposed the real motives behind the war on Libya.

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This Week in Palestine week 25 2011

24-06-2011 17:22

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for June 6 to the 24th, 2011.

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"Fracking Hell? What will shale gas mean for the UK?" Public Meeting

24-06-2011 16:10

What will the exploitation of shale gas mean for the UK and the world? What should we do about it? What can we do to stop it?

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Squatting action days // 2-5 July Amsterdam

24-06-2011 14:21

On July 5 some very important squats in central Amsterdam are facing eviction by the military police, based on the recent ‘ban on squatting’ in the Netherlands. We won’t give up our autonomous and non-commercial spaces that easy and we will organize action days from July 2-5 to keep our spaces and prevent the eviction from happening.

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LulzSec hacks Arizona border police

24-06-2011 13:54

On Thursday the hacker group LulzSec published on Pirate Bay leaked documents hacked from Arizona's Department of Public Safety. The documents highlight brutality, corruption, and racism in the US state's police forces including those patrolling the deadly US/Mexican border.

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Amnesty: no evidence of mass rape, mercenaries or air strikes by Libyan regime

24-06-2011 11:57

Human rights organisations have cast doubt on claims of mass rape and other abuses perpetrated by forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, which have been widely used to justify Nato's war in Libya.

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Anarchism in Russia - video

24-06-2011 11:36

Anarchism in Russia

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Report on the picket of the Italian Embassy 22/02/11

24-06-2011 10:28

A dozen protesters turned up and made a nice bit of noise...

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American Fukushima

24-06-2011 08:23

"American Fukushima" finds 3 sources saying the Nuclear Regulatory Commision has weakened and not enforced safety rules for American reactors for years, decades. The exact date and names of interference from Congress, on behalf of the nuclear industry operators, shows when regulation stopped. Plus revelations of dangerous defects in dozens of U.S. reactors.

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Scientists Expect Mass Extinction in Oceans

24-06-2011 08:16

A new report from the International Programme on the State of the Ocean, or IPSO, written by 27 top experts on the oceans. They warn the oceans are in a state of dying from multiple causes, all of them human. Climate change is not coming. It is here. Carbon is not only flooding the atmosphere but the deep sea. Two clips, interview with paleoclimatologist Dr. Peter Ward, and new climate song.

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BBC pro nuke disgraceful editing

23-06-2011 22:07

On a day that the BBC reports of the confirmed 8 sites for nuklear new build. The editor responsible for the comments, 'editor's picks', exposes themself.

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An interview with Nicoal Sheen, NAALPO press officer

23-06-2011 21:40

Nicoal Sheen is a representative of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, in addition to being a founding member of the animal advocacy group Band of Mercy. I conducted a phone interview with her May 28.

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Victory! Circuses are history!

23-06-2011 21:18

For all of you who supported the bill to ban the use of wild animals in circuses – congratulations, we won!

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Mass strikes by public sector workers on June 30th

23-06-2011 19:55

The nation wide strike action on June 30th by over 750,000 public sector workers is the biggest threat yet to this government’s plan to make public sector workers pay for the economic crisis. While the banking sector has returned to enjoying the fruits of our labour, we are told that there is no alternative but to cut the services we depend on. For updates see the J30 site launched the other day provides links and call outs across the country.

In London there are "Big Society Breakfast" of local pickets outside schools, college and other public sector building followed by a mass trade union march at 11am, Lincoln Inn Fields. On which there will be a J30 Strikers’ Assembly Bloc on the trade union march.

There are People’s Assemblies called for that have no leaders, so every voice counts, ensuring equality for all. Occupying streets and city squares is a natural expression of our power: real democracy now. One such Strikers’ Assembly will congregate near Westminster Central Hall. Find us under the “People’s Assembly” banner.

Critical Mass will set off from Elephant and Castle at 8am for a fun packed glide around the capital supporting pickets and engaging with the public.

UKuncut are supporting call with a day of action stating "The protests will highlight that the strikes by the unions are another form of direct action against the cuts being taken by people in towns and cities across the country. It’s predicted that strike action will grow rapidly towards the autumn and UK Uncut are vowing to support and build on the strike action with more direct action protest against tax avoiders and the banking system.

The PCS union states: "We have continually argued that if the £120 billion that is ‘lost’ evaded or avoided in tax every year was collected, there would be no economic crisis. That argument can now be heard across the trade unions and campaigning groups like UK Uncut have become one of the most popular movements in Britain." This is why the unions are saying enough is enough and walking out.

Further info: June 30th website | Afed statement on the strikes | The Commune on the march
Other unions statements of action: NUT | UCU list of Universities on strike |

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Whatever they say, squatting will stay - update from Netherlands

23-06-2011 18:42

Whatever they say, squatting will stay. Overview of resistance to the squatting ban in the Netherlands. Brief history of squatting in the Netherlands and current legal position as well as updates on actions that took place from October through November 2010. Text from a flyer from the Netherlands printed in December 2010, just left the text as info for those interested in heading to Amsterdam for the action days on July 2nd to 5th.

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Italy: more arrests in Florence and Milan

23-06-2011 18:38

Raids and arrests against student and anarchist activists in Florence and Milan

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The Need For A "Second Revolution" In Egypt

23-06-2011 17:41

ElBaradei - criticising the government is now a "red line"
On 27th May, Egyptians numbering in the hundreds of thousands demonstrated in Cairo and other cities. They demanded a "second revolution" to complete the democratic aspirations of the first, which removed long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak in February. Since his departure, the army junta has consolidated its rule, bringing in a repressive new constitution, and banning strikes and protests in March. In doing so, the army top brass has revealed itself to be enemies of the common Egyptian, and enemies of - not "guardians of" - the revolution.

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The united actions days in support of Nizhny Novgorod antifascists on June 24-2

23-06-2011 15:35

Artem Bystrov
At the present moment by The Anti-Extremist Center of GUVD (General Directorate of Internal Affairs - SM) in Nizhniy Novgorod Region detectives a criminal case is fabricating against Artem Bystrov, who was arrested on April 26,2011. He is incriminated the article № 213 part 2 (hooliganism committed by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement by hatred or hostility toward a particular social group). Two of suspects yet couldn't be arrested. It is worth noting that victim itself — a nationalist D.Redkin, doesn't have any claims to people arrested on April 26 and refuses to take part in confrontments. The case was filed seven months after the accident. It was filed by pressure at the victim and the witness. The investigation is proceeded with gross violations and falsification of evidence. For example during the rummages the membership cards of non-existing organisation “RASH-Antifa” with photos and serial numbers, evidently made by Center “E”(The Anti-Extremist Center - SM) detectives, were throwen in to the suspects' homes.

Disseminate this information as wide as possible. Organise the solidarity actions!
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