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UK Newswire Archive

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Could Gaza go it alone?

18-06-2007 11:38

A one-state, a two-state solution? Now the talk is of a three state solution. Israel would never accept an independent Palestinian State.

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Geiger Counter Shootout At the OK Corral

18-06-2007 11:16

Strykers fire uranium munitions
"I told General Lee on March 19 to stop lying to the [Hawaiian] Legislature. And, I told him I would get him and I did on April 21 in south Kona with those high radiation monitor readings from Pohakaloa. And it wasn't just me, the citizens who have supported and followed through are the real strength of all of this. The media has to deal with these global voices now because they are the 'shot heard round the world.'"

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Nine to Five film night Wednesday 20 June Cafe Crema New Cross

18-06-2007 10:33

Nine to Five Film Night New Cross

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Enough Occupation Palestine Demo - MP3s of all speeches

18-06-2007 09:16

Full coverage of the Enough Occupation Demonstration & Rally in London on 9th June 2007. Include MP3 audio of all the speeches (20+) and lots of photos

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Muffled Voices: ElBaradei’s Unheard Assessments

17-06-2007 22:15

As the bridges uniting Iranian academia with their international colleagues burn, NGO’s come to a complete stop and our writers, activists and scholars sit in Evin, the Bush administration continues on its military plans for regime change. ElBaradei, the figure most well versed in the Iranian program’s progress, calls for the U.S. and Israel to halt plans of war against Iran, and we are left to wonder if anyone is listening.

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‘French Products’ stall anti-Foie-Gras leafleting in Cambridge

17-06-2007 21:32

Campaigners at ‘French Products’ in Cambridge again!

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Common Ground Garden - EVICTION RESISTANCE! Wed 20th June, 9.30am, Reading.

17-06-2007 21:10

// Common Ground Community Garden Eviction Resistance!



// Meet at 9.30am, in Common Ground Garden, through the alleyway next to the Womens Information Centre, at the bottom of Silver Street, Reading.

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The Battle of Gaza

17-06-2007 20:50

In less than 24 hours of fierce street-fighting, Bush’s proxy-army in Gaza was routed by armed units of Hamas. It was a stunning defeat for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and for US-Israeli policymakers who have done everything in their power to overturn the “free and fair” election of the Hamas government. For now, Hamas has reestablished its authority in Gaza although Abbas is still working frantically with Bush and Olmert to consolidate his power in the West Bank. So far, Abbas has carried out the demands of his paymasters by replacing Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh with ex-World Bank official, Salam Fayyad---a Palestinian Karzai who will take his orders from Tel Aviv or Washington. Abbas does not have the constitutional authority to replace Prime Minister Haniyeh or to disband the Hamas-dominated government, but this point is typically overlooked in the western media.

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Film showing, speakers and social in solidarity with women and workers in Iran

17-06-2007 17:08

This night of discussion in solidarity with women and workers in Iran is being organised as part of Ideas for Freedom, the weekend of socialist debate and discussion organised by Workers' Liberty.

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Interview with the Salah Al-Ta'mari, the Governor of Bethlehem (date 08/04/2007)

17-06-2007 16:03

Interview on the 6 day war, the palestinian situation,the refugee issue and the 'civil' war

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A Setback for the 'Bush Doctrine' in Gaza

17-06-2007 15:57

What's occuring in Gaza is the direct result of US/Israeli schemes to destroy the PA, Hamas, and Palestinian unity. This was done because Zionism doesn't ever want to concede a Palestinian state.

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Climate Camp fun at Barracks Lane

17-06-2007 15:32

happy cooks, happy customers
Oxford climate campers raise money for Heathrow camp at Barracks Lane Community Garden

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Leader of Iraq's Scary SCIRI has Died!

17-06-2007 15:16

The leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (Scary SCIRI) Abdul Hakim is dead!

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Benefit gig for Disarm DSEi - Thursday 21st June

17-06-2007 15:13

A benefit gig to help Disarm DSEi, and stop the world's largest arms fair that is meeting this September in London's ExCel centre.

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Disarm DSEi meeting in Brighton - Wednesday 20th June

17-06-2007 14:56

DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment international), the world's largest arms fair, returns to East London's ExCeL Centre from 11-14 September. Despite massive local opposition, and a huge bill to the taxpayer, arms dealers will once again be free to deal in death and destruction.

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Help Stop the Nuclear Nightmare

17-06-2007 11:11
The campaign to stop a second nuclear power station from being built at Wylfa, north Wales have launched an on line petition at

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Peace is Dead, give War a Chance

17-06-2007 06:43

As the Middle East explodes in factional and sectarian conflict the neo-cons gloat, John Bolton and Condi Rice revealed U.S. policy during the South Lebanon conflict, their non-interventionist policy encouraged the slaughter of children and civilians by Israeli forces – peace is clearly of no use to American interests! What does it matter if most of the Middle East tears itself apart, America stands to gain from the mayhem and bloodshed.

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Photos: A million saturday staged the Gay Pride parade in Rome

17-06-2007 05:50

Gay Pride march in Rome June 16, 2007
ROME - A million Saturday staged the Gay Pride parade in Rome, urging the Italian government to fast-track plans to grant homosexual couples legal status and override Vatican objections. The raucous and colourful crowd, which included transvestites and lawmakers, marched under a baking sun from Rome's Saint Paul's Gate to the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, the official ecclesiastical seat of the Pope as Bishop of Rome, where anti-gay protestors had staged a giant rally last month.

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The Spanish Civil War: 40 years later: new translation

17-06-2007 03:07

This is a brand-new translation of a text from 1937 that has never been in English before.

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Climate activists glued to doors at airport : Pictures 2

17-06-2007 01:36

On the afternoon of Saturday 16th June, climate campaigners glued themselves to the doors of the short-haul East Midlands airport to draw attention to the environmental impacts of flying as part of a European day of action on short-haul flights called by pressure group Airport Watch.
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