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UK Newswire Archive

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Amey-NPL cleaners protests Wed-Thu this week

26-10-2008 20:55

Come and support the sacked Colombian cleaners in the build-up to their appeal hearings at the end of the week. Protests to take place outside two London offices of Amey PLC - the multinational subcontractor which employed them at the government's National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, Middlesex..

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Hallowe'en in Cardiff

26-10-2008 19:12

Assemble 5 pm, Nye Bevan Statue, Queen Street, Cardiff
Friday 31 October

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Next Break the Siege (Free Gaza) boat travelling to Gaza soon

26-10-2008 18:06

For Immediate Release
October 26, 2008

Contact: Greta Berlin, Cyprus: +357 99 08 17 67
Angela Godfrey Goldstein, Jerusalem: +972 547 366 393
Huwaida Arraf: Cyprus +357 96 723 999

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26-10-2008 17:33

Change Colin Powell can believe in is exactly the kind of change we should fear.

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DIY Sex Toy Workshop Bristol

26-10-2008 15:11

Vegan Harness-Making
7.30pm, Weds 12th November
downstairs @ Cafe Kino

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Report on 10th Annual United Families & Friends Remembrance procession

26-10-2008 11:49

On Saturday 25th October 2008, the tenth annual United Families and
Friends Remembrance procession took place, with several hundred people in
attendance, including many family members of those who have died in
suspicious circumstances in police custody, prison and 'secure' mental
health facilities.

The march made its way in silence down Whitehall to Downing Street where,
after the bouquets had been subjected to a police examination, family
members were allowed to come forward and fix them to the gates in front of
Downing St, where police had agreed they would be allowed to stay until
the end of the protest.

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United Families and Friends Campaign, London - pictures.

26-10-2008 11:42

An appaling roll-call of the dead.
Friends and families of those who have died while in the care of the state march and hold a procession through London to bring attention to their plight.

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DR Congo Rebels reject ceasefire .. 47 years after the execution of Lumuba

26-10-2008 11:28

in memory of Lumumba, 47 years after...
Rebels in Congo have rejected UN calls for a ceasefire. This comes amid growing concerns that renewed fighting is fueling a humanitarian crisis. The rebel leader said he requested peace negotiations under a neutral mediator and there has been no response.. "The only response we have is the condemnation of the international community of the UN Security Council. We are surprised by this...

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An education system not to trust!

26-10-2008 09:38

We need to dismantle the education system!

This system cannot be tusted!

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Oaxaca Is Not Alone: From Coast to Coast, We Demand an End to Repression

26-10-2008 08:46

National call to action for the weeks around October 27 - the anniversary of the invasion of Oaxaca

By Solidarity Without Borders - NYC

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MERIDA - U.S. ‘aid’ to Mexico accompanies training in torture

26-10-2008 06:31

Almost the same day that the Bush administration was passing an aid package for Mexico, a Mexican newspaper leaked a sickening video about torture methods used in that country.
The aid package, commonly known as the Merida Initiative, was signed into law on June 30..

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US Government Report Undermines Zimbabwe Opposition’s Claim of Independence

26-10-2008 03:01

The US government had a hand in formulating the policy platform of the Tsvangirai faction of the Movement for Democratic Change, Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, and funded community-based newsletters to create a platform to persuade Zimbabweans to accept Washington’s point of view, according to a US government report. The report boasts that Washington is the undisputed leader in nurturing anti-government civil society organizations in Zimbabwe, operating through a CIA-interlocked organization led by former New York investment banker and Michael Milken right-hand man, Peter Ackerman.

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Beware the 'democracy' word: a trojan horse

26-10-2008 02:57

Wheever you see the word 'democracy'; in a politiacl parties name, take a closer look: it may be the front for a foreign govt(aka the US)

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2 million on the street against fascism of Berlusconi

25-10-2008 23:55

Mass rally in the Circus Maximus, Rome today - 2 Million on the streets!!

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Rome Film Festival: Police attack protest students

25-10-2008 23:36

Italian policemen in riot gears stand guard near students gathering outside Rome's Auditorium Friday, Oct. 24, 2008, during the Rome International Film Festival.

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2nd Northern March Against Racism, Newcastle (25th Oct 08)

25-10-2008 23:19

The march sets off from the West End
The 2nd Northern March Against Racism took the message of anti-racism, working class solidarity and internationalism to the streets of Newcastle.

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Social networking for activists - PHP programmers needed!

25-10-2008 22:56

A social networking website specifically for anti-corporate activists is looking for volunteer PHP5/MySQL programmers willing to donate time and effort to the project. A prototype has been built, and the ideas pages this has generated has proved the need for several technical collaborators! A detailed document is available that discusses the background and presents some screenshots, and a discussion forum is now live.

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United Families and Friend March in London (23 Oct 2008)

25-10-2008 21:32

Justice for Sean Rigg
Several hundred people, including many family members and friends of those who have died in suspicious circumstances in police custody, prison and 'secure' mental health facilities, marched at an appropriately funereal pace through the centre of London this afternoon (25 Oct 2008.) Pictures (C) 2008, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Nazis wanted to colonize Amazonian rainforest

25-10-2008 20:44

Nazis wanted to colonize Amazonian rainforest
Brazil News.NetSaturday 25th October, 2008 (ANI)
London, October 25 :
Nazis had ventured into the Amazonian woods planning to establish a Nazi South American colony, reveals a new book. Jens Gluessing's 'The Guyana Project:
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