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UK Newswire Archive

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Suzanne Jaggers

14-12-2007 08:15


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Bush administration isolated at Bali climate conference

14-12-2007 08:14

The two-week UN-sponsored conference on climate change on the Indonesian island of Bali has been dominated by the intransigence of the Bush administration and the mounting conflicts among the great powers, particularly between the United States and the European Union.

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European Union treaty signed at Lisbon: A constitution in all but name

14-12-2007 08:11

The embarrassing efforts by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to downplay the significance of his signing the new European Union Treaty were more revealing than other European leaders, that clearly relished his discomfort, would like to admit.

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NO legalized brothel in Vancouver, ex-prostitutes say

14-12-2007 05:03

The mayor of Vancouver, some persons and groups favorable to the decriminalization of prostitution, pimps and johns, the New Democratic Party’s deputy and some other neoliberals support a project to create a brothel, legal and administered by women in prostitution, for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

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"Africa and the West" Conference Broadcast

14-12-2007 01:38 to broadcast Omali Yeshitela's keynote address on December 16 from "Africa and the West" conference in Huelva, Spain

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Red Cross Condemns Gaza Collective Punishment

14-12-2007 01:00

Like the Jews during the 30's, the Palestinians of Gaza must be asking "Where is the world?".

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Gordon Brown - open letter from Camden against St Pancras Death Lab

14-12-2007 00:00

In an open letter to Gordon Brown in today's Camden New Journal concillor Roger Robinson said he has been given "no alternative but to fight alongside anyone" to stop the "world's largest ever, highest level virus containment facility / animal testing lab" to be built within a Camden council estate on brownfield land behind St Pancras and Kings Cross stations.

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NATO Hotel infiltrated - "We know where you live."

13-12-2007 23:06

NATO big-wigs flew in today and yesterday for the upcoming conference near Edinburgh tomorrow. They are staying in the Edinburgh (Caledonian) Hilton, Lothian Road (you can tell, its the one with all the cops and Special Branch outside). Protestors preparing for the counter-demo tomorrow decided to pay them a visit.

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Trump, Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party’s scramble for investment

13-12-2007 22:19

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond’s intervention in support of US billionaire Donald Trump’s proposed golf and leisure resort is a rich illustration of the Scottish National Party’s pro-big business agenda.

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bristle magazine (Bristol) - statement from the collective

13-12-2007 22:07

Bristle no.1 - 1997
Whilst the comrades at Bath Bomb are jumping the gun a bit by declaring ‘Bristle R.I.P’ (see, the bristle Collective, publishers of bristle magazine, would like to advise activists, readers and Indymedia users of the following:

A statement from the bristle Collective

Before the Bristolian news-sheet came and went, before Bristol Indymedia was conceived, before the internet was a daily (hourly) part of your lives, and before anybody & nobody had their personal blog, there was bristle magazine.

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Workers Assassinated at the Thyssen Krupp Steel-works in Turin!

13-12-2007 21:51

During the night of Thursday December 6 the latest in a tragic series of "industrial accidents" struck 7 proletarian families at the Thyssen Krupp steel-works of Turin: 7 workers were overcome and charred by flames in a section where metal castings are cooled by an oil bath. Antonio Schiavone, 36 years old, married and father of 3 children was incinerated immediately, while 3 other workers, after suffering critical burns, died a few days later.

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Dead Man Walking

13-12-2007 21:49


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Future for beech in a changing climate - a change of perception?

13-12-2007 21:20

Perception is Everything
The native beech is suffering from climate change in the south and removed from woodlands in the north as a “non-native.” It is generally accepted that beech would have made its way north naturally had it not been for fragmentation of the forests.

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Canada suspends mumps vaccination, fears supply tainted

13-12-2007 20:54

Reuters is reporting from Toronto — Canada suspended use of three batches of a mumps vaccine this week after five people fell ill in the middle of a massive vaccination campaign.

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Petion ~ Camden New Journal ~ petition against Camden Virus Lab ~ Please sign!

13-12-2007 20:20

A petition has been set up online by a Camden newspaper ~ Camden New Journal against the plans for "The World's Largest Ever Virus Containment Facility / Animal Testing Lab" to be built on a Camden council house estate. The petition also fights for Community facilities and Council homes to be built there instead! Please sign it!

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Re-affirming Human Rights and the Filipino People' Dignity

13-12-2007 18:42

Marie Hilao Enriquez, with Carol Araullo, at The Hague, Netherlands, March 2007
Although Human Rights Day is celebrated only once a year, all Filipinos who love freedom and justice--as well as all citizens of countries that signed the United Nations Charter--should practise and apply to their everyday lives the principles embodied in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, a document which is an integral part of international law and also of the constitutions of nation-states who are members of the UN. The following article is a tribute to all activists involved in the promotion of human rights, in particular to Filipino activists in KARAPATAN, the Filipino human rights monitoring organization, to its staff and secretary-general, Marie Hilao Enriquez.

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East London Line - Keep the Tube Public demonstration London 13 Dec 2007

13-12-2007 18:17

20071213-007 (C) Peter Marshall
RMT members, along with Respect and others demonstated at City Hall on 13 December against the intention to hand over the East London Line to be run by a private company when it reopens in 2010. Images are copyright.

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Sellafield - why a bomb wasn't 'news'

13-12-2007 18:13

Is it cos I ain't Muslim?

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Interenationalization of the Basque conflict and the European Arrest Warrant

13-12-2007 17:25

In the early 90s, the Spanish government decided to internationalize the political conflict between the Spanish State and the Basque Country, in terms of repression.

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Russia: Ford workers continue strike while authorities ban pickets

13-12-2007 16:49

In the midst of a 3 week strike for wage increase at a ST. Petersburg Ford plant, Russian authorities have banned picketing
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