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UK Newswire Archive

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Changes to Construction Safety Summit demo (27.02.01)

25-01-2001 01:28

Below are the revised details of main action on 27th Feb at the “Construction Safety Summit”. Please note the protest march previously planned for 1pm from Euston has now been cancelled as the event in Westminster will be over by then.

Please encourage people to attend the event in Westminster from 8.30am.

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"Hands off our Homes" rally in London

24-01-2001 22:34

"Hands off our Homes" was the message delivered by around 1500 people attending a rally in London today.

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International Refugee News January 8 - 22, 2001

24-01-2001 15:55

Hambastegi International Refugee News covering:
-Anti-Asylum Legislation
-Racism and Xenophobia
-Restrictive Measures
-Sex-based Persecution

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Iranian asylum seeker committed suicide after asylum claim had been rejected

24-01-2001 15:45

No one must be next.
Last Friday, we joined over 200 asylum seekers, friends and family members to share our sadness and outrage over the loss of Ramin Khaleghi at the 'International Hotel' in Leicester.

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UK Police Media Guidelines are online

24-01-2001 15:21

ACPO (Association of chief police officers) MEDIA GUIDELINES are published on the Society of Edotors website (SoE) -

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Howard Zinn speaks on Sacco and Vanzetti, Mumia

24-01-2001 03:36

Great piece of Anarchist history

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The Two Colombias

23-01-2001 23:24

An article about the struggle in my homeland.

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Police snooping increases as NCIS recruits cyber cops

23-01-2001 11:30

Just as NCIS (National Criminal Intelligence Agency) has started advertising posts at what will be the new National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU - due to start operations in April 2001 - see, recent stories circulating in the press say that ISPs are being hassled rather too much by a confused police force...

and with no one to act on behalf of users the police are often getting information they are not entitled to...

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Direct Action Can't be Televised!

23-01-2001 11:05

A critique of dialogue between protestors and large financial institutions such as the WB and IMF, and of panding to the mainstream media. It is useless, from an anti-capitalist perspective to negotiate with organizations whose central aims are to promtoe the growth of the very cancer we wish to eliminate: captialism.

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Chile Declines to Host Ministerial Meeting

23-01-2001 10:34

Chile has informed the World Trade Organization that it is no longer interested in hosting the WTO's next ministerial meeting, which is due to take place later this year.

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Qatar: Inappropriate Venue for Next WTO Meeting

23-01-2001 10:11

"The WTO can't avoid public protests by holding a meeting in a country that doesn't allow public protest. That would send the signal that it's okay to build the global economy on a foundation of repression -- exactly the opposite of the message the WTO should be pronouncing."
Kenneth Roth
Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

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revolutionaries in the states my ass!

22-01-2001 20:38

narcissism drowns the parade

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10000 march for jobs in Luton

22-01-2001 18:56

10000 march for jobs in Luton
Saturday 20th January saw a huge protest against the closure of the Vauxhall Plant in Luton. Workers travelled from Germany, Belgium and Spain bringing a message of internationalism and solidarity, pledging a European fight against the global car giant General Motors. Unofficial action Europe-wide is planned for Thursday 25th January.
more info visit:

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Protest at UnionHhq

22-01-2001 16:54

Two man protest outside Transport House, Holborn,London. Bill Morris' Hq.

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protesters target GAP in Bristol

22-01-2001 16:14

Broadmead was split in two on Saturday as 150 Bristol activists blockaded the entrance to US clothes chain store GAP in protest at their use of child labour and sweatshop labour. The demonstration, one of the largest in recent years, was sparked by revelations by a recent BBC Panorama programme that child labour was being used in a Cambodian
factory making GAP clothes. The sea of faces dividing the walkway held placards reading "GAP - Globally Abusing People" and "GAP rips off child labour and sweat shop labour".

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Photo from Bristol Gap demonstration

22-01-2001 16:02

Photo from Bristol Gap demonstration
Branch Sec Bristol NUJ
Bristol Activists Group

Broadmead, Bristol's pedestrianised shopping centre was split in two today as 150 Bristol Activists descended and sat down in protest at the systematic abuse of sweatshop labour by US clothes chain GAP.

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Evidence for the real site of the biblical temple in Jerusalem

22-01-2001 15:38

A new and accurate evaluation is essential regarding the site of the former Temples in Jerusalem. Neither the Dome of the Rock near the center of the Haram esh-Sharif in Jerusalem, nor the Al Aqsa Mosque occupying the southern side of the Haram (nor ANY area within the four walls of that Haram) was the real spot in Jerusalem where the holy Temples of God were located.

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Iraq Iran War and Security Council's Genocide

22-01-2001 03:58

16. Why did three heads of the UN mission in Iraq resign?
17. Why are there so many "Neutral Zones" between Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia …..?
18. Why did the US and UK muzzle the Security Council?
19. How many US/UK troops are suffering from the "Gulf War" Syndrome?
20. Why have so many Iraqis suffered from various types of cancers and other unusual diseases?

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Secret Inauguration of Linda Jones, President of the USA

21-01-2001 22:33

Apparently we need more education in the obvious than we do examination of the obscure. OUR government is the citizens’ government. THEIR government is the corporate government. Corporations are machines, not citizens. Our government consists of men and women ruled by our conscience. Their government consists of men and women ruled by machines. This has been obvious - but often forgotten - since the First World War.

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superanarchist (DC, USA)

21-01-2001 20:46

ha ha.
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