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UK Newswire Archive

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Pebble Mill Social Centre survives flash flooding

02-07-2012 14:39

Last Thursday 28th June the Birmingham Social Centre @ Pebble Mill had to be evacuated after a months worth of rain fell in less than an hour causing the nearby river to burst its banks, completely flooding the squatted social centre knee deep in water. A few days of hard work later however and the social centre is now open again

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Video: Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network first eviction protest

02-07-2012 13:50

On Wednesday 20th June the Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network held its first protest against the evictions of two squats owned by Tesco in Stirchley, Birmingham

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Predatory police are targeting victims of crime

02-07-2012 12:55

The Guardian newspaper recently published an article highlighting the extent of sexual abuse committed by police officers and PCSOs. Recent research suggests that the problem "more widespread than previously believed" and that the police are using their position of authority and access to records to target victims of crime to commit rape and sexual assault. The report highlights a number of cases within Nottinghamshire.

According to the article:

"Police officers have been convicted or disciplined for a range of offences from rape and sexual assault to misconduct in public office relating to inappropriate sexual behaviour with vulnerable women they have met on duty. Others are awaiting trial for alleged offences, though many are never charged with a criminal offence and are dealt with via internal disciplinary procedures."

It seems that abuse of power for sex is rife within the police force and that the perpetrators are protected by a culture of silence and lenient "internal disciplinary procedures" rather than criminal prosecution and expulsion from the force.

It is predominantly women who are targeted by these rapists, but also children of both sexes and in particular, vulnerable victims of crime.

Interestingly the report found evidence of "A tendency for women who complain they have been sexually attacked by a policeman not to be believed" and "A pervasive culture of sexism within the police service, which some claim allows abusive behaviour to go unchecked." In other words, the police have a tendency to see things from the perpetrator's viewpoint rather than the survivor's. Claire Phillipson of Wearside Women in Need goes further:

"What you have here is the untouched tip of an iceberg in terms of sexually questionable behaviour and attitudes. The police service, in my experience, has an incredibly macho culture and women are seen as sexual objects."

In "one of the worst cases in the past four years", Detective Sergeant Trevor Gray of Nottinghamshire Police broke into the house of a woman and raped her whilst her child slept in the house. He was jailed for 8 years last month. Readers of this site may also remember Inspector Russell Dew, who was jailed for 6 years in December 2011 for sexually touching a 13 year old girl. PC Darren Lawson, who was found guilty of sexually assaulting children, was also a Nottinghamshire copper. These are just the cases that made it to court. It seems highly likely, given the lack of accountability and the culture of patriarchy and silence within the police force that many other offenders have got away with it.

Nottinghamshire, in particular, seems to have lax disciplinary procedures, to the extent that Police Federation spokesman, Steve Evans has said "I know which forces I'd rather be in if I was in trouble. What is gross misconduct, and therefore a sacking offence in Derby might be simple misconduct in Nottingham."

The fact of the matter is that no kind of reform will stop this disgusting behaviour. The police have been given a huge amount of power over members of the public, especially the vulnerable, and will always be tempted to use it for their own ends. They will always be hugely loyal to their own and seek to use their own privilege to protect one another. Whilst this hierarchy of a highly armed and legally empowered police force lording it over the rest of us continues, sexual and other kinds of abuse are bound to continue, largely uncovered.

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New Health Risks and Opencast Mining

02-07-2012 12:48

The June Review of developments affecting Opencast Mining from the Loose Anti Opencast Network provides new evidence that Surface Mine workers in the USA contract 'Black Lung' disease. Secondly it reviews recent developments in Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK and lastly updates what the situation is on prospective and actual opencast sites in England.

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Bristols' First Asylum Seekers March for Dignity.

02-07-2012 08:55

this is a bristol indymedia story

Despite the changing weather 250 asylum seekers and their supporters bravely marched through central Bristol today to speak out about the myths, truths and suffering of people seeking asylum in the UK. It is the first time that Bristol’s asylum seeking community has called for and organised a march of this scale.

They marched from Easton, where many asylum seekers live, cheering outside the Bristol Refugee Rights Centre on Stapleton Road to celebrate the one place of safety and welcome asylum seekers are guaranteed in Bristol. The march continued to Trinity Road Police station, when many asylum seekers have to sign each week, stopping to speak out against frequent and arbitrary  detention and deportation of asylum seekers.

The marchers continued down Old Market calling for an end to deportation, detention and destitution. They stopped outside the former Refugee Action office and Immigration Advisory Service building and spoke of devastating impacts of recent coalition cuts and asked the question“ How do we access justice when there is no funding for a fair trial?” The marchers walked onwards through a bustling Broadmead surprising shoppers by chanting “Seeking asylum is not a crime, we are human like you” Omid from Iran said “ It was amazing when we arrived at Broadmead. Many people didn't know anything about our problems before. We passed on our message that we have many problems and that we need solutions. In my country we are not free to demonstrate like this, I am happy to have the chance to talk about my situation here”

The event was brought to a close in Queen Square with passionate words from Caroline Beatty, from Bristol Refugee Rights said “Today is a landmark event for asylum seekers in Bristol. It is the first time that asylum seekers have come out on the street with determination to be heard and to stand up with dignity and tell the world how it really is.”

Yasai, a Gambian woman said "I have to sign here  and each time I do I can't sleep for nights before because I am so scared that they will detain and deport me. I came to find safety and here they treat us like this. It is wrong"

For interviews with someone in the asylum process or from one of the supporting organisations call Alice Cutler on 07448 932693 OR 07582 493818 <>

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Activists occupy roof of G4S HQ

02-07-2012 07:30

Activists are staging a rooftop occupation at the headquarters of security multinational G4S near Crawley, West Sussex, in protest at what they claim are “illegal and criminal activities” in both the UK and Palestine/Israel.

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Demonstration in Solidarity with Anarchist Political Prisoners in Belarus

01-07-2012 17:58

Demonstrate with us at the Belarusian Embassy from 12pm on the 2nd of July!

6 Kensington Court
London W8 5DL.
Tel: 020 7937 3288 – Fax: 020 7361 0005
Nearest Tube: High Street Kensington

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Bristol ABC Prisoner List - July 2012

01-07-2012 16:55

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EDL Bristol March Organiser Photographed Giving Nazi Salute at Bradford Demo

01-07-2012 10:55

An organiser of the upcoming Bristol EDL marched who claims not to be a racist or a fascist is photographed giving the Nazi salute on an EDL demo in Bradford
featured image

Anybody who knows a little about the English Defence League knows that their claims to be merely against "Islamic extremism" is just a front for their deeper, more sinister agenda. While the EDL may claim to be non-racist and anti-fascist, the core of their movement is made up of fascists and Nazi sympathizers. One example of this is Mickey Bayliss. Mickey recently appeared in the local rag, The Post, presenting himself as a friendly face of the English Defence League. Mickey Bayliss identified himself as one of the organisers of the Bristol demo to take place on Saturday July 14th. Like most people involved in the EDL, Mickey claims that the organisation isn't racist or homophobic and claims that "any racist chanting, would be identified and reported to the police."

A quick online search of Mickey Bayliss's moniker (the oh-so original Mickey English Bayliss) brings you straight to this page ( where Mickey's Nazi saluting photo is presented along with a host of other information.

Mickey Bayliss may be an extreme case of fascism within the English Defence League but if the so-called organiser of the Bristol EDL demo has been photographed giving Nazi salutes at previous demos, what strength does that give to his claims that the EDL are a non-racist, anti-fascist organisation? If Mickey Bayliss is claiming that he will report all "rogue elements" within the march to the Police then he should start with himself! It is up to all of us to oppose the English Defence League when they come to Bristol on July 14th! Bristol Anti-Fascists has already put out a call-out for people to oppose the EDL:

(*Start point may change. Wherever they start, we will stop them! See online for up-to-date info.)

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Diggers Discussion at Runnymede Magna Carta Memorial Saturday 30th June 2012

01-07-2012 02:52

There was a discussion on civil liberties and land rights, how we achieve these and put them into action in the 21st century

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Extradition film screening Cambridge

30-06-2012 14:23

Extradition film screening Cambridge

Sunday 8th July 2012
2 - 4pm

Cambridge Mosque
... CB1 2DZ

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Government Call Centre Hell 2012

30-06-2012 10:55

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edl route

30-06-2012 10:55

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Man sets himself on fire outside job centre after being found fit for work

30-06-2012 10:29

Claimant found fit for work driven by desperation sets himself on fire after disgusting treatment by the job centre, Atos and government.

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Report on protest against Land-Grab Investors Summit - Tues 26th June, London

30-06-2012 07:11

Protestors make their voice heard to delegates leaving landgrab investors summit
On Tuesday 26th June, a group of people from environmental, development and farming groups joined together to denounce land grabs outside an international agricultural investors conference in London.

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RadioKebele June Show

29-06-2012 20:55


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Guttural Olympiad 175 pound cash grant

29-06-2012 20:55

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