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UK Newswire Archive

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Frontex blocade in Belgium

05-05-2011 01:24

This is a testimony of someone who was in a blocade of a detention center in Belgium.

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London Met Occupation 4th May

05-05-2011 01:24

On 4th May, London Met students began occupying part of Tower Building, in protest to the fact that 70% of courses will be cut (effectively the whole of art and humanities), student support services will be cut, mass job cuts underway, and plans to stuff students in mega-sized classes underway.

Given at London Met "57% of the university's students are from working class backgrounds and "40% of all BME students in Higher Education in the UK" study there, there is a sense why what is happening at London Met is highly ideological and proof of class/racial increased segregation/social immobility.

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found at

London Video activist network:

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WE WON’T STAND FOR CUTS – Occupation protest song

05-05-2011 01:24

First release of the in-house music-making at the Grad Centre occupation ( CHECK IT OUT AND SPREAD FAR AND WIDE | on youtube: )

Students at London Metropolitan University are occupying the Graduate Centre in opposition to the proposed closure of almost two thirds of the university. The cuts at London Met are of an absolutely devastating scale and demand a response from across our movement. We encourage everyone to rush messages of support to and to send representatives to the teach-in on Saturday:

We Are London Met - Education not Privatisation
Saturday May 7th, 10am-4pm
Graduate Centre, London Met University, Holloway Road
Followed by social in the Rocket Bar, to celebrate the winning the London Living Wage for all workers at London Met.

Draft Programme:
This event is FREE and OPEN to all the community but PLEASE register in advance, by emailing
For more info


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Iranian Hungerstrikers take protest to Home Office

05-05-2011 01:24

Six Iranian pro-democracy activists who have been refused asylum in the UK despite overwhelming evidence of brutal torture for their beliefs will take their protest to the Home Office tomorrow afternoon as they reach day 32 of their hunger strike. Four of the six men, including a 17-year old boy, have sewn their lips shut, saying they fear far worse if forcibly returned to Iran.

- Iranian pro-democracy activists refused asylum in UK reach day 32 of hunger strike against deportation - Some of the men have become seriously ill, unable to walk and urinating blood - Joined by supporters, they will take their protest to the Home Office in Westminster tommorrow from 2pm

Six Iranian pro-democracy activists who have been refused asylum in the UK
despite overwhelming evidence of brutal torture for their beliefs
will take their protest to the Home Office tomorrow afternoon as they
reach day 32 of their hunger strike. Four of the six men, including a
17-year old boy, have sewn their lips shut, saying they fear far worse if
forcibly returned to Iran.

They will be leaving their protest camps outside UKBA's headquarters in
Croydon and Amnesty International's offices Clerkenwell, and will march
with supporters from Parliament Square at 2pm to the Home Office in
Westminster. They invite journalists to attend.

Activists Ahmad Sadeghi Pour, Morteza Bayat, Keyvan Bahari, Kiarash
Bahari, Mahyar Meyari and Mehran Meyari were tortured and imprisoned for
their involvement in protests against the Iranian regime. Yet powerful
evidence of this treatment, including torture wounds and newspaper
clippings identifying them as dissidents, was ignored, which the men and
their supporters say is sympomatic of a systematic policy of disbelief at
the UK Border Agency to keep the numbers of those granted leave to remain

Yet the men also wish to highlight the contradiction in government policy
on the issue of democracy in Iran; while government rhetoric indicates a
support for the democracy movement in that country, according to the Home
Office 1,645 Iranian asylum applicants were refused leave to remain from a
total of 1,870 applications last year.

online petition here:

FB page:

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London Metropolitan University occupied

05-05-2011 01:24

by reelnews

The most savage cuts in the country are planned at London Met, with around 400 courses being cut and hundreds of jobs going. This is the planned future for education: asset stripping in preparation for privatisation. But this is also the way to fight back, as students occupy and workers prepare for strike action...

more info at

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70% of courses cut- London Metropolitan University Occupied

04-05-2011 22:38

The Graduate Centre of Holloway Road Campus is currently occupied by students in protest against Vice- Chancellor Malcolm Gillies’ decision to axe 70% of courses- including Performing Arts, Philosophy and History. Gillies’ decision came as a shock a couple of weeks ago.

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Genetic Modification by Royal Approval

04-05-2011 22:22

In the madness of recent weeks, this one certainly seems to have slippered on by, at least until now.

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Climate, Media and Learning

04-05-2011 22:16

New look at public health risks of climate change, with Harvard's Paul Epstein, and Tim Tarako of Simon Fraser University. Malarial mosquitoes in Scandinavia & Canada by 2025? Interview with Andy Revkin, former environment reporter for The New York Times. Interview with Vermont teacher Katy Farber on "Service Learning" & Captain Charles Saylan on fixing environmental education.

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The Mound - Brighton's Latest Guerilla Garden

04-05-2011 21:45

The Mound in late spring sun
The legacy of the Lewes Road Community Garden lives on in a community of gardeners who stick it to developers and bring green growth to the centre of town

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Connexions Strike Birmingham

04-05-2011 21:05

On a sunny May afternoon on Broad Street, Birmingham, Connexions workers walked out on strike. There were pickets outside the Connexions offices in Kingsheath, Northfield and Broad St. At around 2pm they planned to unofficially march to a rally in the city centre.

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Four dead in Ohio

04-05-2011 19:28

Four student were killed forty years ago today, for protesting against the Vietnam war.

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London Met Students Occupy to Defend Courses

04-05-2011 19:05

UNISON and UCU are encouraged to learn that as of this lunchtime some
of our students - in particular, Performing Arts students, have
occupied the Graduate Centre at London Met in protest against the
massive cuts to courses proposed by London Met management.

They, like us, believe these massive cuts to our course portfolio -
the loss of Performing Arts, Philosophy, History, Caribbean Studies,
Trade Union Studies, .... will irreparably damage local working class
student education and the very essence of our university.

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Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2011

04-05-2011 18:59

Saturday 7 May 2011, 10.30am to 6.30pm, Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY

With over 50 stalls, 28 meetings & workshops, Bristol Indymedia room, Radical History Zone, a kids space, all day vegan cafe. Accessible to all. Entry free, donations welcomed.

For all Bookfair info, including full programme, related other events, publicity materials, venue details, after-party info and links to local groups & bookfair participants please see Bookfair website.

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Italy: wave of arrests among radical student group in Florence

04-05-2011 18:33

A second wave of arrests among radical circles has hit Italy again this morning. The operation, that was led by the police and secret service departments, has concluded with 22 banning orders and a total of 78 people under investigation in Florence, 5 under home arrest.

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Palestine Today 05 04 2011

04-05-2011 15:37

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednsday May 4, 2011

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Osama Bin Laden Death Evidence

04-05-2011 14:41

Bin Laden and Barack Obama.
After three days in which public interest in this story has been built by all known media outlets, the Whitehouse, its dependents and partners, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon, US President Barack Obama spokespersons have finally revealed that images clearly identifying Osama Bin Laden as the male claimed by the US President to have been killed are to be released.
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