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UK Newswire Archive

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Nottingham Occupation Continues

19-10-2011 20:55

Despite the Despite the wind, cold and rain, the Occupy Nottingham camp on Market Square is still going strong five days in, if anything it is actually getting bigger. Support from the public has been phenomenal, but the city coucil are now beginning to make the first noises about the possibility of moving (although not removing) the camp. A wishlist has been produced of things which would be useful.

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Previous feature: Nottingham is occupied

Although there was a slight drop-off of people after the initial surge over the weekend, numbers now seem to be growing. On day 5 there are now around 15 tents, a gazebo and a marquee.

Support from the public has been astonishing with donations of money, food clothing, blankets etc. all being gratefully received. So far the police have largely left the occupation alone, indeed some occupiers have gone so far as to suggest the police are actually offering their support.

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Occupy Nottingham: Day 5

19-10-2011 18:55

Five days into the occupation of Market Square and the protest camp is still going strong, but the city council has begun to make noises about moving the camp.

While, I missed the inception of the occupation over the weekend and can't comment on it's size then, when I wandered along today (Wednesday 19th October), it was my third visit and the camp has got bigger each time. There are now around 15 tents along with a marquee and a gazebo.

Passers-by continue to be astonishingly supportive - while I was there, one person in a suit turned up with a bag full of chips. The city council, however, are not so happy.

When I arrived, a small group of occupiers was talking to a liason from the council. It emerged that (unsurprisingly) there are a number of events planned in the square, first a food market and then this year's Game City. The council asked that people moved, although they claimed that the occupiers didn't need to leave the square entirely.

Apparently, most of Market Square (except for two strips which are public rights of way) is owned by a company called the "City of Nottingham" (although I couldn't find this in the Companies House database) and consequently "private property" on which the occupiers are "trespassing."

The council's request precipitated an extensive discussion amongst occupiers and supporters which wasn't resolved when I left. There was much talk about the specific nuances of the law of trespass, although I suspect this will all be moot if (when?) the council send in the police or private security.

Whatever happens, the occupation is clearly going to need people's continued support. The occupiers have produced a wishlist of things that would be useful. If you haven't been down to visit them already, do and if you have been, consider going again.

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Another Police spy outed

19-10-2011 18:45

just a quick heads-up to watch bbbc2 Newsnight tonight for another instalment of the police spying on non-violent protesters, with a contribution from Bindmans solicitors.

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The Return Of Marx - 2

19-10-2011 18:38

This is the second article looking at Marx's analysis of economic crisis and anti-capitalist forms of organisation. The sub-title of this second piece is anti-Capitalist and post- Capitalist self-Organisation.

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The Dale Farm Eviction and the Whiff of Fascism

19-10-2011 13:35

Cops smash their way onto the property at 7 am
Despite courageous resistance by families and a group of activists, Basildon Council are continuing their eviction of Dale Farm residents, backed up by the iron fisted brutality of Essex riot cops. Harrowing and devastating though the episode is for the people being oppressed, it also has dark implications for society as a whole, in the UK and globally.

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Sparks blockade Blackfriars station site

19-10-2011 12:55

Hundreds of sparks and supporters have blockaded the gates to the Blackfriars station construction site in London this morning, in the latest protest against plans by seven employers to impose new contracts which would downgrade safety and skill levels and downgrade pay for electricians by more than 30% They were also supported by people from OccupyLSX, before marching to the occupation site outside St Paul's cathedral. A national day of action has also been called for 9 November.

Balfour Beatty, who run the Blackfriars construction project, are not only the driving force behind the 35% pay cut and withdrawal from the JIB National Agreement. They are also one of the main culprits in the blacklisting of construction workers for taking part in trade union activities. Other employers are Bailey Building Services, Tommy Clarke, Crown House Technologies, Gratte Brothers, SES and Spie Matthew Hall.

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Dale Farm eviction: more pictures

19-10-2011 12:55

More images from Dale Farm eviction

More images

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Greece General strike live coverage

19-10-2011 12:55


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Occupy Victoria Square – Day 4

19-10-2011 10:44

Interviews from the camp on day 4 of the occupation

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Vegan Extravaganza Returns to Wolverhampton!

19-10-2011 10:21

There's only one place to be on Sat 29th October 2011 - Wolverhampton Civic Hall for the biggest vegan extravaganza ever staged anywhere north of London!

Featuring: 80 stalls, 14 talks/workshops, 5 cookery demos, all vegan bar, live entertainment all day, free food samples galore, press-up competition, Vegan Society Awards presentation, Best Vegan Cupcake Competition, after party till midnight and so much more...!!

All welcome, admission is just £1 (under 16's free).

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Dale Farm Eviction Underway

19-10-2011 08:55

Started at 7am


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Greece General strike live coverage

19-10-2011 08:55 is covering the 48hr general strike in Greece and offers an alternative update on current events.

Thousands of people are protesting against the harsh measures the Greek Government has voted for under the frame of IMF, EU, and the Central European Bank politics. is covering the 48hr general strike in Greece and offers an alternative update on current events.

Thousands of people are protesting against the harsh measures the Greek Government has voted for under the frame of IMF, EU, and the Central European Bank politics.

Workers are seeing their rights violated and their salaries cut down. Old people are hardly able to survive as their pensions have also been the Government's target. Pupils and students see their schools and universities close down, as the new  Act by the Education Ministry has procceeded in enormous cuts.

Today all people of Greece are united and protest against this politics which serves the interest of capitalism and destroys life and hope.

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Dale Farm eviction "will weigh heavily on Britain"

19-10-2011 07:05

Burning Barricade via Fitwatcher
Eviction described as brutal and illegal by human rights observers

Early this morning riot police and bailiffs stormed the Dale Farm community in a dawn raid. Police violated the court order and used sledgehammers to smash through the walls of a fully legal plot on the site in order to force entry. Human rights observers reported several injuries of residents and supporters from police action as they forced their way onto site.

Police are using tasers on those protesting the eviction.
Residents and supporters remain inside the site, many locked on to blockades and caravans together in order to resist the eviction. Police breached the perimeter to initiate the eviction.

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Nottingham Occupy @ Market Square Day 2 Sunday

19-10-2011 00:55

Sunday 16th October 2011

Having camped overnight people are intending to stay as long as they can. The occupation is part of a worldwide movement of occupations that began, in Britain, on 15th Oct. 

The occupation showed solidarity with youths from the Jarrow March 2011 who rallied in Nottingham on Saturday as part of their journey to London to demand decent employment.

On Sunday, capitalism "cocked a snoot" by parking two Rolls Royces, right next to the protestors camp!  I know it was part of a wedding exhibition but I was struck by the symbolism of this gesture :-)

There was however, a counter-balance to this imagery .... by the arrival of Robin Hood and Maid Marion.  As we all know, Mr Hood was quite in favour of a bit of re-ditribution of wealth .... and hence fitted in just fine there.  Welcome ...

As of writing, the temperature is dropping.  BUT ..... people are still arriving.  Passers by are showing interest and donations of food and kit being received. 


Occupy Nottingham

Part of a global movement in solidarity with other occupations across the globe.

We aim to occupy the Market Square Area of Nottingham from Saturday 15th October 2011 as part of an ongoing non-violent/peaceful demonstration.

Broadly speaking, we aim to show that we will no longer tolerate the corporate greed and Government corruption that threatens our way of life and everything we work for.

Currently our government strips away our civil liberties and public services, all in the name of greater profit for banks & corporations who exert far too much influence and control over our supposed leaders.

We want to encourage and inspire people to work together towards a fairer society for all, rather than the current system where the rich few get richer and the rest of us get left behind.

Ways you can help

Join us in our occupation

Tell friends and family about the movement

Donate food, water, clothing, blankets, tents, anything that will make our stay more comfortable - winter is coming! [See wishlist below]

Film us, take photos, question us - share the info with the world (the media certainly won't)

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: @OccupyNotts & OCCUPY Nottingham for Global Change

Email: occupynottingham[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk


Nottingham Occupy 1 The March


Nottingham Occupy 2 The Rally


Nottingham Occupy 3 Uncut Tour


Nottingham Occupy 4 Market Square



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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Epicenter of a coming movement

18-10-2011 22:21

In Vienna, one day before the global day of action 15th of October, people started occupying a huge building. It has been opened as a social center named Epizentrum, for the neighborhood and the whole city, and it is right now in a humming process of being built up.

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Whatever they say squatting will stay! - Squatting in the Netherlands

18-10-2011 22:12

October the 1st 2011 will mark one year since the Kraakverbod made squatting illegal in the Netherlands. However, hundreds of people still squat and will continue to squat.

With squatting in the UK coming under threat, join us to hear 3 squatters from Amsterdam talk in several cities across the UK about squatting before the ban, resistance to the criminalisation and what's been happening since the Kraakverbod became law.

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Aldermaston Women Invade Faslane Peace Camp

18-10-2011 20:55

This weekend saw the delectable women from Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp descend on Faslane.  The theme of the invasion was ‘Domestic Extremists ‘ at large and they did her Majesty’s Royal Navy a service by closing off the North Gate for a few hours on Saturday and giving the Ministry of Defence a much needed lesson in domesticity!  A few of us from Peace Camp joined our sisters and,

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Working gp report backs: #occupylsx assembly tues

18-10-2011 20:55

Tues 18th Oct: the assembly meeting agenda will be:

- Announcement re call out for support for Dale Farm
- Working group feedbacks
- Political / philisophical / strategy discussion (last night this was 'what do we want and how do we get there'- tonight it will be 'what do we as occupylsx occupation practically do in the next week'- small groups discussion then feedback.

NB Working group feedbacks will be short as the 1pm assembly is the one more concerned directly with logistics and planning

For note the wish list of supplies is still sturdy folding tables, lighting + solar lighting, sand + sandbags, marker boards, tents, pavilions, power generation equipment, food, drinks, cutlery, butane gas, rings, saucepans cups, washing up stuff, kettles, buckets brooms, sanitaries, chairs, hammers and nails, wood, ropes, blankets, tarps, gazebos, rope, cushions, cardboard, sleeping mats, waterproofs, bin liners, tape, gaffa, stationary.

And people who can help transport kit with vehicles.

WORKING GROUP FEEDBACKS:  (from those that wanted to)

Bit less press today than previous days. Newsnight were here and we will be on this evening. There's a Guardian journalist staying with us at occupation. We sent out a press release yesterday on the agreed statement, but haven't sent one out today, not one today. Tech team are doing great job - have set up press and tech tent. If you want training or support come see us. There's a callout to make banners reflecting the occupation's statement. Exciting news, tomorrow we are linking up with OccupyFrankfurt and OccupyWallSt in a live text chat to talk about occupations, methods and technology and this will be shown fully on the Guardian website - people from each working group can submit questions for this.

Church liaison group:
We met yesterday with Canon Giles Fraser and had a good talk. He's very pleased to defend right to protest. Having us as new neighbours has caused some unexpected new difficulties and we want to work with then to make it easier. So can we be empowered to send msg to keep the space clean and tidy as possible to live in harmony. A quick note - re the steps because st pauls is unfunded (church or state) it's essential visitors and tourists can access because that's where they get most donations from. And we're working with them on noise issues, to manage timings of noisy activities like assemblies, so do check what time their services are (on the board) and bear this in mind. They can facilitate us but can't help with electricity.

Recycling and general waste:
Thanks to those recycling correctly, keep using the right bags and bins. Have met with police and council and have got 3 recycling bins now installed at the front - don't put general waste in there as if they are contaminated they will be withdrawn. Nb paper cups not recyclable. If you're coming dowhn please bring your own plates, cups and cuttlery.

Info group:
The Info tent should be the portal for all information - so working groups please notify the info group with your details. The info group also needs volunteers if you have a couple of hrs or more to spare

International outreach:
The group has been created to get in touch with assemblies around the world - we are getting organised and figuring out which platforms we use and will be at the info point after the assembly.

University group:
We started the university meetings today and each day will have a lecture at 6pm for half hour then discussion. Come get in touch if you want to propose lectures and discussions - tomorrow is 'neoliberalism and the crisis'.

Outreach group + publicity group:
We are producing leaflets with the assembly statement and contact details - thousands will be ready for tmrw evening. We meet 10am each morning under the capitalism is crisis banner. An outreach event is being planned for saturday afternoon.

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