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UK Newswire Archive

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Farnborough Airport given green light to expand

20-03-2008 13:09

Farnborough Airport has been given the go-ahead to double weekend and bank holiday flights.

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HBOS in crisis

20-03-2008 13:03

Halifax Bank of Scotland is in crisis. The next Northern Rock?

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Stopping of benefits

20-03-2008 12:53

Many claimants are finding their benefits are being stopped on entirely bogus grounds. The intention being to force them off benefits. If they appeal, they usually win and get their benefits reinstated, but at what cost in terms of stress and peace of mind?

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Bush's anniversary address - interpreted

20-03-2008 12:05

US President George W Bush addressed the nation yesterday, delivering a moving speech about the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Extracts reproduced below, with interpretation [in square brackets].

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EDO Blockades On 5th Anniversary Of Shock and Awe

20-03-2008 11:46

This morning eleven demonstrators, acting under the banner of Smash EDO, blockaded EDO MBM a weapons manufacturer in Home Farm Road, Brighton, to mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

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New Earth First! groups following winter moot - get yerself listed in next EF!AU

20-03-2008 11:43

New groups & contacts/support setting up a group

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The Parade of Shame

20-03-2008 11:32

Tuesday January 29, 2008

It takes one a lot of courage to be brave enough (read unashamed) to celebrate a 60 year history of ethnic cleansing, apartheid, occupation, racism and war crimes. And it looks like the main Jewish bodies in the UK have decided to work hand-in-hand, taking their pride in that history to a new level this year by organising the “Salute to Israel” parade in London next June.

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Notts Peoples post offices still fighting despite cutbacks & government spite

20-03-2008 10:32

post office meeting
All is not lost, up to 50 councils are looking at running post offices& are checking Essex council who are leading the charge backed up by peoples post offices like Carrington which is leading the way in saying we can run them profitably ourselves if necessary, all we need is a small loan float of 18,000. Business plans are being built & another large carrington meet is planned in a month or so.All the MPs from both parties who voted with the government will lose votes & people will continue the fight to reopen our post offices in or out of central government control!

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Wrexham Vigil for Iraq - pics

20-03-2008 09:07

Eight members of Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum and Wrexham Women for Peace held a vigil on Hope Street, Wrexham yesterday afternoon to mark the 5th anniversary of the US/UK-led invasion of Iraq.

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tremors felt in the city

20-03-2008 08:40

This week the financial markets are feeling a bit unsteady and HBOS, owners of the Halifax bank are the brunt of a massive fall in confidence.

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just alone

20-03-2008 07:16

people in europe suffer their own problems

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China cracks down on Tibetan protests

20-03-2008 04:53

A wave of protests and riots has rocked Tibet since March 10—the 49th anniversary of a failed rebellion led by the Dalai Lama in 1959. The unrest has put the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership into a dilemma—violent repression risks further international condemnation just months before the Beijing Olympic Games, while any concessions will encourage separatism elsewhere in China, as well as in Taiwan, where a presidential election will be held this Saturday. Moreover, Beijing is acutely aware that protests in Tibet have the potential to trigger wider social discontent over unemployment and the highest levels of inflation in 12 years.

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Protesters commemorate Iraqi war dead at military recruitment event in London

20-03-2008 01:41

Two days ahead of the fifth anniversary of the start of the US- and UK-led invasion of Iraq, commando engineers sensitively staged a recruitment event in northwest London. Three anti-war protesters went along to try and persuade locals not to make the biggest mistake of their lives.

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Aldermaston - lies revealed and last call for registrations

19-03-2008 23:57

Responding to questions following the government's National Security Strategy statement earlier today, Gordon Brown said "We have already made our decisions about Trident and have set aside the money for that to happen".

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Peace movement enters a New Phase

19-03-2008 23:53

A 15 minute video documenting the demonstration in London on Saturday 15th March. This is a video of what the people had to say...

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Nottingham MayDay Celebrations 2008.

19-03-2008 23:51

The annual march and rally to celebrate International Workers Day will once again take place in Nottingham. On Saturday 3rd. May local people will come together with music, song and speeches, and a march through the city centre, in a traditional MayDay carnival.

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The victorious trip

19-03-2008 23:20

In the light of these news reports, which are increasing by the hour, was Cheney’s a victorious trip or not?

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Aussie PM scandalized over 'Chinese Controller' connections

19-03-2008 22:15

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is appearing to be one of the most compromised publicly elected officials in the history of Australia. How such a person can offer impartial decision making in a democracy is an important question. Does he plan to represent the interests of ‘Australia’ or is he beholden to promises and obligations extending from his ever expanding folio of global business connections? As recent media reports show there is certainly a need for a parliamentary enquiry to establish whether Kevin Rudd is a fit person to hold office. May be time to check those ministerial guidelines that you rolled out last November Mr Rudd.

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Important notice : Camden Lab Campaign

19-03-2008 22:06

Roger Robinson who is a Camden councillor is against the lab. When writing to Mr Robinson will all AR people write letters of support and treat this man with respect. Roger attended a meeting despite being on crutches / just out of hospital and passionatley fought against the lab.

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On the Verge Screening scuppered by licensing laws!

19-03-2008 20:37

Police use 'grey area' licencing laws as a tool for censorship!
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