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UK Newswire Archive

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Funding taken away for opposing EDL?

24-03-2010 18:35

Nottingham City Council have decided to end funding for the Council for Equality and Human Rights Nottingham and Nottinghamshire (CEHRNN). Reports in local rag the Evening Post suggest that this decision may have been motivated, at least in part, by the organisation's role in last December's demonstration against the English Defence League (EDL).

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UKIP not welcome in Romsey

24-03-2010 17:36

say no to mass racism
UKIP billboard improved by local people

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Support for Black Wood Solidarity Camp needed - ancient woodland being felled

24-03-2010 17:20

It’s day three of the occupation of Black Wood, a designated wildlife site and ancient woodland, as campaigners attempt to stop UK Coal from open cast mining 720,000 tonnes of coal from their Blair House site in Fife. The woodland was occupied last Sunday as 25 activists blocked and barricaded the access road using a scaffolding tripod, and took to the trees putting up nets, platforms and treehouses.

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Our right to protest: Support the London-Gaza Protesters at court, Fri. 26 March

24-03-2010 15:49

Many thousands of us came out to demonstrate against Israeli war crimes committed against the people of Gaza in January 2009.

Following these protests in front of the Israeli Embassy in London, 119 young people were arrested. They were predominantly Muslim and aged between 16-19 years, the youngest was 12. So far 78 people have been charged with offences, the vast majority of these are public order offences which hold a maximum of 5 years imprisonment.

The next hearing is scheduled for the 26th March, at 9.30 at Isleworth Crown Court. It is important that as many people as possible come out to show that they support the young people and recognise the unfairness of these convictions and will not stand for it.

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Mel Broughtons conviction overturned but he will have a third trial

24-03-2010 15:24

the trial wll be the third over the same allegation!

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Budget Day Civil Service Strike

24-03-2010 13:46

PCS Members outside Jobcentre Plus Offices.
Up to a quarter of a million civil and public servants from across the UK are taking part in a one day strike on budget day today, in a dispute over cuts to redundancy pay.

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UK MPs accuse US military of Fallujah human rights atrocities

24-03-2010 13:24

The suffering of innocent Iraqis

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Bristol Eco Village - the Urban Centre for Alternative Technology.

24-03-2010 13:12

Within the next few months, an Urban Eco Village will be setup in Bristol. Have you got the courage to move off-grid and help make it a monumental success? It doesn't matter if you have no skills or experience - this time last year I didn't.

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Support the Decommissioners - on Trial - May 17th

24-03-2010 13:11

The EDO Decommissioners always intended to go to trial – now set for May 17th – Not as the accused but as the accusers making the case that their action was lawful because they were disarming an arms factory which is complicit in war crimes.

Postponed from last autumn, the trial of the six people charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage at the ITT/EDO MBM offices in Brighton in January 2009 now begins on May 17th.

On 17th January 2009, as the bombs rained down on Gaza, the six defendants entered the EDO factory. They threw computers and filing cabinets out of the first floor window and took hammers to machinery used for weapons production. Their aim was to disable the war machine and to take action against those who profit from the aerial bombardment of Gaza. The offices were out of action for a month.

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Sodexo's Lake side Cafe targeted

24-03-2010 12:41

On Sunday night the doors of Sodexo's Lakeside Cafe were locked and windows covered with graffiti. Sodexo are amongst those who profiteer from the boarder regime and industrial prison complex.

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Sanctuary for Ali Hili - Action alert: Iraqi LGBT need your help

24-03-2010 10:24

The UK government through its Border Agency has decided not to give priority to the asylum application of Iraqi, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) leader Ali Hili, in exile in London. The application has been outstanding for nearly three years and while it is outstanding, Ali cannot travel.

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Their crime was to be black at the wrong time in the US

24-03-2010 01:35

Robert King with Anita Roddick, Aug. 2002
As a new film charts the story of the Angola 3, wrongly imprisoned in America’s most notorious penitentiary for 37 years, the documentary’s producer and Big Issue co-founder Gordon Roddick tells of the campaign, started by his late wife Anita, to reverse the injustice

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EDL Planning Deadly Race Riots

24-03-2010 00:28

The media and the riot police in Bolton portrayed the so-called "English Defence League" as friendly, happy-go-lucky "treehuggers", but the ugly truth shone through later Saturday evening when a gang of chanting EDL thugs gathered in a pub on Oldham Road, Middleton intent on violence.

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“Produce of Israel”: British Company Mislabelling Settlement Goods

23-03-2010 23:36

Herbs inside the Halpert Moshe Packing House
Despite increased publicity regarding the labelling of Israeli settlement produce, and the recent DEFRA guidance on the matter which states that produce from the settlements should be labelled as such, it only took us a few minutes inside the illegal Jordan Valley settlement of Mehola to find herbs bound for a British company being mislabelled. Herbs bearing the logo of Fresh Direct, who have their head office in Oxfordshire, were spotted inside the Halpert Moshe ‘fresh herbs’ packing house which operates under the Carmel Agrexco banner. At this location herbs being prepared came with a joint Fresh Direct/Carmel Agrexco label which clearly states the product as being “Produce of Israel”, despite being packaged in an organic farm on an illegal settlement in the Israeli occupied West Bank. The label we collected was for 70 grams of sage with the text written in English, indicating that the contents were intended for export to Britain. There were also herbs labelled in German (without the Fresh Direct logo) inside the packing house.

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Mike Ruppert's Q&A will be livestreamed on Friday evening

23-03-2010 21:54

Michael Ruppert: the man who broke the story of the CIA dealing cocaine, predicted the 'credit crunch' of 2008 and connected the dots between 'The War on Terror" and Peak Oil ... just some of his many achievements in 30 years of political activism

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Why is there popular protest in Venezuela?

23-03-2010 21:34

* For the benefit of those who find themselves surprised or disconcerted by the generalised decline of conditions in Venezuela, as well as the increase in popular struggle (2,893 street demonstrations between October 2008-September 2009; compared with 1,763 in the same period in 2007-08) – either because they are unaware of the situation here, they are based abroad, or because they always accept the official version of events – we expound below on some factors which contribute to social conflicts here.

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Unique Global Event - Glastonbury UK & Webcast - "the kitchen Table"

23-03-2010 19:40

" The Kitchen Table" will be a blending of theatre and discussion, where there
is no audience as such as everyone is welcome to be involved.
For those unable to attend the event in Glastonbury in person. the discussions
will be webcast through the website

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Deportation of Patrick Mitonga Masengo

23-03-2010 19:11

Please stop the removal of Patrick Mitonga Masengo to DR Congo.
he is pictured here taking part in a Congolese Protest in Manchester on 13th March, against just this sort of happening.
He was arrested on March 19th 2010.

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Police Monitoring and Legal Observation Training

23-03-2010 17:06

Are you worried about abuse of police powers at protests and in your community?
Ever moaned about an ever increasing police state but haven't known what to do?
Come to the Network for Police Monitoring training and start holding them to account for their actions.

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Protest against Nick Griffin in New Malden (22nd March)

23-03-2010 16:36

Fascist Nick Griffin was in New Malden debating with the Barking general election candidate for the Christian Party. About 25 people held a protest outside the venue. Most were local and most were young.
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