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UK Newswire Archive

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Chilean Primate Research Centre Close Down

30-01-2008 22:01

After the centre was exposed by an undercover investigation during the summer of 2003, and a constant campaign to close it down that started on April of 2006...this is just the first vivisection place to be closed in Chile.

Full article US Military Doctors Infect Guantanamo Detainee with HIV‏

30-01-2008 21:27

US Military Doctors Infect Guantanamo Detainee with HIV - what do you do to deserve this? What else are they injecting detainees with? Why won't the US military release any medical records?

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NATO and Israel: Instruments of America's Wars in the Middle East

30-01-2008 20:53

Israel through its officials and government leaders is being used to maintain tension in the Middle East. Israel is an instrument which justifies Anglo-American and Franco-German intervention. Why else would the U.S. get angry with Israel because Tel Aviv did not endanger its own interests by attacking Syria during the 2006 Israeli against Lebanon and facing the wrath of an expanded regional war with Iran and Syria?

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socpa 128 Lakenheath 8 trial

30-01-2008 19:27

A lakenheath plane with bombs dropped painted on the side
On 26th 27th and 28th of March 2008 the Lakenheath 8 finally go to trial for a socpa 128 and criminal damage charge. The L8 took action in October 2006 at USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk against the use of cluster bombs and conventional weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 8 activists, Pete, Lesley, Mell, Lesley, Richie, Margaret, Irene and Emma entered the nuclear base and locked themselves to the munitions area gates to stop the loading of weapons onto the F15 e planes. The new at the time 'socpa' laws covered the base and the 8 new that they maximum sentence was a year in prison and a £5,000 fine

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Big Business + Biofuels = Disaster

30-01-2008 19:16

As part of a week of local actions against Bio-fuels Rhythms of Resistance Manchester played Samba and gave out leaflets outside Tesco on Upper Brook Street, around rush hour, on the 25th January.

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Free polish anarchist Adam Pazuryna!

30-01-2008 18:43

We demand the immediate release of our comrade, Adam Pazuryna, from arrest. Adam has been held in Bialoleka jail in Warsaw since late December. He was arrested on bogus charges during a useless and unprovoked police action on May 16, 2005. Protestors had just finished a demonstration during the Council of Europe Summit in Warsaw and were about to just go home when the clowns in badges decided to arrest people. As usual, nothing at all was going on at the moment of arrest, so cops were just harrassing people at the end of the protest and looking to pick up some random people just to score some arrests and to show that protesting is not to be tolerated.

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HLS Suppliers Exposed: Singh Skips

30-01-2008 16:20

Another company revealed who profit from the mass sufering inside HLS...

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UK & Global Direct Action Reports

30-01-2008 16:11

ALF / DBF / FLA actions from: Netherlands, France, UK, Mexico, Sweden, Ireland & Austria. Furriers, butchers, hunting platforms and a pharmacy, restaurant, circus and HLS client executive's property are sabotaged and/or redocarated.

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Palestine Today 013008

30-01-2008 16:04

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday January 30th, 2008.

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Racist murder in Kiev, Ukraine

30-01-2008 15:39

In desparate emails refugees in Kiev are reporting another racist murder.

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Indymedia screening tonight

30-01-2008 14:57

When Mexican paramilitary forces shot Brad Will in the chest, killing him, his camera fell from his hands. But it didn't stop recording. It continued moving from hand to hand. Brad's camera paints us a picture of what his life was about, and what so many of his friends continue to struggle for.

Tonight at the rampART there is a screening and discussion with the film maker and indymedia activist from south america.

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Support The Harmondsworth 4! - Demonstrate Monday 4 February

30-01-2008 13:49

The trial of four men who were in Harmondsworth IRC at the time of the protest there on 28 November 2006 opened on Monday 14th January 2008 at Southwark Crown Court.

There has been a demonstration each Monday morning, and the next one is on 4 February 9-10.30am. Please join us!

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Climate Camp Exhibition comes to Leeds

30-01-2008 11:09

The Climate Camp exhibition, a huge hit in London and Nottingham, continues it's maiden tour...
and is finally coming to Leeds!

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LSE Union Divided as Students Condemn Israel's Apartheid Regime

30-01-2008 10:40

Over 600 students turned out to debate a motion on Israeli apartheid at the London School of Economics Students' Union (LSESU) Union General Meeting (UGM) last Thursday, 24 January 2008. Students packed the Old Theatre and spilled out into the corridors for the motion, entitled 'Make Apartheid History', which condemned Israel's Apartheid regime and called for the LSESU to lobby the school and the National Union of Students (NUS) to divest from Israeli and international companies that support the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

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Bush’s last State of the Union speech overshadowed by deepening crisis

30-01-2008 01:22

George W. Bush used his eighth and final State of the Union speech Monday night to outline an agenda of continuing wars of aggression abroad together with social reaction and political repression at home that is certain to continue well past his leaving office a year from now, no matter which party wins the 2008 election.

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Prison-death demonstration, Styal Prison, Tues 5 February 2008

30-01-2008 00:24

A peaceful demonstration will be held outside Styal Prison, Cheshire, England, UK
on Tuesday 5 February 2008, commencing 1.30 pm
to protest against the death of the young mother Lisa Marley, aged 32
who died in the care of the jail on 23 January 2008
All are welcome to attend, including reporters and photographers

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Police Federation response to BNP on police march

29-01-2008 23:41

Date: 29 January 2008
Source: Searchlight

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The biggest threat to international security and peace: the "Gang of Four"

29-01-2008 23:25

Two countries of the Gang of Four, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, are undergoing an internal political crisis triggered by the deep disconnect there is between the ruling elites (prostitutes of the Empire) and not only their public opinion but even a good chunk of the elites themselves. This is not unlike what is now also taking place in Egypt. Israel and Turkey are thus the most formidable ones among the others and they are the leaders of the gang; if there is a true 'axis of evil' is certainly the one linking Jerusalem to Ankara.

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British plans to arm Afghan militias reignite tensions with US

29-01-2008 23:23

Comments by a US general on British policy in Afghanistan have once again brought to the fore tensions between the two major occupation powers in the country.

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1,000 people a day gain bugs

29-01-2008 22:57

so watch out!
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