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UK Newswire Archive

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Did 9/11 justify the war in Afghanistan?

28-06-2010 10:57

There are many other questions that have been, and should be, asked about this war, but in this essay, I focus on only one: Did the 9/11 attacks justify the war in Afghanistan?

This question has thus far been considered off-limits, not to be raised in polite company, and certainly not in the mainstream media. It has been permissible, to be sure, to ask whether the war during the past several years has been justified by those attacks so many years ago. But one has not been allowed to ask whether the original invasion was justified by the 9/11 attacks.

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EDL Hijack British Armed Forces Week

28-06-2010 10:25

The EDL hijack the British Armed Forces home-coming parades throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, latching onto official mayoral welcomes, marching down streets cans and bottles in hand, deluded into believing that all the councillors, the town and city mayors, the soldiers and their friends and families who turn out are giving their tactit approval for everything the neo-Nazi rabble stand for.

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Saturday 3rd July 12noon, Canadian Embassy protest over G20 arrests

28-06-2010 10:20

A mass protest has been called outside the Canadian embassy for this Saturday the 3rd of July in protest at the violent repression and arrests of G20 protesters in Toronto. Meet outside the Canadian Embassy on the west side of Trafalgar Square at 12noon.

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28-06-2010 10:10

P+E Poster
We extend a warm welcome to the people of Liverpool and beyond to enjoy a full day of FREE entertainment at our fourth Merseyside CND Peace & Ecology Festival at St. Luke's church in Liverpool City Centre.

July 4th is American Independence day and at St.Lukes CND underlines our urgent need to regain British independence from American military bases.

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BBC thinks this is acceptable

28-06-2010 09:18

Comments on Concentration camps

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After London, hot reception for G8/G20 in Toronto

28-06-2010 08:22

The G8/G20 jamboree rolled up in Toronto Canada last week. Not to be outdone by the authorities in London last April, over a billion dollars has been spent on security with over 16,000 cops drafted in to support local cops in stomping on dissent. A London based activist is over there and has been on the streets over the last four days of protests. The arrest count in now exceeds 600 (still a long way off the mass arrests experienced in Copenhagen during COP15). Corporate buildings have been smashed and police cars left burning...


Like the G20 protests in London last April, activists have experienced preemptive raids of homes and convergence spaces in the days leading up to the protests and during the protests themselves. After driving by the Alternative Media Centre several times the previous night, police showed up to intimidate and search people there claiming they could not be sure that those inside the space had broken in or were squatting. Many alternative journalists have been assaulted or detained. One was arrested for filming police doing searches at a convergence space where many activists were preparing to return to their home cities. Over 200 cops raided the space arrested at least 20 people and trapping many more inside. Twitter has been buzzing with reports of severe overcrowding, repeated strip searches and denial of food and water in the massive detention centres set up imprison those arrested. A prisoner solidarity demo outside on the detention centre was violently broken up by cops firing into the crowd (video/audio).


"Don't believe corporate media hype. The streets of Toronto were full of thousands of informed individuals who care about the lack of legitimacy of the G20, their undemocratic backroom deals, their instance on continuing to privatize the commons and socialize risk. Harper has tried to criminalize dissent by spending $1billion for this summit but lots of people demonstrated today that he has gone far beyond the pale of acceptability - his attempt to peddle his neo-liberal austerity measures to the rest of the G20 in order to pay for the banking bailout will destroy social progress it took decades to build. But dissent is what will save us and I am glad to report that lots of people in this town are not having it!"

"Demo was amazing. Huge, multicultural, labour movements, environmental movements, justice, loads of people from everywhere. Press here is a shit storm. black block are being vilified, lots of broken stuff but no looting - very canadian." 

 - report from London based activist on the ground in Toronto

Photos here:

Some good videos here 

Audio interview here:



You can expect some good coverage in the Guardian as it has been reported that one of their journalists was assaulted and arrested there -



Unfortunately Indymedia is pretty much a dead project in Canada with most of the regional sites now gone or no longer maintained. There is no IMC Toronto but some coverage is being posted to and

For example:


There is a mobalising web site set up with info about the various demos etc here

Additionally there is a social media aggregation site set up by the Toronoto Media Coop (, pulling in content from youtube, flickr and twitter etc with the tag #g20report see


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Demographics show world set for religious resurgence

28-06-2010 08:09

This is a repost...but it is news, and it is important for those of us who are concerned about organised superstitions:

"Demographics show world set for religious resurgence
Immigration, higher birth rates and better retention levels the key
Secular lifestyle, attitudes lead to lower birthrates"

What do people think? How can be resist this? Should we be concerned?

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Spending cuts in Britain worst since World War II

28-06-2010 07:38

After detailed examination of the UK coalition budget measures, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said the country faces the “longest, deepest, sustained period of cuts to public services spending at least since World War II”. It is the first time that a British government has proposed six consecutive years of spending cuts.

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Irish unions agree to four-year strike ban

28-06-2010 07:36

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU)’s public service committee voted last week to formally agree a four-year strike ban, wholesale rationalisations in public services, unknown thousands of “voluntary” job losses and a continued pay freeze. The so-called Croke Park agreement is the worst so far agreed by any union federation in Europe in response to the economic crisis.

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Charles Atangana Belongs to Glasgow

28-06-2010 07:10

Charles Atangana
Charles Atangana a national of Cameroon and resident of Glasgow, is currently in detention and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 on Tuesday 29th June 2010 at 20:00 to Nairobi and then KQ524 to Yaounde in Cameroon

This will be the second attempt to deport Charles a previous attempt in July 2007 failed after a last minute intervention by his legal team.

Friend in Glasgow and Glasgow NUJ are campaigning to keep Charles in the UK

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28-06-2010 02:03

Peace & Ecology Leaflet 2010
We extend a warm welcome to the people of Liverpool and beyond to enjoy a full day of FREE entertainment at our fourth Merseyside CND Peace & Ecology Festival at St. Luke's church in Liverpool City Centre.

July 4th is American Independence day and at St.Lukes CND underlines our urgent need to regain British independence from American military bases.

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solidarity with 500 Toronto arrestees

28-06-2010 01:49

Appeal for broad political support for the G20 arrestees
June 27, 2010 - 3:00pm | by movementdefence

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Highgate farm demonstrations from groups up and down the country

27-06-2010 23:08

Activists from up and down the country are still regularly protesting outside highgate rabbit farm who still continue to breed animals such as rabbits and ferrets and sell them to be subjected to cruel animal experiments.

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Martha & Vincent Remove Foie Gras

27-06-2010 22:58

Another day, another result as pressure builds on the foie gras vendors.

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Government to tell unemployed to ‘get migrating!’

27-06-2010 22:01

Iam Duncan Strings
A spoof of recent announcements by UK government which fail to address the reality for those in oppressed communities.

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Muslim Women Told to Remove Veils during Prison Visit

27-06-2010 22:00

Cageprisoners has received disturbing reports from the families of prisoners in the Detainee Unit at HMP Long Lartin that Muslim women visiting relatives - who have been held without charge or trial for years on end - were told to remove their hijaabs (head coverings) and niqaabs (veils) in order to be photographed for security purposes on Saturday, 19th June. This information has been confirmed by the prisoners' legal representatives who have written to the prison authorities asking for an explanation regarding the events of last week.

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Explosive Evidence at WTC Cited by Former CDI Employee

27-06-2010 21:57

Having had the privilege of speaking with Tom Sullivan, an actual explosive-charge placement technician, we have some new insights to pass along as to how controlled demolition works, where it started, and the effect that 9/11 had on the demolition industry. Sullivan gained his experience as an employee of the leading firm in this field, Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) . Sullivan stresses though “I do not in anyway represent CDI and what I have to say is based on my own experience and training,”

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Critical Mass London June 2010

27-06-2010 21:22

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One arrest with loads of cops and several drivers trying to physically intimidate corkers by nosing into them with horns blazing.


The ride started heading South and then changed its mind and went North over Waterloo Bridge, along the Strand and into Whitehall. Arriving at Parliament Square, greetings were exchanged between CM and the Democracy villagers, who have been camped out opposite Parliament for two months now. We then headed for Buckingham Palace and made several circuits there. The Queen didn't seem to mind but drivers did.

Then up to Wellington Arch. along Park Lane and back down again finally arriving at Piccadilly Circus and doing a bike lift there. Then heading East towards the impromptu destination, the Foundry squat which is facing eviction. On the way there a rider was arrested and the police turned up with an estimated 30 vehicles, and they caused a lengthy traffic delay.

There were several reports of drivers deliberately ramming cyclists. I saw one woman cyclist knocked to the ground by a taxi. but the police don't seem at all interested in such things.

Apart from the incidents it was a very happy ride indeed.


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Sunday Brunch - Leeds

27-06-2010 21:16

Sabs are holding a fund raising brunch at the common place this week.
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