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UK Newswire Archive

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Invitation to 'Mass deportations, Mass resistance' public forum

26-10-2009 22:16

A public forum to build resistance against mass deportations organised by the Stop Deportation network

Saturday, 7th November 2009, 12-5pm @ the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London

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LSE Students Disrupt Israeli Foreign Minister Lecture

26-10-2009 21:40

Students and activists protested and disrupted a lecture tonight at the London School of Economics (LSE) by Daniel Ayalon, the controversial Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel.

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Campaigners protest outside the Home Office against Iraq deportations

26-10-2009 21:32

About 50 people gathered outside the Home Office in central London demanding the immediate release of Iraqi detainees who were deported to Baghdad two weeks ago but were returned to detention after the Iraqi authorities refused to admit them. A number of them have been on hunger strike since Monday, 19th October, in protest at their continued detention and inhumane treatment. One of the hunger strikers addressed the crowd from detention via a phone-loud speaker link and read out a statement by the hunger strikers.

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Expose & New Campaign - SHUT DOWN DOGS 4 US!

26-10-2009 20:52

Hot on the heels of making West Yorkshire fur-free, West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group has launched a brand new undercover investigation to go along with our new campaign:


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DECEMBER SEEDS - a greek short film

26-10-2009 20:39

An interesting short film for the revolt in Athens Greece December 2008.

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Unlock the Camps- demonstration for Sri Lanka

26-10-2009 19:14

Demonstration for Sri Lanka, Market Square, Cambridge
Cambridge calls for the release of a quarter of a million people from de facto detention camps in Sri Lanka.

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Palestine Today 261009

26-10-2009 17:45


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday October 26th, 2009.

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WARN: Cheltenham Regency Hotel Foie Gras Free!

26-10-2009 16:33

After meetings with WARN the Cheltenham Regency Hotel has agreed to go Foie Gras free with immediate effect and will also be giving their reasons on the new, adjusted, Christmas Menu.

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WARN: Two more shops in Stratford go fur free!

26-10-2009 16:31

Two more shops in Stratford go fur free!
Both Ideal Clothes and Nuha in Stratford have confirmed today they are fur free.

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We’re usually more ‘class’ than ‘climate’

26-10-2009 14:40

We’re usually more ‘class’ than ‘climate’, but we remember Doncaster Earth Centre before it became corrupted by outside funding.

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IATA to cut CO2 emission by 50% by 2050!

26-10-2009 14:15

The international aviation body IATA has agreed to cut aviation emissions by 2050.

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The happiest people in the world?

26-10-2009 14:12

In a Oprah show regarding Denmark and the Danish society from October 2009, the Danes is presented as the “the most happy people in the world”! In the 20 minutes show reel the Danish society is presented as an almost paradise on earth.

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NATO call to action - Edinburgh - 13th November

26-10-2009 14:10


In November the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will meet in Edinburgh. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly is an attempt at legitimising the alliance with a hint of democracy. This is a front. The NATO PA does nothing but maintain NATO's role as a global military force used by the west to dominate and control. Its influence stretches from the highlands of Scotland where nature reserves are used as playgrounds for NATO's war games, to the highlands of Afghanistan where villages live in fear of NATO attack.

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Protest Letter to LSE Director re: invitation to Israeli deputy FM for lecture

26-10-2009 13:13

LSE invited Israeli Deputy FM Danny Ayalon to speak at LSE today. Ayalon was elected on a racist platform and he should exercise his "freedom of speech" in the Hague. LSE has a tradition of pro-Palestine activism. LSE administration has rejected several demands from activist, including divestment from Israel.

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Two big barricades, two lock-ons and work stopped again at Mainshill Wood

26-10-2009 12:16

This morning at around 7am the access road being used by loggers and other contractors to gain access to Mainshill Wood was blockaded by residents at the Mainshill Solidarity Camp.

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'Do you want to die?': environmental activists at risk

26-10-2009 12:14

Recent abductions and threats against activists trying to prevent logging in South-East Asia are part of a worrying trend of violence against those exposing environmental issues

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Activists Interrupt Coal Supply Destined for Ratcliffe-on-Soar

26-10-2009 11:08

Today 20 activists from Earth First! (1) stopped work at UK Coal's opencast coal mine near Shipley (2), Derbyshire. The protesters entered the site at 9.20am and climbed on top of machinery, intending to stay as long as possible they are currently occupying 6 vehicles. This protest is part of a campaign to stop new coal mines and coal power stations in the UK. It follows hot on the heels of last week's Climate Swoop at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, where coal from Shipley is burnt.

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N Power's Didcot coal powered station under siege

26-10-2009 09:39

Didcot Power Station
Climate campaigners have this morning shut down N-Power’s flagship coal plant at Didcot in Oxforshire.

The twenty peaceful protesters rode their push-bikes past security guards at 4.30am this morning before splitting into two groups. One team has shut down the giant coal conveyors which feed the boilers at the plant, while a second group of nine men and women has climbed the inside of the iconic 200m-high chimney and reached the top. They say they have enough food and water to stay in place for ‘weeks, not days’ - during which time the plant will be unable to operate. Already the activists in the chimney are securing the route behind them to ensure they can’t be reached by police and security guards.

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YouGov defrauded in BNP poll sting

26-10-2009 09:28

YouGov - being conned by the BNP

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THE British National Party office in Burnley Town Center

26-10-2009 09:26

THE British National Party has been quietly running an office in Burnley town centre for up to nine years, the Lancashire Telegraph can reveal.
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