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UK Newswire Archive

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Proposal for anarchist/anti-authoritarian presence at 'put people first' demo

27-02-2009 18:38

The 'Spring offensive' against the G20 is shaping up to be a major event in the anarchist calendar this year, and also a massive opportunity to gain exposure and expose thousands of people to our message.

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All night demo at EDO to commemorate the anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

27-02-2009 18:19

Remember the War?

The invasion of Iraq began on the night of 19th/20th March 2003. Since then over a million people have died as a result of the invasion and occupation. EDO have been making money out of the suffering of the people of Iraq. The company produce components for the Paveway III and IV, the most used missiles in the 2003-4 bombardment

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Second Peoples' Forum

27-02-2009 18:10

Official Poster
Second Peoples' Forum, March 20-23, 2009, Bogota, Colombia, South America.

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Migrant Support Volunteer Arrested in NW France

27-02-2009 17:19

In recent months a number of volunteers for French migrant support groups have been arrested. This appears to be a deliberate policy on the part of the French judiciary and police as the Sarkozy governement increases repressive measures against the hundreds of migrants in the area.

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circus+ elephants TONIGHT.

27-02-2009 17:03

The so called Great british circus are planning to use elephants tonight in nottingham.....

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Who killed Nikkita Walters and Katie-Jo Davies?

27-02-2009 16:51

To mark Cardiff students' victory over David Grant, vice-chancellor of Cardiff university, who's suddenly changed his mind about supporting the likes of BAE Systems and General Electric, South Wales Anarchists proudly present a few more of the movers and shakers of the Welsh war machine...

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This Week in Palestine -Week 09 2009

27-02-2009 16:50


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for February 21st through February 27th, 2009.

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Global Day of Action

27-02-2009 16:20

The Global Freedom Coalition proposes, 12 Noon GMT, Saturday July 4th 2009 to start a global day of action, when people take to the streets in cities, towns and villages around the world and object to the 'Big Brother' surveillance state, to ID cards, CCTV cameras, internet, email and phone surveillance, oppressive laws and other human rights issues.

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ManchesterG20 meeting Thursday the 5th

27-02-2009 15:10

As a result of our last meeting it was agreed to host another on Thursday the 5th of March to co-ordinate and organise responses to the G20. This meeting will start at 7pm in Meeting Room one in the Manchester University Students union on Oxford Road.

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Independent Film Night in Southampton 01/03/09

27-02-2009 14:38

Subvert The City Arts Collective presents their 2nd evening of independent films at The Hobbit pub in Southampton

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Flying people to torture and death

27-02-2009 14:19

A Brighton family was forcibly deported to Algeria last week on an Air Algérie flight from Heathrow. The first attempt to deport them on a British Airways flight three days before had failed, allegedly because there was 'a problem with their tickets.' Both times campaigners from Brighton and London gathered at the airport and leafleted crew members and passengers to try and get them to protest on board, which may explain why the deportation was cancelled the first time. Earlier that week, about 50 Iraqi refugees refused asylum were not so lucky to have 'tickets with problems' or protesters leafleting at the airport. Instead, they were surreptitiously taken through the VIP entrance at Stansted airport and put on a special 'ethnic charter flight' operated by a Czech airline, which carried them to Erbil in northern Iraq. A few deportees were taken off the plane, just before it took off, after last-minute interventions by solicitors and MPs. One deportee was flown back to London after winning a High Court injunction.

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Campaigners to Agrexco: We don't want your bloodstained flowers

27-02-2009 14:15

As Palestine solidarity campaigners continue to hold protests and take direct action against Israeli exporter Carmel-Agrexco, the Israeli government tries to 'confuse' the boycott campaign against the company by allowing it to export flowers grown in Gaza in a Valentine-special PR exercise.

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Climate suffragettes rush annual coal industry awards

27-02-2009 14:09

Direct and to the point
Another climate rush occured last night at the Landmark hotel at Marylebone. Around 100 protesters rushed into the hotel where the annual coal awards (yes, really) were meant to be taking place. In the light of the seriousness of climate change it was propably a bit of a PR own goal for the coal industry to be celebrating the dirtiest fuel on the planet. An alternative awards ceremony took place with more apropriate catagories....

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Victory for Plymouth Occupation!

27-02-2009 13:09

Students of Plymouth University have successfully won most of their demands in just 4 days of negotiation with their university management.

The following is an extract from their blog.

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Flier for G20 protests

27-02-2009 12:50

I found this flier and thought people on IM might be interested in seeing it!

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Is The Pirate Bay 40% Owned By a "Neo Nazi" ?

27-02-2009 12:49

According to reports, The Pirate Bay is 40% owned by Carl Lundström

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Dublin Protest Against U2's Bono

27-02-2009 11:29

Paul O'Toole plays the role of Bono™ in begging for another Corporate Tax Break

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Boycott Fascist Employer: Ivell Marketing & Logistics Ltd in Clacton-on-Sea

27-02-2009 11:26

Sacks its staff for comments made outside work...

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Defeating Complaints, Creating Rage by John Bowden

27-02-2009 09:57

The liberal argument that internal prison justice and the equitable resolution of prisoners' grievances is a critically important factor in maintaining the equilibrium and legitimacy of prison regimes, while also preventing the widespread embitterment of a group of people already significantly in conflict with the system, is obviously true in a particular sense. In the closed and hidden world of prison where the guards and system they enforce wield an omnipotent degree of power over prisoners the manner in which prisoners' complaints and grievances are dealt with will inevitably determine whether that power is frequently abused or mediated with at least some semblance of fairness and lawfulness.
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