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UK Newswire Archive

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Iran sanctions: an obsession explained in four acts and a poem

06-07-2010 08:35

Kashan Bazaar
The five nuclear powers go after Iran, that unlikeable country ruled by priests of a foreign religion that happens to be sitting on the world’s third largest lake of oil.

But it’s not Iran’s oil they’re interested in, it’s Iran’s right to develop its own nuclear technology that worries them. And it’s not Iran’s rights they want to suppress, it’s the right to nuclear technology that they want to eliminate.

They want to establish a precedent. They want to reform the NPT to turn certain aspects of nuclear-technology development into something that will be illegal for all except for themselves, and they want to intrusively verify compliance to these new rules, enforcing this verification militarily if need be.

What is at stake in the Iranian nuclear affair is our own right to the future. If we don’t stop the nuclear barons now, we never will.

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BP, Government Blocking Press from Reporting Their "Ballet at Sea"

06-07-2010 05:56

"As high tourist season approaches, there will be people who 'come on down to Alabama' regardless of the oil spill. A delicate balance between preparation for the worst and the pleasure of tourists is in the making."

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Overwhelmed by Oil and Toxic Pollutants: The Destruction of an Entire Coastline

06-07-2010 02:33

"Fifty dolphin have so far, been reported found dead. Experts estimate only one tenth of species which die will be washed up. The full toll of big oil's "collateral damage", now, previously and in the future, will likely never be known."

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Watch Uhuru Video on the African Congress on July 10-14 in D.C.

06-07-2010 01:20

Video of upcoming 5th Congress of the African People's Socialist Party

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Demo for decommissioner Elijah Smith this Wednesday‏

05-07-2010 22:59

Despite the EDO decommissioners' victory Elijah James Smith is still on remand in prison. He has been on remand since the decommissioning a year and a half ago. He has got a bail hearing this Wednesday which we hope will see him released.

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Democracy Village, London - the calm after the storm - pics

05-07-2010 19:24

Images of Democracy Village in Parliament Square Gardens, Westminster, central London on the evening of Friday, 2nd July and Saturday, 3rd July 2010.

All images are Copyright © 2010 D. Viesnik, but may be reproduced free of charge for non-commercial use if credited. For high resolution versions / commercial use, please e-mail.

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Kala Tara: the Asian Youth Movement and the fight against fascism in the 1970s

05-07-2010 18:03

A film screening to open the Ideas for Freedom 2010 event.

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One Law For All Campaign - What isn't wrong with Sharia Law...

05-07-2010 16:09

Why we on the left of the political spectrum should be supporting the One Law For All Campaign against Sharia Law in Britain and elsewhere.

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Birmingham’s Spy Cameras: TAKE THEM DOWN…or we will!

05-07-2010 15:32

Take them down!
That was the message coming loud and clear from the community at a meeting about the Spy Cameras that have been put up in the Balsall Heath and Washwood Heath areas of Birmingham under the name ‘Project Champion’. Without any public consultation, ‘Project Champion’ saw the positioning of around 150 ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras and 72 covert surveillance cameras. These cameras happen to be sited in two predominantly muslim areas in Birmingham. These cameras record all vehicle movements and have the capacity to photograph front seat passangers. The meeting was attended by about 250 people and any suggestion of taking down the cameras was greeted with an ever increasing roar of approval. The temperature is rising and West Midlands Police have created a powder keg of anger and resentment primed with a fuse of mistrust.

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Metro spoof distributed in Nottingham

05-07-2010 15:24

Several hundred copies of a Metro spoof, designed to highlight the problems of press reporting of migration issues, were distributed in Nottingham. This was part of the days of action against racist press.

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Planned ANTI - Gay Pride event in Derby (July 10)

05-07-2010 15:24

St. Peters St,  10.30am


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Day of action against 'racist' Nottingham Post

05-07-2010 15:24

Activists associated with the No Borders network have been taking action against the Nottingham Post as part of two nationwide days of action against racist press. Banners accusing the Post, and the press more generally, of racism were unfurled from prominent places around the city, including the car park across the road from the Post's offices on Canal Street.

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Palestien Today 07 05 2010

05-07-2010 13:59

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Monday, July 05, 2010.

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English Defence League Hacked

05-07-2010 13:50

English Defence League Facebook Hacked
English Defence League Hacked by notorious anti-Zionist hackers

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Indymedia Threatened with Legal Action by Associated Newspapers

05-07-2010 13:22

On 2nd July 2010 tens of thousands of copies of a spoof newspaper that looked very similar to The Metro, a free daily, were distributed at 20 busy tube stations around the London during rush hour. Thousands more were distributed in other cities around the UK.

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Campaign against agrofuel power station in Ealing successful

05-07-2010 13:17

Ealing London Borough Council's rejection of a proposed agrofuel power station in Southall has been upheld by the Secretary of State, following a planning appeal and public enquiry. More than 1,000 people, mostly from Southall, had objected to the planning application, both because of concerns over further increasing the demand for agrofuels, and over air quality impacts in a heavily polluted urban area.

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Mirror the Metr0!

05-07-2010 13:00

The best way to defeat Associated Newspapers legal threats to the sites carrying copies of the spoof Metr0 PDF is for lots more site to carry it.

Download the PDF and upload it everywhere!

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The Power of Transparency

05-07-2010 11:49

In contemporary politics it is important that you are seen to be doing something. The leaders of the world’s top-twenty countries met this weekend to discuss their collective fiscals deficits and what to do with the global banking system. The substance that comes from this meeting may be negligible but the style of such a showcase will suffice. It is enough that something visual happened.

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The Battle of Nabi Saleh: Soldiers vs. Kids

05-07-2010 11:13

Israeli Soldiers vs. Kids
When Israeli soldiers entered the embattled Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh on July 2, they were immediately confronted by over a dozen small children. While the IDF is accustomed to firing teargas canisters, percussion grenades, rubber bullets and even live .22 caliber ammunition at adolescent boys, members of the Nahal unit and Kfir infantry brigade tasked with suppressing the weekly Nabi Saleh demonstration were frustrated by the children who surrounded and taunted them. At one point, the division commander became so upset he barked into his radio, “I need backup!”

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Democracy Village prisoner support details (updated)

05-07-2010 10:17

Here are updated prisoner support details for the four Democracy Villagers jailed on Saturday by District Judge Nicholas Evans at City of Westminster Magistrates Court, Horseferry Road, London for their unwillingness or inability to pay £40 fines following Friday's peaceful anti-war sit-down protests outside the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street; and, in Simon's case, following the waving of a peace banner inside the courtroom on Saturday (contempt of court), and refusing to "purge his contempt", i.e. show remorse for his action.
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