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UK Newswire Archive

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Hollywood star slams Shell as ‘The Pipe’ wins IFTA award

20-02-2011 15:53

The Pipe, a documentary about the conflict caused by the controversial Corrib gas project, has been lauded at the Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTAs)

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George Osborne isn’t working’: Protest outside Chancellor’s Knutsford office

20-02-2011 15:47

On 19th February Protesters formed a ‘dole queue’ outside Chancellor George Osborne’s constituency office in a demonstration against government cuts.

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Workers Don't need Bosses - Training weekend

20-02-2011 15:17

Training Weekend in Brighton - get on it

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Stop Nottingham City budget cuts!

20-02-2011 13:23

Nottingham City Council are planning to cut tens of millions from their spending in the year from April 2011.

These cuts will reduce services and support for vulnerable people such as:

  • Sick, disabled and old people needing support
  • People who need help because of mental illness, drink and drugs misuse
  • Women fleeing domestic violence and children at risk

In addition there are to be cuts in leisure and cultural facilities such as public libraries. Also 368 Council employees are scheduled to lose their jobs. Further cuts to public services in coming years are planned.

Notts Save Our Services, the local anti-cuts campaign, are urging Nottingham City Councillors not to adopt their cuts budget when they meet on 7th March. They should:

  • Declare that the financial situation of the Council is an emergency
  • Work with relevant organisations in the City to draw up a budget based on the real needs of local people
  • Demand that the Government return the £60 million it has chopped from Nottingham City’s allocation

Sign the petition to the Council urging them to resist bringing in cuts to public services. You, your family and friends can sign this petition at one of our stalls in the Nottingham Old Market Square, Clifton, Sherwood or Hyson Green or at the Playhouse: download the schedule. Please phone the number on the schedule if you want to help. You can also collect signatures yourself and get them to us before March 7th. Again – phone the number on the schedule to find out where to send them. An e-petition is coming soon.


It was the reckless folly of speculative bankers that in 2008 necessitated a £86 billion government bail-out of big banks to prevent them failing. Now the Coalition Government want us to foot the bill for propping up their rich banker friends. That is why the Government is imposing public spending cuts, especially on local councils. Notts SOS says that ordinary people should not pay the debts of the billionaire bankers.


  • Sign the petition to Nottingham City Council. If you want to collect petitions use this form and contact us to return them when complete, before 7th March.
  • Phone-up your ward councillors to tell them not to vote for the cuts budget. (Download a full list of phone numbers here [Word] [PDF])
  • Come to the UNISON picket outside the Council House at 12.30 on Tuesday, 22nd February.
  • Notts SOS rally in Market Square against the City Council budget. Starts 12 noon on Saturday March 5th. All welcome. Bring banners, placards & things to make noise including yourself!
  • Come to the Notts SOS picket outside the Council House at 1.00pm on Monday, 7th March, the day the Council vote on their cuts budget.
  • Go on the TUC March for the Alternative in London on Saturday, 26th March.

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Breaking News: Bloody protests rock Iraqi Kurdistan

20-02-2011 13:01

Protest against the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sulaymaniyah,18 February 2011
Violence has again rocked the streets of the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah as Kurdish demonstrators continue to demand the ouster of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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Spies on video- Martin Hogbin and Paul Mercer

20-02-2011 11:00

Paul Mercer
Going through our video archive, undercurrents have found images of the following spies who have infiltrated protest groups

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Veolia lost contract in Richmond - West London

20-02-2011 09:53

A campaign was started in late 2009 by members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Richmond upon Thames, London, to have Veolia excluded from all contracts with Richmond Council when they came up for renewal.

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Talking solutions. We refuse to work ourselves to death while the bankers laugh!

19-02-2011 23:54

plus food banks and King Mervyn's inflation announcement monetary reformer Brian Leslie

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here's what's happenin in new cross

19-02-2011 22:22

UK Uncut arrived this morning to feed bicsuits to greedy bankers. just down the road, another crowd gathered outside the library to find it shut! people decided to flier, talk to people. later on some coppers came to tell the barclays crowd that apparently feeding bicsuits to greedy bankers is "criminal damage" according to the


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Shrewsbury Anti-Cuts Demo

19-02-2011 22:22

A thousand protesters gathered in a Shrewsbury to take part in a rally over council spending cuts.

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End of the March (Beeston)

19-02-2011 20:24

Demonstrators in Beeston, protesting against the privatisation of the Royal Mail, reach the end of their march.

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Royal Mail: Not for sale!

19-02-2011 20:24

Demonstrators make their opposition to the privatisation of the Royal Mail clear at a demonstration in Beeston, Nottingham.

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Keep the Post Public demo: Beeston

19-02-2011 20:23

On Saturday 19th February, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) organised a Keep the Post Public demonstration in Beeston.

The march was an impressive size with over 1,000 people in attendance. Beginning at Beeston mail centre on Padge Road, it made its way through Beeston, along the High Street, down to the bridge on Station Road and ended at New Venture Social Club.

One of the more interesting landmarks on the route was the New Beeston Conservative Club (at Winston Churchill House). The march stopped here briefly to target some abuse, at the apparently empty building. A wreath was also laid, presumably to mark the death of the postal service.

It has to be said, that while relatively noisy, the march was not necessarily militant and the few police in attendance were mainly interested in stopping traffic. Certainly, you can't imagine the students being allowed to march past a major Tory target, without the police making some effort to protect it.

The Labour Party had apparently had a role in organising the protest (which must have been a new experience for most of them) and party banners were prominent. I noticed MP Lillian Greenwood, ex-MP Nick Palmer (remember him?) and councillor Steve Barber on the march. Despite the prevalence of banners it was difficult to gauge exactly how many people they had been able to turn out.

Presumably at least some of the party faithful feel that Labour's new found love for a nationalised postal service sits uncomfortably with their efforts, only a couple of years ago, to flog it off.

Beeston is represented in Parliament by Tory Anna Soubry. She has had a running battle with the local CWU in the Nottingham Post, after she claimed in Parliament that none of the postal workers in Beeston had written to her opposing privatisation of the Royal Mail. With Soubry taking the constituency with only a tiny majority (0.7%), it isn't surprising that the Labour Party should take an interest in her discomfort.

The choice to end that march at a social club struck me as an interesting one. Why leave at the end of a demonstration and go to the pub when you can just have the rally in licensed premises?

The panel on the platform was made up of 7 people and included Greeenwood, Palmer, Billy Hayes (General Secretary of the CWU) and Richard Buckwell (Notts Trades Council). This didn't exactly fill me with excitement so after taking advantage of the free food (sausage, chips, beans and/or mushy peas - less the sausage if you're vegetarian) I slipped out.

Palmer had just begun as I left and it has to be said that all the spare time he's had recently hasn't improved his oratory skills. From the corridor outside the main hall, he sounded like a less camp version of South Park's Mr Garrett.

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Withdrawing Consent

19-02-2011 19:39

Analysis of the meaning of 'revolution in the wake of the Tunisian and Egyption uprisings ... "Revolution no longer means the violent overthrow of a political regime in an orchestrated (or hijacked) action, under the command of a revolutionary vanguard, secular or religious—an action that inevitably leads to a civil war that never ends for the generations who experience it and indelibly marks the generations that follow it. Revolution now means what it has always meant in essence: the people’s removal of their consent to power."

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March at Lewisham Carnival against the Cuts

19-02-2011 19:22

March from Lewisham Town Hall (Catford) to Lewisham Station , 19 Februar 2011, Lewisham Carnival against the Cuts.

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5 German Undercover agents sent to Scotland G8

19-02-2011 18:43

this now came out as a result of discussions of the Mark Kennedy case in the German Parliament

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Mike Marqusee at Oxford PSC meeting on March 8th

19-02-2011 18:39

Tuesday 8th March Oxford PSC Monthly meeting 7:30 Oxford Town Hall. Mike Marqusee, author of “If I am Not For Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew” will speak about his book, and about his recent visit to Palestine where he met people facing eviction in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem and lawyers and activists working with them.

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Student actions films - Mon 21st 8pm Glasgow

19-02-2011 17:35

Tory Scum Here We Come - The Movie!
Films about the student marches and occupations in London + anti-austerity protests in Dublin
90 minutes of activist video

Monday 21st February
The Free Hetherington, 13 University Gardens, just off University Avenue,
Glasgow University Campus
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