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UK Newswire Archive

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Glasgow Festival of DIY Culture 21st - 27th September

19-09-2009 19:09

Various Events every day.

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More Armed Attacks On Zapatistas

19-09-2009 17:57

On the morning of Tuesday 1st September about 150 members of the paramilitary groups Aric Official, Aric Historical and OPDDIC from Santo Tomas attacked a group of Zapatista support bases who were working in the White House predio, in a community recently established on lands they have been working for the last 12 years, within the autonomous municipality of San Manuel, Caracol La Garrucha.

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Eleven Plane Stupid and Action Against Agrofuel activists charged

19-09-2009 16:50

Eleven Climate Activists appeard at Uxbridge Magistrates Court and recieved a hefty fine!

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21st september- world peace day

19-09-2009 16:21

On Monday Afternoon 21st September from 12:30pm the people of Wrexham will gather on the Library field to support a day of Global Ceasefire and Non-Violence.
"By focusing on peace, we will create more peace". It is time to recognize this as a fact, It's not rocket science.

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Obama: Bush was right that Iran’s ballistic missile program is a serious threat

19-09-2009 16:02

The Times, 18 September 2009
After 4 years of constant scare-mongering by the world’s leading nuclear powers over “Iran’s nuclear threat”, US President Obama reverts to Clinton administration’s “Iran’s ballistic threat” propaganda of the late 1990s.

In early October, these nuclear powers will hold the “much-anticipated” talks with Iran in Turkey; the neighbouring country that hosts the largest US nuclear arsenal outside the USA.

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Belgrade pride cancelled after pressure cops and fascists

19-09-2009 14:31

This morning it became apparent that the Belgrade gay pride was cancelled due to pressure by police and fascists. It was supposed to be the second pride since the 2001 blood bath. The pride in 2001 got brutally attacked by fascists. Since then Serbian queer activists have been building alliances with fellow queer activists across borders as well as with local antifa groups. They felt confident enough to stage this second pride now 8 years later. This is the press release they just send out.

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Objection by the political persecution the Indian Teacher Yupanqui Juan Esteban

19-09-2009 14:28

Because the Indian Teacher Juan Esteban Yupanqui defend the rights to education and the environment of the Native Indian Communities He has been deprived of the right to work and health.

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7 Military Carrying Trucksd In Calais

19-09-2009 14:17

at police compound

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Aida Quilcué – walking the word

19-09-2009 11:44

Aida Quilcué – walking the word
Saturday 26th September 3pm -7pm
Bolivar Hall, 56 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL

Sunday 27th September 6pm - 10pm
Telefono de la Esperanza, Unit 7, Fairfax House, Overton Road, Brixton, London, SW9 7JR

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correct location for squats & autonomous spaces

19-09-2009 11:36

The Squats & Autonomous Space event ( will be taking place today at Non Commercial House, 165 Commercial Street, E1.

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Screws Party - Prison officers leader joins Socialist Party!!!!!

18-09-2009 23:58

Where is the left going? These guys aren't fluffy civil servants.

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Public Meeting Free Mahir Campaign! 22 Sep 09

18-09-2009 22:36

Dear Friends,

you are invited to the

bring ideas and a willingness to get active

Tues 22 Sept 2009, 7.30pm

Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Off Albert Square

FREE MAHIR! No to Deportations! Fight State Racism!

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New Sheffield Social Centre Opening on 1st October

18-09-2009 21:57

Sheffield Social Centre Flyer
On October 1st an new anti-capitalist, non-hierachical, liberated space in is due to open in Sheffield.

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You protect animals, please protect young girls too!

18-09-2009 21:26

Its time for London Fashon Week again, Its time to glorify heroin chic and the anorectic waif. Its time for young girls, perhaps your sister?, to be bombarded with this perversion of desireable images. Its time fot them to be to;ld they are not right, not beautiful, not worthy.

If the weeks runway events and coverage are insuffucient, there are year round websites devoted to this perversion. Just like there are websites devoted to the practice of some predatory males to prey on young boys.

Confronted with the immorality, the FASHONITA ELITE refuse to back down. Deadly thin will be on the catwalk yet again this year!

Young impressionable ladies ( over a million of them in Britain are already INFECTED with this socially promoted illness)) can follow on facebook and probably twitter feeds.
As the article below notes, these young children can gain "inspiration from celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton" and learn how to be part of this glamorous yet deadly lifestyle.

I'm not there. I just think some Brits should read this article and think about it and hopefully go DO Something to bring the light and some shame to this perverse event, the LONDON "FASHON" WEEK.

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This Week in Palestine -Week 38 2009

18-09-2009 18:09


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for September 12th to September 18h 2009

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Dissident Island Radio tonight

18-09-2009 18:05

Corporate Watch // Key Party // Library House // Now or Never // Vestas updates

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an invitation from the police

18-09-2009 17:54

An invitation from the Metropolitan Police in Barnet
Not sure what to do when your mates are beaten up by the cops?
Help is at hand!

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Calais Migrant Solidarity Callout: Announcement Of Destruction

18-09-2009 16:50

CMS callout on imminent destruction of migrant camps

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solidarity protest at French consulate - Besson, don't evict the jungle

18-09-2009 14:05

Manchester No Borders held an emergency protest at the French
consulate today, after French riot police have begun mass evictions
and arrests of refugees hoping to join the UK via the French port town of

On Wednesday, French immigration minister, Eric Besson, announced that the
Calais area will be a ‘migrant-free zone’ by the end of next week. Large
areas of woodland, known locally as the ‘jungle’, where young men, many
still children, have set up temporary shelters are to be cleared and

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NO2ID launch campaign against pilot Identity Card scheme in Greater Manchester

18-09-2009 13:15

With Manchester providing the testing ground for the government’s controversial ID card scheme this October, NO2ID have launched a campaign to alert and inform citizens as well as voice opposition to the National Identity Database project.
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