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UK Newswire Archive

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South London Radical History Group

15-04-2005 19:58

Upcoming events from South London Radical History Group

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15-04-2005 17:26

"A 2004 Home Office study suggests there was an estimated 190,000 incidents of serious sexual assault and an estimated 47,000 female victims of rape (or attempted rape)."

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Spodden Valley asbestos concerns- John Prescott gets the message...

15-04-2005 17:20

On his visit to Rochdale today, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott met with Save Spodden Valley campaigners and listened to their concerns about building 600+ homes and a children's nursery on the site of what was the world's largest asbestos textile factory.

Countryside Properties have just had their controversial planning application put on hold. campaigners are now asking that the plans be "called-in" to the ODPM so that a Planning Inspector is appointed to oversee any decisions about the troubled site.

John Prescott promised that a request for "call-in" would be considered sympathetically by his office.

The Deputy Prime Minister also expressed his concerns about the dangers of asbestos. He explained how he had lost friends and colleagues to a "slow and lingering death from asbestos"

Save Spodden Valley handed a letter to John Prescott. (More details of the campaign can be fond at: -type carefully- Countryside Properties have been busy buying up similar sounding domain names!)

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Coca Cola Offices invaded in Nottingham

15-04-2005 17:19

Boycott Killer Coke !
Today a group of protesters invaded Coca Cola’s offices in Nottingham as part of the Global Week of Action against the companies environmental and human rights abuses around the globe. Workers at the office were informed about Coca Cola’s alleged involvement in the assassination of 8 trade union activists in Columbia, and the environmental destruction caused by bottling plants in India and various places around the world.

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"Mock Auction" for MG Rover on Ebay

15-04-2005 17:16

If you type "Mock Auction" into ebay you will find an advert for MG Rover under "spares by brand - used". The stunt is to publicise the way government policies are decided by economists, not industrialists, and gives links for viewers to fax their MP during the election.

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video actvism, G8, polish street art, SOS Iceland, TRAPESE, Schnews, Indymedia

15-04-2005 16:59

There's loads of stuff happening in London's social centres but for some unknown reason the events annoucements of the rampART seem to have been getting stuck in the moderation queue on the London Social Centres Network mailing list for the last few weeks or so while other stuff has been getting through. If you've subscribed to that list then below is a run down on some of the events coming up that you might not have been aware of. If you'd like to recieve timely announcemnts of events coming up then subscribe to the rampart mailing list ( ...

Sat 16th April : Real2Reel benefit party
Mon 18th April : G8 Climate Counter Summit follow up meeting
Mon 18th April : Clown training
Tue 19th - Fri 22nd : Exhibit of radical polish street art
Sat 23rd April : TRAPESE / Schnews at Ten event
26th - 30th: Indymedia Film Festival
1st May: G8 bike ride benefit bash.

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OARC Open week

15-04-2005 16:48

Please comment on this draft programme.

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C-Span to Cover 9/11 Truth Talk

15-04-2005 16:35

Indymedia Milwaukee reports that C-Span will challenge the official version of the 9/11 "terrorist attacks" with a nationwide delayed broadcast of a talk by David Ray Griffin at U.W.-Madison Monday 4/18/05

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Venezuela revolution advances

15-04-2005 16:14

Venezuela news

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T*R*A*P*E*S*E G8 Roadshow in Oxford 28th April

15-04-2005 16:09

T*R*A*P*E*S*E are to host two workshops in Oxford on issues around the G8 on Thursday the 28th April 2005. All welcome to attend!

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Summary Report: Festival of Dissent

15-04-2005 10:09

Despite the very wet and windy weather there was a good and high quality turn out, for the FOD.

After some highly personal reflections on the Festival, published on this site, the following is an objective, and accurate report on some of the work done. It has been published on the Dissent Website.

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How to help undermine confidence in UK general election

15-04-2005 08:59

Details on how to contribute to the 'vote fraud' scandal, and thereby help undermine the foul election show.

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Fire Bombs in Iraq:Napalm By Any Other Name

15-04-2005 08:50

This briefing examines the continuing use of incendiary weapons
("napalm") by the US military in Iraq. While the UK government has
attempted to downplay or deny the use of incendiaries in Iraq, US
officials have been forced to admit using the MK-77 incendiary, a modern
form of napalm. The UK is party to an international convention banning
such weapons where they may cause harm to civilians. In Iraq, UK forces
are part of a coalition which does not adhere to internationally agreed
standards of warfare.

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15-04-2005 07:48

Don't vote it only encourages them.

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Need stock footage of Iraq for graduate documentary on Iraqi Chaldeans

15-04-2005 07:26

Need stock footage of iraq - am doing graduate documentary on Iraqi Chaldeans in the united states - their struggles to resettle in the western world- am former member of San Diego IMC (California - U.S.)

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Greenwash Guerrillas and friends at BP AGM 2005

15-04-2005 00:48

Headless Guerrilla in toxic sandwich board shocker
Up to 15 vanloads of police were on hand today to assist the Greenwash Guerrillas in ensuring the general public were kept well away from BP's Annual General Meeting at the newly renamed Oil Festival Hall.

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9/11 on Indymedia

14-04-2005 22:46

Indymedia sites where 9/11 discussion is permitted

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'Wake Up to Trade Justice' Set to be Biggest Mass Protest in Election

14-04-2005 21:36

Open public gathering at Westminster Abbey
World poverty and environmental groups descend on Whitehall Friday 15th April to show strength of public concern on the UK’s role in global trade.

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14-04-2005 21:21

As the politicians and media vie to assault all our common dignity, there is only one thing left to do... mock them for all you're worth !

Here's my version of the utopian immigrant-free Britain that Blair and Howard would love us to inhabit... enjoy : )

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Smash EDO's Big Day Out - High Court Report

14-04-2005 21:13

Smash EDO and 10 individuals were in the High Court, London today to resist the injunction being sought by corporate war whores EDO MBM*.
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