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UK Newswire Archive

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o2 host wap chat with Tony Blair on Thursday 25th November

18-11-2004 09:56

I work for o2 and got an interesting work email today stating that the prime war criminal himself is going to be available to answer public questions, on the o2 active wap site. I read into it, and its maybe not as exciting as directly putting questions to the man, but...

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Band Aid 20 on all Five Terrestrial TV Channels : Thurs 5.50pm

18-11-2004 09:53

Pushing the PR offensive tonight - the crap record with a nice face will be shown an all 5 main uk tv channels

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WAR, CAPITALISM & ELECTIONS: An Interview w STEPHEN GOWANS – Canadian Essayist

18-11-2004 09:35

Read ANGIE's – regular and erudite Indybay-IMC ( Poster fm Canada – incisive interview with Canadian political essayist STEPHEN GOWANS. Angie has scored a previous interview with Israeli pro-Palestinian human rights activist Ran Ha Cohen. We await similar interviews with Uri Avnery and others who speak directly to issues of global justice – as well as global resistance to imperialist racism and the elite capitalists' rapaciousness that will gamble ALL our lives. We, finally, are at an especially critical world cross-roads: we can choose illumination or illusion, enlightenment or inconsequence, mutual respect or profligate death.

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Band Aid Banned from radio station for being Bland

18-11-2004 09:34

The Scotsman runs PA news story about radio station banning new re-recording of Band Aid - Do they know it's christmas...

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No To the Children Bill

18-11-2004 09:23

This week by a majority of 12 the House of Lords have approved the latest reading of the Children Bill...we can now look forward to every child being on Big Brother's database, accessible to all and sundry who are allegedly "professionals"...and for what? "Every Child Matters" was the mantra, for what purpose?

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War and Children: Photos from Iraq

18-11-2004 06:48

Photos of children in Iraq

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Ballots Or Bullets?

18-11-2004 03:38

The only choice we'll have is between ballots and bullets if we want to remain free. That is the dilemma facing America today. Do we restore integrity into our election process today or do we face a dark choice later?

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Building Bridges Radio- Bangladeshi Worker's Dream & SEIU: Labor Must Organize o

18-11-2004 02:57

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report brings you this 28 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON INTERNET WEB ADDRESS LINK

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EUREKA! very telling-Every voting irregularity Always favors RepubliCONS

18-11-2004 02:03

Irrefutable evidence
Game, Set, Match- Very Telling how every error report, glitch, discrepancy, statistical anomalies, trend-bucking swings and pre and post election shenanigans ALWAYS favors Bush-Heres Why- The democratic base was so massively mobilized that the resounding turnout of the landslide call for change forced the hand of the perpretators and followers of a voting bloc that in actually is a minority and very unpopular. Statisticians, Mathematicians, Professors and citizen-journalists are trying to reconcile discrepancies and surprising trend changes that could not have occurred by chance or random error. Developing stories covered in this report are, 1) How did John Edwards lose North Carolina? 2) Irrefutable evidence from a study in small Ohio counties. 3) Who did the military vote go for? 4) Little did they know THEY would get the trifecta- Exit poll swings in 3 crucial states in which the standard deviation odds against this amount to 1 in 25million. 5)A new Flash animation and 6) Insiders report on Corporate Media/LockDown because of latenight capitulation to disavowing their expensive exit polls, in spite of 100's of reporters believing, feeling and knowing otherwise- allowing big media to defend their legitimacy at expense of fairness, honesty and an adherence to constitutional imperatives and the publics right to know, and trust in a clear conscience for all.

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NATO approves terrorist training for US/Iraqi militants

17-11-2004 22:51

Sources say NATO has links to the US Empire and George Dubya Bushit. Bushite has recently committed war crimes against humanity in his war on Iraq along side the Coalition of the Killing.

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Radio Insurgente, the EZLN radio station, now in the web!

17-11-2004 21:43

Radio Insurgente, the voice of the EZLN, has now its own website! The EZLN invites all community radio stations to rebroadcast Radio Insurgente's programs.

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Winner Announced: Sharon Short Story Contest + Song for download + stories in He

17-11-2004 21:23

Ariel Sharon Short Story Contest
Ariel Sharon Short Story Contest: Announcing the winner in this onzik special project: Katherine Ludwig, with her story "The Glory of Might."

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Indymedia 5th Birthday Benefit Party (london) Sat 27th Nov

17-11-2004 20:37

Celebrating 5 Yrs of Indymedia + raising money for new servers after the FBI seizures.

Saturday 27th November 2004

Tufnell Park Community Centre > Entry by donation > Films, exhibitions, bands and DJs

> Fun~Da~Mental > Rhythms of Resistance Samba Band > The Unpeople
> The Rub (electronic set) > Penny Rimbaud (Crass) > Angel >
> The Internationalz > Special guest: the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Tufnell Park community centre, entry by donation
All proceeds to fund new IMC servers.

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Regarding the Progressive Muslim Union of North America

17-11-2004 20:36

Regarding the formation of the "Progressive Muslims Union of North America"

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Alt.Doc film festival review

17-11-2004 19:24

Sheffield International Documentary Festival has clearly hit the big time because this year it had a fringe. The Alt.Doc festival was free but with donations asked for the IndyMedia server appeal (the FBI recently confiscated servers hosting IndyMedia sites from a company in London), run by Sheffield IndyMedia ( at SIF (Sheffield Independent Film) just down the road from the International Documentary festival at the Showroom. The festival showcased films you wouldn’t normally get the chance to see, putting across the protesters rather than the establishments view. The films ranged from “XXI Century” a monumental series of seven 1hour films to 10 minutes shorts of direct action events such as Manchester (ironic) Pro-Capitalist demonstrations and protests at Menwith Hill spy base.

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Fallujah Genocide. US War Crimes in Iraq. Photos

17-11-2004 18:55

Photos from Faluja

Faluja. Red Cross: 800 Civilians Feared Dead in Fallujah

US 'demokratie' macht frei. 'Wyzwolona' Faluja Foto 3

US 'Demokratie' macht frei. 'Wyzwolona' Faluja. Foto 2

US 'Demokratie' macht frei. Endlosung. Faluja. Foto 1

Fantom Zarqawi. Fantom Fury

Zarqawi - CIA fiction

Is the Kidnapping of CARE’s Margaret Hassan a CIA-Mossad Op?

Kristallnacht Faluja. Women Petitions. Foto 2

Kristallnacht Faluja. Hospitals Foto 1

US Army gassing Faluja ?

Marines as gladiators

Faluja Endlosung. Photos

ESF - protest against pres. of Subhi Al Mashadani

World Wide Petition against the Escalation in Iraq An initiative of the BRussells tribunal endorsed by the World Tribunal on Iraq

Free Abd-El Jabar Al Kubaysi !

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Alternative Academics: Post Autistic Economics

17-11-2004 18:31

Next Alternative Academics Event: Post Autistic Economics

Sunday 21st of November
Whadam College- Old Refectory

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Act to stop the war now

17-11-2004 18:22

It is time our citizens begin to consider fully the consequences of having such an “outlaw government” in these troubled times. We face so many pressing problems that will be impossible to begin to deal with in the absence of international cooperation. Our own economy is in a tales spin and will not recover w/o continued foreign investment and strong demand. But the stage is set (and would be justified) for a widespread boycott of our wares due to our detestable policies (clearly meant to serve only the narrow few). And then there are the multiple environmental crises, not the least of which is represented by the dramatic rise of global temperatures and the melting of the polar icecaps which threaten the ecology of our planet. Clearly the nominal voice which the “vote” provides is now under dire attack from it’s “champions.” I could go on.

Please. If you are not engaged today in the active resistance to this nightmare, become active now! Ending the neocon disaster in Iraq could be the turning point the world needs at this critical moment. The continuance of the current path is “not an option.” Organize now to stop the war! We can create a new world. But only if we act. jamie

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"Dogs run free" @ 1in12Club, 5th Dec

17-11-2004 18:07

indycafe screening "Dogs Run Free"
@ 1in12 Club, Bradford
7.30pm sun 5th Dec
A 33 min's informative and analytical glance over the building of Fortress Europe through migration management, regulation, and control.
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