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UK Newswire Archive

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Defend Halima and Bailey Jr. PROTEST! 2ND OCTOBER!

29-09-2006 00:38

On Monday 2nd October, The Defend Halima and Bailey Jr Campaign, along with North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group (NWASDG) and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! will be holding a demostration outside the Immigration Tribunal office on Mosley Street, in Manchester (behind Mosley Street Tram Stop)at 9am against Halima and her 5 month old baby. All those that are opposed to deportations, are called to come and support Halima as she faces the risk of being deported back to Cameroon, where she will be tortured once again!

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CCTV Protest in Balsall Heath Continues

28-09-2006 22:28

Anti-CCTV Boy
Summary of ongoing campaign to get rid of a CCTV camera on our road, put up without consultation with residents, and suggesting that the protests are extended to other CCTV cameras. Also to link this with anti ID card campaigns,

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Day 25 of Mersey Fire Strike: End in Sight Following 'Cordial' Talks?

28-09-2006 22:15

As Merseyside firefighters began their fourth round of strike days, Fire Authority chief Tony McGuirk reported the end of the long-running dispute was in sight.

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"Thank you for not putting a bomb in your luggage."

28-09-2006 21:57

The recently leaked National Intelligence Estimate conclusion that "the American invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and ... the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept. 11 attacks."

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During a public protest, politicians closed Coca Cola’s offices in Mexico

28-09-2006 21:45

Coca Cola FEMSA is accused of discriminating a manager for being homosexual
• Openly Gay Federal Congressman supports the plaintiff in symbolic act.
• ALTERNATIVA liberal political party, Mexico City’s Leader, was there as well.
• The Gay Pride Organization Committee backs Roberto Mendoza.

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The Yorkshire Ripper revisited

28-09-2006 21:27

The Peter Sutcliffe myth is wearing a bit thin now. This is big, really big. When the lid blows off this one, I intend to be standing well back from ground zero.

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28-09-2006 21:08

The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) has learned that an evangelical Christian politician will be seeking a private prosecution of members of the Gay Police Association (GPA) following the Crown Prosecution Service’s determination last week that the group would not be prosecuted.

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Bus Users Surgery at Barry, Glamorgan - 23rd November 2006

28-09-2006 20:58

The National Federation of Bus Users (Bus Users UK) brings together passengers and representatives from Bus Companies in an informal environment to discuss services and transport issues.

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The flooding of Kárahnjúkar begins

28-09-2006 19:41

With tears in my eyes i write these words I never believed I would.

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North West Trades Unionists Pay Homage to the Victims of Franco

28-09-2006 18:24

A booklet A4 size 20 pages has been published by North West trades unionists to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War 1936-2006.

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Palestine Today

28-09-2006 16:45

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre For Thursday September 28th, 2006

Israeli air forces struck a Palestinian house in Rafah, the army injures an old farmer north of Beit Lahia town in the Gaza Strip, and in the West Bank the army invades several cities and takes prisoners. These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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Bush and Islam: Words versus Deeds

28-09-2006 15:50

The wide gap between U.S. President George W. Bush’s words and deeds vis-à-vis Islam and Muslims doomed to failure his speech at the United Nations on September 19, which could neither appease Muslims nor pacify the ever growing Islamophobia.

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Afghanistan: The Other Lost War

28-09-2006 15:41

US directed repression of the Afghan people aided by its brutal Northern Alliance regional "warlord" proxies has led to the beginning of a growing insurrection against an intolerable situation that's unsustainable. It has the upper hand in Iraq and is fast becoming more of the same in Afghanistan. It's what always happens because no unwanted occupier is ever accepted by the people it subjugates, especially one whose prime mission is to terrorize the civilian population to pacify it. The mission is doomed to fail as eventually it becomes inefficient, ineffective and people back home no longer will tolerate it. By now it would seem cooler heads in Washington and at the Pentagon would have made some headway convincing the hard line neocons behind this growing misadventure and the out-of-control one in Iraq that it was time to cut losses, pull out, and go another way. Those among them with enough good sense have to realize even the most powerful military in the world has no chance to defeat a determined guerilla force gaining strength because it has most of the people in the country behind it.

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Another Tragedy Engulfing Afghanistan

28-09-2006 15:26

photo by Shayne Kavanagh
Afghanistan is presently suffering its worst violence since the removal of the Taliban government five years ago due to NATO´s extension of its ´peacekeeping mission´ to the South. But while the polticians are still busy with their war games, yet another tragedy is engulfing Afghanistan.

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Help Stop US Bioterror Weapons

28-09-2006 14:49

The Univ of Washington's Michael Katz
doesn't care if he abuses mice dogs or cats
He daily tries to open Pandora's Box
hoping to recreate deadly pigflesh derived flu pox.
Does he do this as a form of bioterror
or is it simply unconscious error?
Why are his crimes promoted by
militaristic Rupert Murdoch's Fox

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Pilger,Ali & Terry Jones at Folkestone Lit Fest (10-19 Nov)

28-09-2006 13:26

Award winning journo John Pilger, political commentator Tariq Ali, and Python's (and not friend of Bliar etc) Terry Jones are at this years Folkestone Lit Fest

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Demonstrate at Communications House! Tuesday 3 October

28-09-2006 11:55

Support asylum seekers in London

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Homeless families in Iraq seek government action

28-09-2006 11:34

Hundreds of homeless people demonstrated in Baghdad on Monday in protest over being evicted from government buildings and schools they had been squatting in.

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Poland - government has to go!

28-09-2006 11:20

hence! the government! hence the corruption of... no for liberals of...
Around 200 people demonstrate in a front of parliment builidings in Poland asking the government for leave...

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Netcu Watch update Thursday September 28th

28-09-2006 11:17

The website Netcu Watch (National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit-Watch) has been updated Thursday September 28th 2006
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